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  1. Anyone else find a striking resemblence between Jack Thompson and Jon Stewart?
  2. This is quite possibly the most incredible FPS I've played since the original Half Life. Extremely unique features involving gravity, parallel dimensions, the spirit world, and some truly awesome moments. It's long too!
  3. http://tinyurl.com/fumjr (Must Love Jaws) http://tinyurl.com/gqgln (10 Things I hate about commandments) http://tinyurl.com/eg8ud (Brokeback to the Future) If you can't laugh at these, you might not have a soul.
  4. Anyone know some good software to edit AVIs? I'm looking to cut a few things in them and make them look better.
  5. Doesn't look half bad! That might be just up my alley... Edit: How reliable is flickerdown?
  6. Alright, I'm going to buy a new Opteron 165, where is the best place to get the best stepping? I have $350 and a Thermaltake Big Typhoon for my HS/F combo. I just need your guyses input about where to get the best price on a good stepping. I don't need the stock HSF with my Big Typhoon, so OEM is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. The demo is out and it looks to be right up my alley, no more needless killing and you can actually sneak through the dark. It's pretty impressive looking too!
  8. Wow, my 3500+ is actually OCed higher than the 4000+. It's got 2.6 ghz while mine has 2.64 ghz. I also have my RAM set 1:1 with my CPU.
  9. Since we're on this subject, what would be the best $350 CPU for gamers? The Opty 165 or the X2 3800+?
  10. Massive tip: Turn off Self Shadows for characters, that's what's causing the strange dark stuble on characters!
  11. I got the 7900 GTX and OCed my computer from 2.2 ghz to 2.64 ghz and my RAM is at 1:1 right now with my system. That 7900 GTX is going to ROCK Oblivion, I really hope that I can get it before it sells out, which it just might do!
  12. Yep, warranty is on both sticks. I'm about 0.05 under the warranty and my DFI board has an add 0.03 onto the volts if not 3.2v. I'm very happy right now and if you haven't played Black and White 2, then DO IT NOW! It's an amazing game on every level! Get the demo! Edit: It's at DDR480 right now. Here are my rams. http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...al_channel_gold Also, any way I could make a screenshot? Anyone know any good programs to do that?
  13. Luckily OCZ RAM has a warranty of a maximum of 3.15 volts. So I'm right under it. I'd rather keep the timings though, it's probably just a little error, 12 hours is pretty good. I just played a little bit of the B&W2 demo and it was so beautiful and fast and loaded so quick, it was AMAZING! I LOVE my comp!
  14. Good lord man! Your PC is monstrous!!! WOW!
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