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  1. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=55088 This was a thread that is now on page 2 with a similar issue. Most ppl like what your signature indicates that are using 2 different brands in dual channel have issues. I am betting you'll have issues unless your sticks are identical in almost every way, which is unlikely. If this is not an issue then I would suggest looking at your drive strength (which we cannot see from your A64 tweaker image) and set it up pretty high. Do not have the values here that I used but I had to set mine up near the highest value to get it stable. I guess if you are looking at running at 245mhz this falls outside of a "stable" area that you might be seeking and more into a performance area. If performance is not what you seek maybe running at 220 would be a better idea. But, from your comments and your screenshots its all still a little vague. Hoe this helps a bit, Magik
  2. No, its cool. I was just wondering why you would only take it to 2750 when 2800 is more than attainable if you were to just do 255x11 you'd be right there. I have tried a variety of settings myself and feel that with the proper air cooling (I am running a Thermaltake XP-90 with a Silent Cat 92MM Fan) I am running at temps of 28c idle and then 45c absolute max with Prime95 @ 100% CPU. Usually CPU runs at around 42-43C when gaming. A temperature that I feel pretty confident with long term. I paid a crapload for my CPU as well since I was probably one of the first 1000 buyers of San Diego in the USA. But with the 3 year warrenty and having never had bad luck with AMD or their warrenty I think that running it at 2800 is worth it. I like just "knowing" that I am running at 2800, a psychological thing to me I am sure. Anyways there is barely any change in benchies I am sure from 2750 to 2800. maybe a few hundred points, if that. -Magik
  3. So by hitting 1-4 during the logo scren will boot the selected CMOS Reloaded settings, correct? If so is it possible to then view the settings after they are selected (IE Hitting 2, loads the #2 CMOS bank into current. Then pressing DEL allows you to enter and view settings). It is kinda scary to me as anyone could start my PC and then have the keyboard pinched on any of those banks and the BIOS that I might NOT want loaded would be selected, ouch! This presents a potential hazard with the CMOS settings, even though 99.9% of the time no one starts my PC but me, and even then I could see myself accidently pressing 1-4 during that phase if I was not totally careful. Very interesting discovery! -Magik
  4. Yea, CMOS Reloaded is a life saver. One thing you can do is get your system stable and then save to a bank. Then start tweaking a bit more and if it crashes you can go back to stable and then try other options. It comes in so handy when you are dealing with about a hunderd different settings on this board that you can tweak. Memory alone is worth it for this feature. After playing with the Lanparty series for over a year now I cannot even imagine going without this feature. Also use all those banks and don't be afraid to experiment within reason. If you get too crazy ................. well.............bad things happen. I am suprised you cannot hit 2800mhz with your Sandy 4000. I can hit it with my 3700+ and then even stretch it a bit more if I really wanted to. The only thing that I have noticed in CMOS Reloaded and never used is the quick commands for starting with various banks upon startup. like pressing 1-4 to enable that cmos saved setting. Does anyone know how to use this? -Magik
  5. I am having the same issue as you all have had for the most part. My problem occurs typically when my PC has sat idle for 1 hour and then I go to play ANY game. Once that occurs my PC locks up tight and the only way to recover is to hit the restart switch, I hate it. I upgraded everything from my old SLI-DR to my SLI-DR Expert and the problem ONLY occured with the Expert mobo. Here is what I have tried: 1. Reinstalled 6.70 Nvidia NF4 Drivers 2. Updated to latest Nvidia Video Drivers 3. reflashed video cards to various revisions 4. Full Reinstall of certain games I thought were effecting it 5. Ran all DXDiag tests 6. Updated X-FI drivers 7. multiple virus scans 8. Different RAM Modules and settings tested 9. Different CPU settings tested 10. Tested analog / digital monitors Current Test: Bought new RAM and am testing atm (OCZ PC-4000 EB CE-5) This problem is really frusterating and I am not "sold" on this Expert mobo for SLI. Note: I am using 2x6800GT's eVGA not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Let's figure it out and feel free to add my name to the list of effected PC's with this Bug -Magik
  6. Your not alone! I am experiencing the same issue but it is generally associated in my case to gaming. I can play games for hours upon hours straight. Then once I get off it is fine for as long as I want. Then when I go and try and play BF2 or Guild Wars I get screen lockup on GW and Black Screen on BF2. Things I have tried: -Windows managed pagefile system instead of user defined (did not work) -Updated video driver (did not work) -BF2 Reinstall (did not work) -Guild Wars Reinstall (did not work) -Multiple online virus scans (did not work) -defrag (did not work) -scandisk (did not work) -bios tweaks (did not work) - WinXP reinstall (did not work) I as well can run prime95 for 24+ hours with no errors.........grrrr Doing a reboot allows me to game again but it cannot be good for the system to load a game then hit the good ole' restart button to get rid of the lockup -Magik
  7. Congrats on your fix! I was thinking my problem was X-Fi related and am unsure now because it seems to be effecting the onboard sound as well. Maybe I have a GPU problem as you did. -Magik
  8. TMod- Just wanted to say thanks for making this CD for the Community! I have heard it mentioned several times but never knew how to find it. Well, I found it! Thanks so much! Magik
  9. Yes, I just did it and it worked out with no problems. I just made sure to reinstall my NF4 6.70 drivers, Nvidia Video Driver, and also my soundblaster X-fi Driver. That may be overkill but it worked fine for me. Now, after a fresh install I had problems that may be linked to my X-Fi but that is another problem altogether...... -Magik ****Note: I also could not use the same timings for the Expert as I could in my regular SLI-DR. So you might need to tweak a bit more from where you were with your other NF4
  10. Seems to me we need to either send the X-Fi cards back or see if there are any plans for a fix from Angry / Rgone -Magik
  11. OMG! I am not as crazy as I thought I was! I too am passing all benchmarks with flying colors but then when I get ingame I get random issues "Looping clicky sound" and also a frozen ingame frame. I have gone indepth with the RAM settings and clocks. I am also running an X-Fi Platinum, not sure if this relates but I am thinking it is too odd that these issues are occuring with X-fi users. So I will take out the X-fi card tonight and use onboard to see if I can repeat the results. Thanks for the thread! I thought I was alone in this fight! -Magik ***Note: These issues only occured after a fresh install was done to the system with my new SLI-DR Expert Board. I did not have any issues with my SLI-DR Regular version board before moving to the Expert mobo. The X-Fi worked great on that system for me.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! I am not trying to cheat around to find my overclock I am just wondered what this setting was all about. Thanks, Magik
  13. Two very simple questions concerning the SLI-DR Expert: 1. Could someone explain the difference between the DRAM Drive Strength settings for the SLI-DR Expert? I just bought the SLI-DR Expert and was using the SLI-DR before which only had options of going up to Level 8. Now with the Expert the settings go up to Level 15. I am running this on 4x512 of OCZ Gold BH5 UTT and am wondering what the optimal setting would be for this ram. 2. Did the DRAM Data Drive Strength settings change or are they the same for both the Expert and SLI-DR boards? Thank, Magik
  14. Anyone run any benchmark comparisons with 6.66 vs 6.70? I was running a SuperPi 1mb bench in about 33 seconds, now with 6.70 I am running at around 35 seconds. Games seem to play smoother but I noticed that SuperPi took a slight hit. I did not compare any other benchmarks but just ran the 1mb test to compare pre and post. Anyone else take a performance hit? -Magik
  15. Thanks Rgone but I am looking for DFI specifics. I am wanting to run dual cards but not necessarily in SLI mode (2 cards running 1 monitor). I am wanting 2 cards running 3 monitors. I am assuming that not many have done it. I have done dual monitors as have many others but I am looking at a surround monitor setup with an SLI-DR Thanks for the replies -Magik
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