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  1. Hi all, Ive got the bios cd from here with the new 510 bioses but I cant get it to flash from the cd The bios screen has the bios loaded but the drive is set to z i.e. z:/1/N4D510-2.bin I cant find a way of changing the drive letter, and to top it off ive got no floppy drive and winflash quits with an error as soon as it opens, help please!
  2. Hi all, Im a bit stuck when it comes to flashing my bios. First of all I have no Floppy drive so thats a no-go. Second I tried Winflash (Which I have used before and worked) and the program quits with an error before the main screen opens. Finally, I tried the bootable cd someone on this forum provided. For some reason the letter of the drive to flash from is z :confused: and I cant seem to change it and it says cannot find disk. I think the reason winflash is quitting is because there is something wrong with my bios (I get checksum errors a lot). Any ideas welcome
  3. Still no go with x2 sticks with that method
  4. Ive got the exact same problem, was playing CS:S last night and it froze so I had to reboot, the second stick of ram has not worked since :confused: Ill try your method pershoot
  5. Hi all, ive looked all over the net for an answer to this problem. Ive just put together the PC in my sig, was relieved when it posted but as soon as I tried to install windows I would get BSODS all over the place! I decided to take out one of my sticks of ram leaving one in slot 2. All settings in bios are at default (atm ) and Ive had no problems since (looping 3dmark 01), but as soon as I use the second stick in dual channel I go back to getting BSODS. Do I need to up the ram voltage? drive strength? and what about those 5V/12V connectors on the mobo, what are they for? Thanks in advance
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