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  1. Hey guys, I purchased a new system when my Power Supply hit the bed and am RMA'ing it. In the meantime I am selling the rest of the system, which works flawlessly. I would not be selling it if I were not buying a new system and it's a mean overclocker. See below: In regards to pricing whoever makes me the best offer / combo offer will get it. CPU: Intel E6600 L649G984 O/C'd to 3.5GHZ $80 or best offer This CPU Overclocked to 3.5GHZ on Air. I reset the mobo already but I can give you all the settings for it to Overclock the CPU on this Mobo to 3.4ghz. It runs at 3.5ghz but it was too hot for my liking.With colder cooling you should be able to go higher. However, 3.4 was fast for everything else I was doing. Mobo: DFI Infinity 975G/X $75 or best offer I ideally would like to sell the chip and the mobo together however I do not mind seperating them. I can even through in some good grease with it. I have everything from Artic Silver5, Ceramique, Alumina and MX-1. I will throw one in if you get the combo RAM: OCZ Platinum Rev 2 (2x1GB) @ 533Hz ( For the O/C) $50 or Best offer Soundcard: Creative Audigy Platinum EX I have the soundcard, cables, box and controller. Make me the best offer I really have no idea what this is worth since the only one online is $130 on Ebay and I would not pay that much. Make me something fair. CPU:: AMD Venice 3200 it Overclocked by 600mhz when I have it and it is still in the retail box. $20 Combo Prices and reduction if you want to take it all off my hands. I also have these attached: Cooler: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Active: SilenX 72 CFM Fan NB Cooler: HR-05SLI ( Passive)
  2. Problem Solved Thanks! http://csd.dficlub.org/forum/showthread.ph...21663#post21663
  3. What would the reason be as to why I am getting a black screen though?
  4. I updated the bios to 2/27/07 I cant figure out how to get over this wall though.
  5. I did what was suggested and went into my bios and raised the Voltages to see if it would help in getting the mobo passed 380FSB. This is what I did: A. CPU VID Offset Setting.............. - + 200.0mV CPU VTT Voltage Setting............. - 1.30v DRAM Voltage Setting................ - 2.10v NB Chip Voltage Setting............. - 1.65v The system hung as was seen before just a black screen when I turn on with the bios not even loading. B. CPU VID Offset Setting.............. - + 200.0mV CPU VTT Voltage Setting............. - 1.35v DRAM Voltage Setting................ - 2.10v NB Chip Voltage Setting............. - 1.7v Same issue nothing C.CPU VID Offset Setting.............. - + 225.0mV CPU VTT Voltage Setting............. - 1.35v DRAM Voltage Setting................ - 2.10v NB Chip Voltage Setting............. - 1.75v Most disturbing to me these are very high values for Voltages. And I am still getting no response. I am going to try loading the 2/27 bios and see if this helps I am very befuddled as to what is going on. I even made sure I turned off all CPu enhancements PPM, then in memory everything was on auto except I set it to 400mhz and 533mhz. Any ideas?
  6. I am using the 12/06 at the moment and do not have as much control. If your saying the 2/27 is just as good if not better I will just give that a shot
  7. I actually read those guides about 5x the only thing that still throws me off is straps and where those come into play. I have a semi-ok understanding but I guess my discrepancy comes from my amd64 learning which took awhile to get down. You dont think the beta 2/13 bios would make a difference though do you?
  8. Whats funny is that I would have thought my temps would be lower even with 1.32v at full load (2 orthos, 1 prime 95, and occt test) @ 3.4ghz my Core temps hover around 49C to 50C which to me should be lower since the NB is at 45C. I will try more volts and see what it does.
  9. I read throw all the DFI entries when I get home I will try raising the Vdimm and NB and see what happens. If not I am really at a lost
  10. What can I do to fix the problem then? Change the bios? Or Change the bios to one which lets me change the Multi. Its just weird that I have a stable system at 380FSB 1.3volts @ 3.4GHZ but when I move the FSB to 390 it goes black with the led lights on or it wont boot at all on a 10 FSB increase. If anything it should post at least. I am really befuddled as to what I am doing wrong
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