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  1. Phew! Thanks Fatawan - glad someone else did have this problem! And to confirm, no I did not install the firewall! I'll be trying that just as soon as i can kick the little-one off to bed
  2. Ok - I am happy and agree that I am installing the 6.70 versions (irrespective of directory names) and this is digressing from my question. My confusion derives from the fact that having uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled 6.70 there was no PCI Management install - It appeared to have disappeared. Furthermore why was there a number of 'unknown' devices, post install, and taking four reboot/device wizard reboots to install them? Also, why couldn't it find the AMD Hyperbridge Transport etc.... Those are my issues - not the version I think we're getting hung up on version numbers here..........
  3. Ok, Please read my reply to Happy_Games ... who also said the same thing.. Effectively: I got confused: If you download the 6.7 install.... they are extracted into an 8.22 directory which is where I got th name from.
  4. Thanks - will try.... Just need to create another T-Mod install CD first
  5. I am definitely using AMD. Unlike the Intel suite, the NVidia site dioes not give you an explicit* choice for an AMD *SLI* chipset as you've shown for the Intel selections that you identify. Please note: I am NOT using the drivers got through the selection of nForce 430/410 which (just to add to confusion) ARE identified as 8.22!! :eek: Also I am interested as to why I got an error about PCI Memory after unistalling the old drivers when according to the 6.7 list there isn't a driver included for it? Is there a dependancy problem on the uninstall?
  6. Ok Not sure if it's confusion or just my bad explanation (and maybe the fact that I am donig this from memory) But if I download the drivers from: Platform/NForce drivers ->nForce4 Amd-> Windows XP you get: nForce4 AMD Edition - Windows XP/2000 (32-Bit) Version: 6.70 Release Date: October 26, 2005 WHQL Certified When installed - they are extracted into a directory called c:nvidiawinxp8.22..... Maybe this is the confusion: So you are both correct.... (!?) If copy this extracted folder to a floppy or CD: is this a complete installation image. Logic tells me "yes", but my experience (above) makes me wonder.....
  7. Ok - this is from memory; but when you downlaod the 6.70 drivers they extract into an 8.22 directory..... if I remember correctly: That's where I got the number from... I am definitely talking about the 6.7 driver suite (International AMD) PS - Thanks for the quick reply!
  8. *EDIT* --------- Please note: that I am using 6.70 Amd driver install. The 8.22 came from the name of the directory under which the driver's folders are uncomporessed during install. I tried to clarify this: but people are not reading the thread and just giving me an "8.22 does not exist" answer.... --------- Hi all For various reasons (not least - I'm an inherrent tweaker) decided to upgrade the chipset drivers and video drivers. So I did the following: 1. Downloaded the *edit* 6.70 not 8.22 Amd drivers from Nvidia 2. Downloaded the 84.21 video drivers. 3. Removed via control panel - "All nvidia drivers" 4. Installed 8.22 drivers - including the IDE drivers 5. Installed Video However on reboot there were a number of problems. Not least of which was the inability for XP to locate the SM Bus drivers and the PCI Memeory Controller. Not being a hardware specialist I search through the extracted directories and the install wizard seems to find them and all appeared to be good. However - after a few hours I experienced 'mucho problemo' with a few driver BSODS and continual crashing in World of Warcraft. I reviewed the hardware devices and noticed that there a couple of unknown devices (yellow '?'s) so I deleted them - rebooted and still had the same problem: SM Bus and PCI Memory controller. Again, I browsed with the hardware wizard and found a copy of the file it was asking for and rebooted. This happed FOUR times - weird.... but eventually it alll seemed happy. So I recheced the device manager and found this time that the "Hyperbridge transport" 'thingy and another device driver (cant remember the name now... at work and forgot notes!) were marked with red 'X's so I right clicked and updated them, again pointing to the 8.22 directory area until it located a file name. Now.. all devices seem to be installed properly: with NO conflicts. However the machine is still unstable and crashes.... I intend to rebuild the machine tonight having got a smaller HDD to try and create a stable platform. So: 1. Was my update order wrong to create the problems? 2. Any one experienced anything like this 3. If I install XP and then the 8.22 drivers on a clean machine - should this work? 4. In fact what is the best order to install on a clean machine? 4. .... answers on a postcard. Please!
  9. Hi all I recently experienced a few crashes and decided to update my chipset drivers as BSODs were pointing to driver problems. So Installed from the NVidia 6.70 Amd drivers and at the same time the graphics drivers (84.71). Since then the computer has blue screened at random interval with faults in the display and driver areas. Any suggestion given my set up what would be the best BIOS and Chipset drivers to use? I have a new HDD on its way and going to reset the PC up from scratch. *edit* Given the memory I have would an OCZ bios be better for me? I had insane problems getting an initial stable system so just wondering now as these are new since I last came (yeah its been some time!)
  10. Man! I too had problems with this (check out all my threads - not many - most are on this issue) However in the end for my set up the whole thing was goofed as the brand new video card was borked! Also the guyus at OCZ posted timings for me too at bleedin' edge. just search on my handle....
  11. Ah I gotcha - not being the RAID model I guess I dont have them as the board has nothing there! So by definition the only slots must be NVIDIA
  12. Thanks for the quick replies! Its always nice to have confirmed what you think is correct Can you just confirm what you mean by the "Silicon raid ports" ?
  13. Is this mobo enabled for SATA-II? I thought it was but just read an old post that pointed to a mod by THUNDA that enabled SATA-II? I just checked this mobo link but it's not clear as it states "SATA speed up to 3Gb/s" which I can't relate to the SATA-II drive specs. Please help a thicko: in other words if I buy a SATA-II drive it will it just work at a slower speed? Cheers!
  14. Stupid Question: I just downloaded these drivers and installed them... Should I be concerned about the fact that the files extracted ended up in a directory labelled version 8?
  15. Wow thanks for the replies. Last night (before I managed to get back to this thread) I managed to 1. Update the mobo drivers to the new nvidia drivers. Did not install the firewall, but did install the IDE drivers. (Anyone noticed that the extracted directory version is version 8xx not 6?) 2. Reset the bios memory to run at 300 at x7 multi (I forgot to bring in the timings! Ack will post them later! 3. Reran: Aquamark, 3DMark, all passed again... 4. Played the game; crashed! As a last resort I Disabled everything I could explicitly: Lan, OnBoard Audio (! - yes that module is on; I've never taken it off since originally installing it) I need to run more tests tonight if I get time. So I'm halfway there to FrobinRobin's suggestions. I just need more time to get some decent *pure* installs. With regard to memory timings; I have gone through 3 bios versions and none will run at 2.5-4-4-10 (yes that's 2.5-4-10-4 in Bios) at auto and defaut settings. Also suggestions from AndyOCZ have tended to be non starters (non-boot and BSOD so tended to tinker with the timings. I'll recheck what I posted - 6:00am and late for work is not a time for writing down from a screen! To address the video card issues: I too can't help but believe its down to this *area* too; Its failed in another game (Kohan II) but I had previously been runnign World Of Warcraft with no problems whatsoever. Hoever, people (much more intelligent in these matters than me) have pointed to the fact that the temperature of the GFX card has is not high and that it could well be a device driver problem/conflict (which is why I disabled everything ast night). I really am gonna cry if its the GFX card! I suppose I could by another one; but *ouch* especially if the problem doesn't go! - Anyone suggets a cheap card to try? I would think about another BFG and if they are OK SLI them; but I am not convinced that the PSU is gonna give the oomph required for that.! I will *certainly* take up some of these ideas and post results.... Thanks again; last night was real pain; no internet till too late so missed all this: another 8 hours at work before trying again! *I must be crazy* I could have bought a PC and returned it under warranty!
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