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  1. I too understand the frustration. My secondary PC uses an NF3 Ultra-D and my main uses an NF4 eXpert. The features you've mentioned like memtest and the dividers would be extremely handy and I really feel like DFI shortchanged us with this board, ever since it's release last year. I've been utterly disappointed at the lack of support here while they keep releasing boards because they want to keep adding features to their already high-end boards. ---dens
  2. Update: Well it's been going for almost 4 hours running [email protected] at stock 2GHz 1.375v so I think it's safe to say that I won't have the shutdown problem at stock speeds. Seems like this is mainly an OC problem. Tomorrow I might give the Silicon Image controller a go to see if there's any effect on OC when i'm using the nVidia ports which i'm using now. Update2: Silicon Image controller doesn't seem to like Non-RAID setups so I just didn't bother. ---dens
  3. Overload protection with only Mobo, CPU, PCI Video and 1x HDD? This thing worked with a highly OC'd Venice on a DFI NF3 Ultra-D with 6 HDDs and an OC'd 6800NU. I would hope to think that it could handle this.. My mate has a Delta 600W Quad-12v Rail and an OCZ 600W Powerstream that I can test at some stage, but I don't personally have another 24/8-pin PSU that I could test it with. Thanks for keeping the ideas coming ---dens
  4. I never have thermal shutdown enabled in the BIOS, generally because it's disabled by default on any BIOS that i've used. I trust my watercooling and my mounting. However i'll boot it back up and give it a shot now. Edit: Yep, just as I thought - already disabled. ---dens
  5. Nope, after about 15 minutes at 2.9GHz the system just completely shut itself off again. This is with 2x HDDs connected only. The power draw absolutely cannot be too much for the 520W. Unless there's an automatic heat shutoff thing with either the board or the PSU, I can't think of anything else to try for now. I know the LP NF4 series boards had additional connectors for general stability but the eXpert does not, apart from the one floppy connector, which as far as anything i've read tells me, this is only a connector for using SLI. At the moment this clearly looks like a heavy load issue, so is there anything else board or PSU related that could possibly help? ---dens
  6. Ok i'll give it a try now - I'll just use the 2x 120GB drives (Windows + Apps pretty much) and try 2.9GHz (makes it quicker to see if It'll crash). If it turns out to help it, then bummer, but at least i'll know what it is. I'll try anything at this stage Thanks, and i'll report back soon. ---dens
  7. Specs: Opteron 146 CAB2E 0546FPAW DFI NF4 eXpert SLI-DR Revision R.A02 - Latest official BIOS (12/7/05) OCZ Plat EL R2 TCCD 2x 512MB XFX 7800GTX OC OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU Custom Watercooling: Swiftech MCP600, Silverprop EvoSE, BIX2 6x WD HDDs The problem I've been having happens with only one common thing - When the CPU is overclocked (and more often that not, under load), the system completely shuts off, as if I pulled the power plug straight out of the wall. It has happened twice when doing nothing to stress the system, but it mostly happens under load. It's probably happened well over a dozen times to me now. I've tried: OCZ 4000VX and my TCCD PCI Matrox Video and my XFX 7800GTX OC Almost every kind of voltage/multi and mem option available to me Today I tried to find out what triggered it quickest, using [email protected] to stress the cpu most. These were my results. Times on the right indicate how long it took to crash. 290x10 - 2900MHz - 1.47v + 107.2% - 1.4v - 1.56v - 200 | 2.5-4-3-7-1T 2.79v - 15 Minutes into [email protected] 290x10 - 2900MHz - 1.47v + 107.2% - 1.4v - 1.56v - 166 | 2.5-4-4-8-2T 2.79v - 30 Minutes into [email protected] 290x10 - 2900MHz - 1.55v + 102.4% - 1.4v - 1.59v - 166 | 2.5-4-4-8-2T 2.79v - 1 Minute into [email protected] 317x9 - 2850MHz - 1.47v + 104.8% - 1.3v - 1.56v - 166 | 2.5-4-4-8-2T 2.79v - 1 Hour 50 Minutes into [email protected] Monitoring the 12v, 5v and 3.3v rails with a DMM shows that they're rock solid. This is with both CPU and 3D stress with the GTX, as well as anything else I could throw at it. The PSU does not seem to be at fault, and even through I can't rule it out altogether, the Mobo seems much more likely the cause. This happens with both the default BIOS and the latest, which I've been using to test for the last week or so. I would dearly love to get one of the new revision boards which i've seen perform so well, but it really pains me with these kinds of problems - going through the same damn thing that I went through with my NF3 Ultra-D last year I fear there's no hope for the board, but I can't imagine this being a suitable excuse to RMA the board, even though i'd love to be able to. If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it. ---dens
  8. Yeah mine is too. Bloody cheap fans they used on these things. Can't seem to get anything right at this point. @RebelsHaven: You describe vCore measurement, but it would be infinitely more helpful if you actually pointed out which MOSFET leg to read off. If you could post another pic showing this that'd be great. Wonderful to see that we're all still stuck with 711 being the latest BIOS for the board. Considering that most people, including myself, can't use 705 or 711, they better release something soon otherwise I'm just going to give up on this board. Nothing but problems since day 1 :mad: ---dens
  9. Disable fastwrites before you do any OCing - it just breeds problems. I only just found out it was the source of a major problem I was having with OCing. Now it's disabled and everything is great. If you're having a problem with freezing in games or benchmarks then disable fastwrites! Upgrading drivers did NOTHING for me - it's simply an issue with this board + 6800's + fastwrites turned on. I'm not the only one either. Reinstalling drivers is just a waste of time. I haven't seen one instance of it fixing this problem. However if his just freezes entirely, not just for 5-10 seconds, then it may be related to something else. ---dens
  10. Oh get ****ed. I wonder if the engineers over at DFI actually comprehend how much people that have bought this board have suffered thanks to all the problems that have plagued the board thus far. It's hard enough getting an RMA down here when something is legitimately wrong with it - there's so little chance of me being able to swap for a Rev2 board now. ---dens
  11. EVERYONE NOTE THAT NO ONE HAS A REVISION "B" OR "2" BOARD. This has been answered by AG himself and ANY posts referring to this being a possibility is only speculation. ---dens
  12. If only I had known this before I decided to change over. Though I guess I must be a little lucky in terms of the 6800/NF3 combination - I managed to fix my stalling problem by disabling fastwrites, so that's fine now. It's a shame you've got such a high-end AGP card. If you didn't it'd be ideal to go with an NF4 setup instead. I'm quite surprised to hear that 939 isn't exactly native to AGP. However it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. I mean, it'd be silly for AMD to keep making sure their products are backward compatible when they're trying to make the push towards PCI-E. At least they realise a fair few people will still buy an NF3 board for 939 chips. By the way, what's happening Rgone? Your posts are easy as to read now! There's nothing to decipher! ---dens
  13. Rev2 was only speculation, and we most likely won't know for a while yet if there will be or won't be another reivision of the board. I've got both, and while the MSI worked fine off the bat for me, it did have its fair share of problems. If I were to keep one of the boards that i've got, i'd keep the DFI. Eventually these problems will be sorted, hopefully through BIOS updates. We've just got to play the waiting game ---dens
  14. Please post your findings here too, as i'm sure i'm not the only one that would like to measure vCore themselves rather than relying on tables and references. Cheers, ---dens
  15. I reckon it'd be freaking awesome! As much as I like getting that workout going to LANs, I'd still love to have a DFI-based NF4 m-ATX board. Those Chenbro cases look HIDEOUS. If anything i'd just grab a Lian Li PC-402A and put it inside one of those if I could Would make for an awesome HTPC or LAN box. ---dens
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