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  1. Nice chip dude. I am betting for that magic 3GHZ, you will need a bump, if not then you sir have a very golden chip. What week and stepping code is it?
  2. I just recently setup another Ultra-D which was easy as pie. Before I put everything in my case, I decided to run open air becnh to get everything setup etc... Everything is fine, and I get up to a nice 300x9 on my Opteron 165 @1.52 volts 166 mem divder. Dual prime overight and everything is ok. Now I go to load it in my case, and now B/C of my PWMIC temps are about 5-6C higher inside my case, my second core fails and I know its B/C of that, as my cpu temps are still the same 48C. So I have a 120mm fan blowing over it and an 80mm fan over my ran. this was fine outside my case but not inside. My case is a moddified Cheiftec SOHO case with two 80mm in the back and 120mm in the front for intake. My Ambients are high around 80-83F my mom loves the heat in the winter, but I am thinking a new case should work. I am open to ideas and mods, the cheaper the better. EDIT** It seems Small FT's in Prime 95 are fine, but blend is not, so I am betting my UTT is not quite stable at 250FSB, thus I am gonna back them off a bit. I will bo more testing and update when I can.
  3. That is pretty bad that it was not even an anti static bag =(
  4. Yup I would flash but it seems my chip is maxed at 2.8GHZ, but its weird only needs 1.48 volts for stabilty but yet not any amount of voltage will stablize it at 2850. I tried all kinds of different settings, but many ppl flash without even testing. But these Venice chips are nice. To Angry Games, I was not looking for help. Thus its a warning for people, stock bios works great, and to flash only if you need a fix.
  5. Well I am testing a 3500 Venice, VX4000 gold, and Ultra D with stock bios and I am running at 2800MHZ and 255FSB 1:1 @1.5 volts and it just passed 8 million in super-pi, going for 16million now. So just throwing this out there, test before you flash, as I am not gonna flash till I have a problem. and 29secs at 1million run is sweet.
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