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  1. My vote is also that the mobo is the problem. This same problem has happened to me 3 times. The last time was several months ago. I sent the board back to DFI and they sent it back about 2 weeks later (3 wks total), and it is the same board but I assume they replaced the chip on the board. They did not state what they fixed but it works again.
  2. Glad to hear you figured it out, guess I was wrong. Gl and hopefully your chip was still under warranty.
  3. Yeah does sound like the mobo is gone. I had a similiar problem where 3 of the 4 back USB died and the 2 fronts died. About 6 hours later the mobo shut itself off and never started up again. DFI has been great with the RMA as this is my 3rd. Installed the new mobo with the same stuff and everything is great, gl...
  4. I hate to say but I believe that your mobo just died. I am currently on my 3rd, yes 3rd mobo and all 3 did the same as yours. I have been in contact with DFI and they are sending me another replacement. After you have checked everything else I bet you will find its the mobo.
  5. Hope it works out for you. Got mine back yesterday, same board. It works now, but they did not tell me what they fixed on it. Guess they do not want people to know what the problem was. They also did not send me email telling me is was coming back, just found it on the door step in the morning. They were actually pretty quick, it was 10 days from when they received it untill it was back to me. Anyways good luck.
  6. I think your right about a bad batch. I was not making ref. to the cpu/XP90, I was talking about the chip on the mobo under the passive heat sink by your pci slots. I have had three boards all go out because of it. On the board I have I put some AS5 on it, and its been fine for 5 months now.
  7. Same thing happen to a system I built for my bro. The lower red light was on but not the dram light. I sent the mobo to them 9 days ago. DFI states that he can take up to 10days ( I assume they mean 10 working days, 2 weeks) ouch that is a long time from when they first recieve it. I am still waiting to hear back from them. GL, my brothers mobo also had a surge prot. on it. One question, is the passive heat sink on your motherboard really hot, I mean really hot? I noticed that my mobo is warm to the touch, but my brothers the one that will not boot was so hot that I could not hold my finger on it for more than a few seconds.
  8. If you are pass the warranty time from the place that you purchased the mobo, then you have to go to the DFI site and request an rma. I just did the same thing, and they are pretty fast in responding.
  9. Ok, could be I am just getting old but I cannot find the serial number on the motherboard. I need this so I can RMA the board back as it just died. I do have the org. box but part of the serial number is missing so I need to find it on the board itself. I have looked and looked but can't seem to locate it on the board. Thanks for any help.
  10. Sounds to me like the motherboard has died. I am getting ready to RMA my 2nd DFI 754 board myself. I have built 4 systems with this board, and the 2 that have died have had the same problem that you have listed. The one thing I have noticed is that the passive heat sink over the motherboard chip seems to cause the problem. On the 2 boards the thing gets so hot that you cannot even put a finger on it, where the 2 that are still working gets hot but no where near as hot the 2 that died. The last 2 that I have built I removed the heat sink and put some AS5 on it, and so far have had no problems. (actually this is the 3rd rma, 2 boards on the same system)
  11. My 3rd rma board has just been replaced and a new one is in the mail back to me. I replaced the psu thinking that might be the problem, but I would also like to replace the factory heat sink. That part of the mobo has been the problem with the previous 3 boards, getting too hot and killing the board according to the rma people. I am looking for a more aggressive way to cool the chipset by air. I can do some modding but if there is a product out there to buy and just pop in, that would be better. Really do not trust those tape on deals, was looking for something that would use the factory holes to secure it. Any help would be great, thanks. DFI NF3 250 754, with new OCZ 520PS
  12. Hope it is not like mine but I am on my third board, as I believe the psu fried my board. On all three of my dead boards I noticed that the heat sink on the s/b near the agp slot is hot very hot not warm. In fact it is so hot that I can not leave a finger on it. When I first got the board a month ago it would only get warm. Just an idea but you may want to try that.
  13. Ok, off to the store right now to see If I can find a good power supply to test it with. That is about the only other thing that I have not test yet, but I really think the board is fried.
  14. Everything was set at the default settings. The cpu had a slight overclock but I did not change the volts to it. The heat is the one that came with the board near the agp slot, forget but I think it is called the southbridge and it is hot,hot,hot. The setting for that is 12v but the digi shows it at 12.29 so not really that much over. Of course can't check it right now as the system only comes on for 3 seconds and shuts down.
  15. That could be it, but I did check it with my digi meter and it shows 12.29V, 4.99v and 3.36v for the rails but who knows what it is doing under stress. Guess I will try and get them to replace the motherboard that was purcashed on 4.7.06 and try a new powersupply. Think I will try the new OCZ 600 SLI. I know that the heat sink on the this motherboard is suppose to get warm, but this thing is so hot that I cannot hold a finger to it. This is how the other two were when they quite working as well. Should the HS be that hot? seems too hot to me.
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