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  1. What is considered to be the first slot? I assume the one closest to the CPU is the 16? Thanks, Mal.
  2. I read the manual for the Infinity SLI board, and it's not clear which slow I should use for graphics if I'm not using SLI mode. In fact, it seems to indicate that both slots operate at x16, but perhaps this is a type? On my previous LanParty, I had to use the top one.... Interesting because it's possible the NF4 chipset fan won't interfere with my gfx card this time around, so I can potentially change to liquid cooling it... Thanks, Mal.
  3. Still, 1. Is there supposed to be some kind of alarm? 2. With the case open, the temperatures are no better, perhaps even worse. It's not the best airflow case I don't think (Antec P180), but not horrible either. Keep in mind I have an almost 50% overclock Running at 289 (from 1.8 to 2.6). Also, which temps are you talking about? I guess the chipset and PWMIC? Thanks, Mal.
  4. Hello, I'm presently overclocking my new Opteron 165 in my DFI NF4 SLR board (non-expert). Having great luck (CPU is at 2.6 with stock volts). Using water cooling for the GFX and CPU so temps are not an issue (42 degrees C for the CPU under dual prime95). I installed the zalman passive chipset cooler, and my chipset temps under load are 55 degrees C, which I think is OK (borderline I guess). My PWMIC temps are 70-74 degrees C however! When they get to around 74, I hear some kind of beeping from the motherboard. Is this some kind of alarm telling me it is too hot? I've seen people running these even hotter, but I'm not sure what it means. Can I turn it off somehow? Thanks, Mal. p.s. I already have 2 exhaust fans running slow (120mm), and a 120mm fan blowing on the chipset/PWMIC area (slow running). It's getting noisier than I like. I wanted a "quietish" system :-(
  5. Hey, You guys ever seen it such that your keyboard isn't working and you can't get into the bios? I'm stuck in a loop which takes me into memtest, and I can't get out. I've tried all my PS2 keyboards - none work!? Mal.
  6. Any solution? I have the same problems, and am not overclocking! When I load PC WIZARD 2005 it crashes (BSOD) and reboots when loading!! Mal.
  7. m, I was able to hit 570 stable by using 3-4-4-11-1T, and bumping my CPU voltage a bit (you were right). I could squeeze a couple of mhz out of it, but that's it (maybe 572, 574). I'd rather keep a small buffer and keep numbers rounded anyhow, so 570 it is. I'm a tad disapointed to not hit 600, but at least I'm pretty confident there's nothing wrong with my CPU/memory. I don't think venice is going to fix everybody's memory problems - I'm only a couple of MHZ ahead of your best clock. I'm pretty sure the problem is my memory controller and not the RAM - even at FSB 200 I was not able to hit anywhere near what other people have reported. I guess it could be the RAM also. I'll check each stick independently. I assume that if they each go sky-high, then the problem is the controller. If one of them is limited to 270, then we know the problem is the RAM itself. I'll let you know. I'll try each stick alone now, and I will also try to tighten my timings at 570 to get the best memory throughput (using a stopwatch in memtest86). I'll keep you informed. Mal.
  8. m, I'm not at your level yet, but I will pass on your teachings as best I can. m.
  9. m, Since I'm keeping my CPU at stock (1800mhz) or below during these memory tests, do you think that the CPu voltage still has an effect on my memory clocking? Perhaps I'll try bumping it up a bit. by the way, I can't seem to get much past 250 FSB with your settings. I will have to try to loosen some. The place I get confused is in the non-primary ones like trwt. That's why I had those set to auto. Mal.
  10. Mucker, Your settings at FSB 280 did not work (failed test 8). I tried changing trcd to 4 (which was a big one for me last night), still no love. Putting trcd back to 3, and doing a binary search to the middle point now. (FSB 265) Mal.
  11. Mucker, Your settings just passed a few passes at DDR 500. Trying DDR 560 now :-) Mal.
  12. Mucker, I just backed my settings a little down to DDR560 actually for stability. My goal of course is 600, but that's not looking terribly bright (so far anyhow!). Here are my settings that I tested with memtest86 overnight. FSB 280 (DDR 560) LDT/FSB x3 CPU/FSB x6 (I'm keeping my CPU as close to 1800 mhz as possible to leave it out of the equation) PCIx 100 CPU VID Startup 1.425v CPU VID Control 1.325v CPU VID Special Control Above VID * 110% LDT voltage 1.30v Chip set voltage 1.60v DRAM voltage 2.90v To get to 560/570 I had ended up setting several settings to auto, planning to optimize them once I had a baseline MHZ that I could achieve. DRAM freq auto CPC enabled tcl 2.5 trcd 4 tras 8 trp 3 (those last 4 are the best I can get with stability at 560-570) trc auto trfc auto trrd auto twr auto twtr aut trwt auto tref auto twcl auto interleave enabled sqs sqew auto dqs skew value 0 dram drive str 7 dram data drive str 4 max async auto read preamble auto idlecycle auto dyncounter disable r/w queue bypass auto bypass max auto 32 byte gran disabled I read that RAM info thread you pointed me to. As you have said I'm going to focus on the heavy hitters. I'm assuming (!!) that auto tends to leave settings slow/lax. Probably the wrong approach to set lots to auto - I was playing around :-) I'm trying with your settings and pushing them up as well now. I'll let you know. Also, my RAM seems to be in a happy place at 2.9v. I get more errors above often, and more errors below often. Mal.
  13. Jimmy, My experience has been (through timing the memtest86 full-test) that interleave is worth 10%, even though the statistical numbers shown in the memory bandwidth (screen top left) is closer to 5%. Those numbers that memtest reports aren't that accurate. Instead, try timing the full mem-test suite, which takes about 25 minutes. Much more accurate to guage memory speed IMHO. I've gotten my memory up to DDR570. Can't hit 600, at least not now. It's possible I got a shoddy memory controller. Mal.
  14. Nobody have any thoughts on what's causing my reboots? Mal.
  15. Hello all, As many people have, I am having problems installing windows XP on my nvRAID setup (2 WD 36 gig in stripe/RAID-0). My symptom is a little different than most people however. My RAID array is correctly configured in the bios tool (nvRAID), and of course the drives are configured for RAID in the bios. Using 1 and 3 (tried 1 and 2 also). Boot from windows CD, hit F6, pop in the floppy disk (tried both DFI and my old floppy CABLES as well!), load the two drivers in the correct order (the non-nvRAID one first), then hit enter. Instead of the usual format/partition screen coming next, my system just reboots! The REALLY strange thing, is that 1 in 20 times trying this, I get to the format/partition screen. What the heck is going on? I'm thinking about doing a slipstream install, but I'm a little indimitated by that, and frankly, I'm doubting that this will fix my problem? System will probably just reboot anyhow :-( My RAM passes memtest. Tried an alternate stick as well. Please help, Mal.
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