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  1. Yeah I tried it manually earlier just didnt post it. I used Driver Cleaner to clear out all Nvidia related drivers. I then downloaded NF4w2k666E from DFI's website. And then installed these drivers which are pretty old. I think they are from beginning of 05. But they did work and it fixed the problem with my WD Raptor. Not sure what the problem was or why it was doing it. Or why none of the Nvidia's drivers would work. Far as I know the NF4w2k666E are no different than whats from Nvidia of the same series driver.
  2. I should add that I did swap out the Sata cables. Same results.
  3. Ok how to explain this. I updated my platform drivers, from Nvidia 666's to 686's. And was tooling around in the device manager. I popped open the primary drive and did a test. It was very low (thought hmmm maybe new driver is jacked), so I tested my secondary drive and benchmarks were normal. Primary drive: WD Raptor Sata Secondary drive: Maxtor Diamond Max Plus So downloaded HD Tune (benchmarks the same as above). Downloaded HD Tach (benchmarks same as above). Ok removed new drivers and went back to the 666's (Nvidia). Rebooted and tested (benchmarks same as above). Turned system off and removed secondary Sata drive. Rebooted and tested (WD benchmarks same as above). Ok so I removed the drivers completely and rebooted. Left the default window ide drivers installed. Tested (benchmarks for WD drive back on par though lower than the Maxtor drive for some reason). Reinstalled 666 drivers and tested (benchmarks for WD back down below 10mb and Maxtor drive normal). Shut system down. Left WD on Sata port 1 and moved Maxtor to Sata port 3. Rebooted and tested (same crap benchmarks). Though maybe the WD drive is just faulty but why is the benchs in the toilet with the Sata drivers installed but with default window IDE drivers installed it seems fine (though a bit low...lower than the Maxtor drive which it shouldnt be). Put drive back in original configuration. WD on Sata port 1 and Maxtor on Sata port 2. WD drive is © OS Drive and partioned as a (D) Programs Drive. Maxtor is set as (E) Files Drive. Though I dont feel the performance is matching the benchmarks. The computer is a bit slow at bootup and running programs. Slower than it should be (I think, its easy to get caught up in feeling something doesnt feel right when your looking at benchs and the benchs dont match the spec). Im at my wits end. Anyone seen anything like this. Im not really up right now for a format reinstall just to see if that will fix the problem. And would not like to go through an RMA if possible. Obviously if the drive is bad I would have to but Im hoping Im missing a step here to fix this problem.
  4. Well this setting has always been like this. And Ive only used to bios off the DFI manufacturers page. And Im using the latest bios from that page now. Bios Date in my sig.
  5. I have the 32 byte Granulation. But mine is a bit different. I have Auto, Disable (4burst), enable (2burst). I obviously have mine on disable (4burst). But Im curious of why Im not seeing the disable (8burst) option and only have disable (4burst). Any ideas?
  6. Thanks. I think Im just going to stick with 2GB @ 1T Timing and roll with that. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Update: I got it to boot up with all 3GB being used. Computer sees it on bootup but when I got to My Computer/Properties it only shows 2GB. Cnt-Alt-Delete only sees 2GB. Memory program only sees 2GB. CPU-Z 1.37 sees 3GB. So not sure if its seeing it or using it etc. Going to try a few different things see if I can get it to be seen across the board. If not I guess it will be 2GB with 1T timing. Either way its all good.
  8. Perfect. Thank you. I knew about the 1t vs 2t timing but didnt know that needed to be done to populate all 4 slots. So any opinions on 2GB @ 1T timing vs 3GB @ 2T timing? Which is better, which is faster? Again thank you cj.
  9. I previously had 1GB OCZ EL DDR PC-5000 (625MHz) Platinum running in my system. I went out and bought 2GB OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 (500MHz) Platinum. Using the orange slots. I know that using all 4 slots is problematic but was hoping that I could end up using all 4 slots and my 3GB of memory. Obviously when I try to run all 4 slots with the 3GB of memory system wont boot. Anyway to get around this? My bios date is 11/14/05.
  10. I got same Ive gotten my system stable at 2.9ish but I have a cpu cooler thats for silence uses heatpipes (CoolerMaster Hyper48). And I dont like how hot it was getting, it was within tolerance but still didnt like it. So Im running mine at 2.6ish right now.
  11. Yeah problem is no matter what I use lol the clock dont go down. I downloaded the amd tools etc etc. Just plain not working. Im not missing a step. There is only 3 steps nor was I drunk when I did it lol. Like I said its not that big of a deal since Im overclocking but I would like to see it in action at least once lol. G4H
  12. I had previously attempted to get this working with no luck. So I spotted your little mini how to guide. I actually did this to the exact before but figured I would give it another go. Followed the directions to a T and still nothing. Now its not a big deal for me coz I do plan/am overclocking but I would still like to get it to work properly just because lol. Any ideas? Thanks. Guns4Hire Enabling AMD's "Cool -n- Quiet" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question How do I enable AMD Cool‘n’Quiet™ Technology? Answer: It is available on AMD Athlon™ 64 processor-based systems that can effectively lower the power consumption and enable a quite quiet system. It is required to do some settings before using this technology. Firstly, install AMD Cool‘n’Quiet™ Software, please download it at http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/cpucooler.EXE. Secondly, enable Cool‘n’Quiet at Power Management in BIOS. Finally, set power option as “minimal power management” in control panel. Please notice that users had better not over-clock the frequency of CPU when Cool‘n’Quiet™ Technology is enabled, or the operating system might be crashed easily.
  13. Thanks for the reply AndyOCZ appreciate the info. G4H
  14. Just looked at the copper ones, looks good. 34C is nice. sidpaul what was your temp on the northbridge with the dfi chipset cooler installed. Thanks. G4H
  15. Yeah I figure everyone is busy but I was just trying to keep it near the top so someone would see it. Seems to have paid off. Thanks. Ill talk to AndyOCZ. G4H
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