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  1. So I've been downloading drivers from XFX's website. This time I went to Nvidia's website and downloaded their 71.89 drivers and now everything runs smooth. Such a simple solution for a problem that's given me so much grief. Thanks guys... now that I have a stable system I can get into the OC game!
  2. It doesn't crash doing 'regular' desktop at all now. The only time it will crash when not in a game is when I'm playing back video. Also, here's my PSU: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16817193002 It got all 5 stars at Newegg, and 1 reviewer said he even read 600 watts while testing the output. The PSU should be more than enough.
  3. Plugged both connectors in, still crashing. Arg, I thought that would fix it. How dissapointing.
  4. I WAS having problems with Prime95, but those are gone now. I relaxed my memory timings and it runs fine now. I'll run it overnight to make sure... but while waiting for card to come back from RMA my system was a stable as could be (with another video card). The system is even stable now, but once I start messing with lots of multimedia is when it craps out. It doesn't mind Azureus running 54 different torrents load balanced over 2 internet connections... but it can't play a DVD. I was told by a friend that the molex connector on the motherboard was for older power supplies without the 4 pin 12v connector. I never thought to go back and read up on it... I was looking at DFI's site and through their broken English it seems like I'm supposed to have those in. I'd like to get word from someone else on the forum before I go and plug those in... I wanna be careful not to fry my ..
  5. I brought it to a local computer store and tried out a Chaintech 6600 PCI-E they had, and it ran fine. So after this, I was convinced it was the video card. I returned it to NewEgg, and I got the new one in yesterday. THE SAME PROBLEMS ARE STILL THERE! I set my memory to very relaxed settings, and I'm running Prime95 stress test in the background with no issues at all (besides a huge speed loss, but that's to be expected). It crashed in Warcraft 3, and crashed after playing a DVD for about 15 minutes. Any ideas? Also... On the LanParty UT there's an extra 4 pin power socket on here. That's for backup in case you don't have a 4 pin 12V on your power supply, right? Plugging something into that socket would be bad, right?
  6. I put in a TNT2 into the PCI slot and pulled out the GeForce 6600 GT... Warcraft 3 played fine on the highest settings... just slow (as expected). I put on 11 insane computers, and let them play out a game and it went all the way through. Hopefully tommorrow I'm gonna try to find someone with a PCI-E setup so we can swap video cards. That'll narrow it down to the bus on the mobo or the video card itself... hopefully.
  7. Hmmm... I used RGone's settings to get up and running, with changes to the CAS timings to match what's advertised on the memory. Should I up the voltage a little bit you think? UPDATE TO FURTHER CONFUSE THINGS So I was watching a DivX encoded video just now, and I got the same black screen that I get when I'm playing Warcraft 3. My friend was watching the video too, so instead of just hitting reset immediatley (like I usually do), I explained the problem to him... but get this: While the screen blacks out, it just plays the same sound sample over and over... like a typical crash -- or so I thought. While I was explaining the situation, I noticed the sound samples were ever so slowly progessing. The computer was still running... just very very poorly, and with no video. So I spammed alt+f4 for about 30 seconds, and sure enough the sound stopped. Then I heard the little AIM chime you get when someone sends you an IM... just choppy and stretched out over like 15 seconds. I'll never know what that IM said, but now I know it's not a total system crash... which probably makes it a little bit harder to troubleshoot. I am so confused right now
  8. Update: I loaded Prime95, and ran the stress test for a few minutes... but then I needed to get to my computer to do something real fast. I hit stop test, and as soon as I stopped it, it gave me the IRQL less than or equal blue screen error, and then immediately rebooted.
  9. I set it to AlwaysOff, but it didn't fix the problem. I'm not getting a BSOD, I'm getting a total black out. This doesn't happen on low quality video settings.
  10. MSPaint can save JPGs too. Most people don't like saving JPGs in paint because they were turned off to the low quality in previous versions of Windows. However, in newer versions of Windows MSPaint can save JPGs just as good as Photoshop... well maybe not just as good... but still good.
  11. I'm running stock... memtest runs fine, I haven't tried prime though. I'm using the latest XFX drivers drivers from their website.
  12. I just built my new rig, specs in my sig. I was having a problem getting the system to come up running my 2 DIMMs in dual channel, but after reading around the forums I'm now running stable. Thanks! Now, I'm left with another problem that is . me off to no end. My computer can not play Warcraft 3, at all... some other stuff as well. I can go through the menus and all just fine, but when the game starts doing some actual work, it craps out. My test is a 12 person single player game. It'll run fine for a little while... but eventually it just blacks out. The system doesn't reboot, it just stops. The current sound sample loops back endlessly and my monitors go into power save mode. Oddly enough, 3dMark2001 and 3dMark2003 run without a hitch... but Warcraft 3 crashes it. Just for fun, I set my graphics to 640x480x16 low quality everything and the whole 12 player game played all the way through fine. Project64 crashes with the exact same symptoms. I can do desktop stuff (RAR'ing, compiling, movies) with no problems. Has anyone run into anything like this or know how I can fix it?
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