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  1. ^^ Agree.. I'm looking for cool wallpaper for my computer, any place u recommend to look? On the thread subject, thanks for making this program work with our wonderful board. I have quite few problems though. My video card temp is not showing. My cpu temp can vary as much as 5c within 5 seconds, like going up to 29 from 24, then to 26, stuff like that. Im wondering if this up and down in temp a common thing? And if it already says somewhere in this thread how to make temp gpu works, just tell me that. I will just search by myself. Thanks again.
  2. I have 3 computers hooked onto the network at the same time since September. I tried plugging it into the cable modem directly and it still didnt work. Edit: That way doesnt work. It just is sending out packets at decent rate, but doesnt receive anything. Would getting a router or a network card help?
  3. The cable is working fine on other computer. It is not a router, just an ethernet hub.
  4. Okay, I tried manually configure IP with Marvell chip. Before I manually configured, it can receive only 240 and stop. After, it starts sending out packet slowly. I guess I'm making some progress but I still need help here.
  5. This is what happen when I typed ipconfig /all on my laptop. Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 3: Connection-specific DNS Suffix : nycap.rr.com Description : Intel Pro/1000 MT Mobile Connection Physical Address : 00-0D-60-10-95-B0 Dhcp Enabled : Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes IP Address : Subnet Mask : Default Gateway : DHCP Server : DNS Server :
  6. So nothing has worked so far, Can someone tell me if there are any other ways?
  7. I have yet not tried to manually cpnfigure tcp/ip. I think that has a shot of working but I dont know how to. Can someone tell me how to do this? There are three ip address I need to put in I think. IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Do I also have to put down DNS address?
  8. yah. my bad for posting without searching. i did for my other post though, kinda caught up with other serious issue of this board.
  9. sorry, it doesnt work both way. My bad for wordings, been up and reading for solution to this problem since midnight.. Edit: My BIOS is now ver 5.1.37. I also update the driver of Marvell network. Nothing works.
  10. Nevermind, Got this program called winflash.
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