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  1. I've finally got the cash for a water cooling system and a new case. I've been looking at the Antec P180, ThemalTake Armour, various Lian-Li's (not midi's) and the Coolermaster Stacker (mk1) but I am open to suggestions. Looking at around £100 or thereabouts, especially if there is anywhere that currently has a decent price on any of the above. My shopping list of watercooling kit looks something like this: CPU Block AquaXtreme MP-05 PRO Limited Edition CPU Water Block (delrin) @ £38.99 GPU Block Aqua Extreme MP-01 Radiator Thermochill PA 120.2 Radiator @ £51 Radiator Fans x2 Yate Loon D12SL-12 @ £4.49 each approx Pump AquaXtreme 50Z-DC12-T Inline Pump 1/2"NPT inlet and outlet (Blue) @ £54.99 Tubing 1/2" ID Tygon Tubing @ £2.60 per foot I'd like something roomy as I plan on adding another Raptor to run in Raid 0 and probably a large 400GB HD around the time I get a new PSU. I'd also like something that is going to be relatively quiet. Also, I'm unsure as to where the radiator is going to go so if there any are cases particuarly well suited to that radiator then any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. I'd like to know how your chip is that cool with that cooler. My chip runs at 1.4v and Idles around 38C and creeps up to about 45C when its under load. I've tried to reset my cooler three times and it's screwed on tight with some AS5 in the middle. Damn frustrating.
  3. Thanks for he advice guys. My m8's not into overclocking but he does need some solid so I'll check out the info on PSU's. Thanks again
  4. A friend of mine needs a new PSU for his system. From what I can gather it consists of a socket 754 AMD chip and I think an Asus motherboard, 1GB ram, two hard drives (probably 40/80Gb each) and an Nvidia 6600 (not sure if its GT/GTX etc). Can please anyone recommend a decent budget PSU that would suit his system now and also when he upgrades to socket 939? I appreciate the words 'decent' and 'cheap' don't often go well together as far as PSU's are concerned but any help would be greatly appreciated. From the Enermax's listed on this page http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatal...k_Only_25.html, the 400w sounds ok. On this page http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatal...Tagan_393.html the 380w and the 420w seems ok but would these PSU's cope ok with SLI as even though some say they will on papar, in the real world they can apparently struggle.
  5. Yeah, cases are an issue. I even contemplated having one custom built as I know somewhere that couldn probably do it for me but I'd have to design the whole thing from top to bottom and I'm not very good with things like that. I've got a m8 who is a graphic designer who could mock it up for me but I'd have to put a lot of thought into it as I wouldn't want a just standard tower if I was having it custom built. The thing that triggered that idea was from *Readers' Drives* within the free copy of Custom PC which I picked up at i27. This month they are giving away an Enermasx CS-718-BS server case with a Liberty 500w PSU, an XFX GeForce 6600 GT (128MB), an Abit Fatality AA8XE and 2GB of Corsair 5400C4 Pro. Not a bunch of uber mouth watering prizes but they would go well with a cheap Intel 805 D as a basis for a gaming rig for the kids. Plus it would cool to have a custom built case and also to have it featured in something like custom PC. The Iiyama screens are very good as a m8 of mine picked on up for his Mac Mini and I was very impressed. Plus a guy I got talking to at i27 was using a 17" and I'm not sure what the response time was but there wasn't any ghosting and CSS looked very sharp and crisp. That Hyundai looks like a nice screen and Viewsonic also do a nice 19" but I'm definately going for a widescreen, they look very slick imo. The Viewsonic I'd like is listed on Amazon here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EN4CV...976945?n=172282 and if you have a look at this link http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=220216 and have a flick through the pictures it looks incredibly sexy and it apparently supports HD as well. Can't afford it yet and I'm hoping my current CRT will hold on until later in the year as I will miss it
  6. I'm not convinced of the Lian-Li's tbh but they are dead popular and are very roomy but I'm not 100% keen on the look of them. I'm going to look very seriously at the new CM Stacker and also the Lian-Li v2000 as I'm going to need the room. As you can see in the following link, the nwe CM Stacker was the choice for what I think were a lot of the game servers at i27:- http://www.multiplay.co.uk/coverage/65/pic...ll/setup021.JPG I think they were mostly FX-60's. I noticed last night that overclockers.co.uk have a special on the Samsung 40GB this week:- Samsung SpinPoint P HD040GJ 40GB SATA-II 8MB Cache - OEM (HD-025-SA) @ £21.95 + Vat (£25.79) If I hadn't of already bought 1 Raptor then I'd be tempted to get 2 or even 4 and raid them up as Samsung are supposed to do really good drives. i27 was a good experiance but there was a lot of complete and utter geeks there who probably didn't shower for the entire weekened which wasn't pleasent considering all a lot of them did was eat Domino's pizza's and drink beer all weekend whilst they were playing. That aside, the two lads who I went down with (who I'd never even met before) were both sound lads. Only problem was that they were on the ground floor playing Battlefield 2 and I was on the first floor on my lonesome playing CSS. I got to know some of the lads up there on Saturday and Sunday after drinking a vast amount of Fosters - I usually drink Stella so drinking Fosters was like drinking Shandy. I got to know some really good players and needless to say that if I went again it would have to be with some people who would be sat with me whilst I was playing and boozing so that I wouldn't feel like a bit of a loner. I imagine it would have been 500% better if I'd have gone down with a group of lads but I'll remember that for next time. Saw some nice systems down there but only a few that really stood out. Only saw a few watercooled systems which surprised me as I would have thought it would be a prime opportunity for all hardware nutz (this category I think I fit into in terms of geeky'ness) to talk about the thing that constantly burns a hole the size of Mount Etna through their wallet. The most impressive machines were those being shown off by a company representing Ubisoft to promo the new Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare. These were apparently commissioned by AMD from top to bottom and they packed a hell of a punch! Well, they might have done...... they had a barebones XP installation which was being pushed by 4 x 150GB Raptors, and FX-60, 2GB of Corsair 3500LL Pro's, and depending on which took your fancy either 2 x 7900' GTX's or 2 x 1900 XT's. The graphics cards were overclocked and one of the FX-60's was running at 3.0 but apparently they have had them as high as 3.6. All of this was powered a 1 Kilowatt PSU, cooled by a Koolance water cooling system for everything. We're talking CPU, GPU, Voltage Regulators on the graphics cards, Gel Packs for the hard drives, the job lot. The company who was touting them do them on their web site for about £7.5k. I did hear one of their high ranking guys say something about a new product which contained a phase cooled watercooling system. There were other juicy little tit bits that slipped out but thats one that stood out the most. Few pics of the beasts:- http://www.multiplay.co.uk/coverage/65/pic...ll/event050.JPG http://www.multiplay.co.uk/coverage/65/pic...ll/event053.JPG http://www.multiplay.co.uk/coverage/65/pic...ll/event052.JPG Saw some exceptionally nice TFT screens. Some of them looked like they cost a far few quid, lot of people with the big Dell widescreens 20"/24". Saw CSS running on a 24" Dell and wasn't impressed tbh as it was 16ms and suffered from blurring or ghosting (or whatever the term is) when you move quickley and the screen doesn't catch up instantly. It was that which made me want a 2ms Viewsonic of which I saw a few of and was exceptionally impressed. Plus the one I'm looking at it apprently very good for HD. Aside from that beer, beer and more beer I tried playing around with different volts fot the LDT and NB as well but it didn't help me get things any higher. I'm reluctant to start playing around with the PCI-e frequency though as I'm sure I've read that it should be messed with, not 100% sure. Also, sorry to hear about your bad experiance removing your IHS. Where did you go wrong? When I removed mine I didn't think it was too bad and I'd never done one before and I was bricking it whilst I was doing it. I would be tempted to do it again if I got an Opteron 170 but I guess it would depend on the temps at the time.
  7. That's a bit of a b!tch about your ram and the volts but I'm glad you got it sorted though. It's good to see that you've been dabbling with the overclocking again and I'll sure you'll get there as far as the magical 3Ghz is concerned I'm sure the PSU you've got is quality as what you don't know about PSU's is probably not worth knowing I'm considering an upgrade to various parts of my system during the course of the year. I'm starting hopefully with a new case and a watercooling kit. I've been discussing the water stuff with a bunch of guys over at XtremeSystems and currently its looking like the following: Lian-Li I was really after a CM Stacker but I've been told they are not the best cases when adding water cooling into the equation which is a Shame as I really like the look of them. Not sure which Lian-Li but a full tower I think but I'll have to keep looking around as none of them have really jumped out at me, even the new S80. CPU Block AquaXtreme MP-05 PRO Limited Edition CPU Water Block (delrin) @ £38.99 GPU Block Aqua Extreme MP-01 Radiator Thermochill PA 120.2 Radiator @ £51 Radiator Fans x2 Yate Loon D12SL-12 @ £4.49 each approx Pump AquaXtreme 50Z-DC12-T Inline Pump 1/2"NPT inlet and outlet (Blue) @ £54.99 Tubing 1/2" ID Tygon Tubing @ £2.60 per foot It's still not 100% but I'll have to do some more reading. Once I've got that lot and a new case then I'm going to get my 146 under it and see if I can stretch it any further. Depending on what happens with that then I may go for an Opteron 170 sooner rather than later. I was toying with the idea of an AM2 but I think I'll wait until its been out for a little while and we all know what its capable of rather than speculating. Probably another 36GB Raptor around this time as well running them in Raid 0. Since attending i27 my screen has developed a problem so I'm going to be looking at those sooner or later but its looking like a Viewsonic VX2025wm. After that its going to be a new PSU, I've been directed towards an Enhance 600w as apparently they are the OEM version of Silverstone. At around the same time probably an X1900 XT and then sell my exisiting LA's and upgrade to a 2GB kit as I've been advised to stay away from 4x512 LA's or 4xAnything. It all boils down to cash as I've not long since started a new job and was out of work for nearly two months so I'm still recovering. Glad to hear your still about m8
  8. Hi m8. Did you get your ram sorted and your new PSU in yet?
  9. I think alot of people get disillusioned by having just one Raptor. They'll install one and rebuild Windows and immediately see that things are running quickley. Only problem is that every system does that after it's had Windows reinstalled. Like I said, I've beeen advised that I should see a drop in Windows loading times and also that of games and changing maps if I run two of them in Raid 0. Regarding my screen, I think the tube has started to go as it is occasionally turning the who screen violet but a good whack sorts it out. That Viewsonic that you have is very nice and the response time it 8ms and I think that anything that it 8 or below is supposed to be great for gaming. I think dual core probably is safe way to go and it should give me something to play with for a while and probably sell my ram and go for some of the OCZ as I have heard a lot of good things about this ram. I'm going to try and find a nice case this afternoon and also start reading about the watercooling side of things and also the TEC watercooling stuff. Thanks again for all your help guys
  10. Thanks for the advice lads! I'll check out those links tomorrow when I start trying to draft up a shopping list. I'll try and go about this a different way and list the issues I have with my system and then may help explain why i'm not 100% happy with it. It's not great for multi tasking with things like GrabIT, WinRar and QuickPar running all together. When WinRar and QuickPar are both running and are extracting and repairing then if I'm watching a film then it begins to lag because there isn't enough CPU left for them to all share to keep things running smoothly. My current CPU speed is about the max I can get out of it. I'm not sure if this is because I've hit the ceiling or if its because I'm only using air cooling (even though the Big Typhoons are supposed to be quite good and the chip is naked). If I could get more out of the CPU then I'd probably be happy for a little longer before jumping to AM2 or the Conroe. On that basis, bigger case, new PSU and a decent watercooled system would probably help see me through until the new AMD and Intel offerings are available, the prices for them have stabilised and the initial round of overclocking has been done. There is nothing wrong with my CRT screen aside from the fact that it weighs a ton and its beige. A nice widescreen TFT would look great on my desk but I guess there are other areas of my system that the money should go into before splashing out on a new screen. The 24" Dell is a gorgeous screen and I was very impressed with how sharp and slick CSS looked on it along with images and video. My only problem with it was the response time of 16ms which gave CSS a slight blur while the screen refreshed if you were looking around the screen quickley. As far as the video card card goes, I currently run CSS in 1280x1024 with pretty much everything up high aside from HDR, 4xAA and 4xAF and it runs on average at about 100 fps. I'd like one of the X1900 flavours as the 512MB should give good results in a higher res and I could enable HDR without causing too much of an upset to my system. If I enabled it now then my fps drops down to about 50 fps but reguarly dips lower if there is a lot happening on screen. I also don't know if Shader Model 3 would benefit my CSS experiance. I was disappointed with the increase in speed which I didn't see with loading times and other stuff after buying the Raptor, however I have been advised to add another in Raid 0 which is supposed to be quick. I'll need to add another large drive like a cheapish 400GB for about £120'ish. I know a lot of people don't have a good word to say about Maxtor's but I've found mine to be pretty good. If I go dual core then I think it would be a 165 or a 170 for the higher multi which when combined with decent watercooling should produce excellent results, hopefully higher speeds than the FX-60. With that it would be new case, watercooling kit, PSU and Ram. With regards to the G.Skill PC4000 ram, is yours clocked at 250 and have you had it any higher? The PC4800 stuff I've got ain't cheap and would probably cost me about another £200 for 1GB which means 4x512MB but its certified to 300mhz. Don't know if I would see any real world difference between 4x512MB or 2x1GB unless I was using benchmarking stuff which I'm not that fussed about. A visible performance increase is whats most important to me. The first step is probably the case and I'll definately take a look at the cases you mentioned as I'm struggling to find one that jumps out at me. The next step would probably be a decent watercooling system that I can mess around with for a while. I would like it ideally to cover my CPU, Northbridge, and GPU. I've also seen these things you can attached to a watercooling system to cover the voltage regulators on your video card?? I've heard this is supposed to help achieve high yet stable overclocks on the GPU and Ram. I'm a watercooling virgin so be gentle I'm currently digging for more info on TEC watercooled systems and whether they are vastly better than normal watercooling. If I could get away with it then I'd get the PSU after the case and watercooler. This 480w Tagan has server me well and me along with a few of my mates are fans of the Tagan PSU's because they seem rock solid but I probably would go to OCZ because they are also supopsed to be rock solid and they often look nicer but I guess asthetics aren't what count with a PSU. Now here comes the difficult bit, what are your thoughts now that I've nit picked what I would consider to be the annoyances with my system. Again, any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I'm currently using the system in my sig but I'm looking at doing some upgrades in the next few months and I'm looking at the following bits in this order: Case - Undecided, probably a Lian-Li or something nice and and large to house a decent watercooling kit and 4+ hard drives Watercooling Kit - Again undecided but I want something that's going to assist with a decent overclock. Been hearing good things about TEC cooling and I'm currently trying to read more about it as I'm a water cooling n00b. CPU, Motherboard, Ram - This is the bit I'm struggling with the most. With AM2's and Conroe's around the corner its puzzling the hell outta me. I'm not a big fan of Intel but I'll go wherever the best bang for the buck is along with the best potential for overclocking. I've read that the initial AM2's aren't going to offer must of a performance boost above and beyond the current 939's except fot the boost that DDR2 will bring. However, AM2 might be be more future proof with the release of the quad core late this year or early 2007 (providing its well supported by the software and games). Alternatively I could maybe go with an Opteron 170 and try to achieve a decent overclock with that. Video Card - Probably an ATI X1900 XT or maybe an XTX depending on overclocking ability between the two under water. TFT - Probably a Viewsonic VX2025 20" Widescreen, they look lovely and seem to perform well for Counter Strike Source. I guess with all of the above I'll probably need a new PSU as well. Does anyone have any advice, particuarly regarding the CPU, Board and Ram? I appreciate that this may be a difficult area to give advice on considering some of the chips aren't out yet and neither are the associated boards with the exception of a few socket 940's boards that are available at the moment. [Edit] Apologies for posting in the wrong section. [/Edit]
  12. It could be worse, someone could have suggested waiting for the Conroe
  13. How does an Opteron 165 fit into this compared to the other CPU's mentioned above and does anyone have an idea to as to what they are capable off? I would be running mine on a Big Typhoon.
  14. Is it possible to have it on too tight? I read something the other day that said it should be on tight enough so that there is no movement between the cpu and the cooler and tight enough so that you cant twist cooler whilst its on top of the cpu. I'm not sure to be honest, maybe I need water but if that was the case then I'd need a new case first. From what you've said about your system I don't think there is any need for you to remove the IHS. You have a good overclock and your temps seem ok, if they were hitting 50+ then it might be worth you removing the IHS.
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