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    LanPary eX & Vista

    Sorry I'm late with the reply, if you still need them, check these out: http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/1-vt66299.html?start=0
  2. Control program > default programs > set default programs Make sure Firefox is set as the default for everything that IE would be normally.
  3. Microsoft aims to push out all their operating systems within a much shorter timeframe than Vista. Vista had a development time of over 60 months, because of the 2004/2005 development reset. For comparison, XP had a development time of about 18 months, and Windows 7 is scheduled for about 24 months. The delay in the release of Vista was far longer (5 years) than between any prior versions of Windows (next longest delays were 3 years for 2.0->3.0 and 95->98). MS doesn't want to have another OS take 5 years before an upgrade. (Whether they can actually manage it is a whole other issue.)
  4. I think it depends on what you're looking for, I browse anandtech and hardocp, and they seem pretty even-handed overall. (ie. old computers should be using XP, quad cores with >4gb of ram should be using Vista) Of other forums I visit, driverheaven is overall pro-Vista. Neither legitreviews nor hardwarecanucks is anti-Vista overall. (Yeah, I know they're small, but you've said you like the LR reviews in the past, and HWC has awesome reviews) This is by far the most anti-Vista forum I frequent.
  5. Of course it is, as a publically traded company, MS is legally obligated to maximize profits.
  6. Some of the non-working software was proprietary, some was open source. Regardless of the nature of the software, I use the software that works best for my needs, and an OS loses a lot of use to me if it can't run the software that best suites my purposes. From the top of my head, hardware of mine that didn't work nicely with xp x64 (other than my hp printer, and my ti-89): Audigy 2 ZS, Hauppauge HVR-950, iaudio 7, Panasonic voice recorder, Linksys usb network adaptor, Logitech Harmony remote, nvidia network adaptor.
  7. Of the two, Vista 64-bit, no question. There are situations where my first choice of OS would be XP 32-bit, Vista 32-bit, or Vista 64-bit, but never XP x64. I ran it on my main desktop rig for a few months, and it was a constant struggle to get my hardware/software all working for it, switching to Vista (as a Windows OS, 64-bit Linux OS's have been working beatifully for years) was a huge relief.
  8. Yeah, damn Cisco, that's the ONLY app that I still keep a 32-bit VM around for.
  9. Alpha Centauri works fine for me in Vista 64-bit, I imagine it shouldn't be much harder to make function in XP. I seem to recall playing Max Payne as well, not sure about that one though, the crappy widescreen support really killed off that game for me.
  10. Just for reference, SP1 includes this fix, might as well install SP1 instead of just the hotfix.
  11. Not much point in slipstreaming SP1 though, since there are preintegrated discs/images available, and MS includes vsp1cln.exe to clean out the SP1 installation files and pre-SP1 files.
  12. Not much gaming other than Civ4, from lack of time, no stability problems though. Prime95, going on 22 hours: Command rate has to be set to 2T, and all 4 sticks have to be identical.
  13. I've had great luck with those sticks, this is with 2.5v: Of course, YMMV.
  14. http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/vista-and-...ng-vt66299.html There's pretty much everything you'll need for nforce4 RAID in Vista.
  15. Fits alright for me on my SLI-D board, I'm currently using an HR-05 SLI with an 8800 GTS G92. It can fit underneath the card, or over it, if the cpu cooler doesn't intefere.
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