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    yes sir, thats what I was looking for thanks
  2. Jesus_Faction


    How can I flash to this BIOS?? WINFLASH wont run because my current BIOS isn't an award bios. Is there a CD around here like there used to be?
  3. Jesus_Faction

    Chipset fan is really loud

    wont that cooler be too tall and get in the way of the gfx card?
  4. My chipset fan recently has really started making quite a lot of noise its a loud whirring sound, i dont wanna say grinding but it almost sounds like that anything i can do about it?
  5. lol, youre kidding right? yea the CPU V looks a bit high but with active cooling the ram will be fine
  6. i had to drop to 2T before to install it
  7. Jesus_Faction

    TwinMOS SpeedPremium is Bad!

    the ram prolly isnt bad if they can both do those timings......
  8. i got higher numbers with 1.5 over 2 in everest nothing major but it was definitly outside a margin of error
  9. Jesus_Faction

    UTT questionnaire (UTT current/ex users)

    #1 atm cuz its summer was running at 3.4 for a month or so then i heard about the killer 5V jumper so i put it back havent had problems with either setting tho
  10. i bet you could get the CAS to 1.5 easy...i know mine did
  11. i dont have any hd errors in the log with a 200 gb seagate for boot drive and a 160 maxtor slave
  12. Jesus_Faction

    c-1-3-8-enter-0 sequence.

    .i love test 8
  13. Jesus_Faction

    Ideal Tref - Try this

    i do have 1 question tho when using that excel formula is it better to choose a tref that is higher or lower than the "ideal" tref?
  14. Jesus_Faction

    Ideal Tref - Try this

    very nice excel doc ill be saving it thanks mate
  15. Jesus_Faction

    Can't get past 2340Mhz with Venice

    i got my venice up to 280 htt with 1.55v super stable