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    DFI NF4 BIOS Memory Guide

    Following this guide has enabled me to solve the BIOS Checksum Error that I was getting. It should help many who think that their memory sticks are duff. I also refered to the memory manufacturers recommended timings to get things right for my memory sticks. many thanks for this great guide.
  2. ntufano

    BIOS Checksum error

    mucker:- Thanks for the advice. I noticed the recommendation to bump the Vddr to 2.8V in the FAQ on DFI web site - I tried it with two sticks earlier without success (the system hangs after updating the BIOS with the changed values), but will now try it again with just one stick of memory. chopper:- Yes my PSU is 24 pin (Antec Neopower 480). Seems like you've made a good choice with ordering an OCZ Powerstream 600W grimpy:- Did you successfully get a new board following the RMA of your troublesome board? regards Neil
  3. ntufano

    BIOS Checksum error

    OK Thanks for the reply. I have tried both sticks in DIMM Slot 2 (one at a time) . One doesn't allow me to boot up at all at any time and the other I am still getting exactly the same sequence of events - checksum error - can get into BIOS but after saving optimised settings cannot boot - have to clear CMOS to get back to checksum error. Does this suggest that both memory sticks may have trouble? Or are there any other possibilities? thanks Neil
  4. Hi all, I have built a new system (see signature for specs) and when I boot the system I am getting a BIOS checksum error - loading defaults message. I can get into the BIOS to make changes or to load optimised settings but when I save the BIOS settings and reboot the system hangs with three diagnostic leds. I have cleared the CMOS as per the procedure recommended in this forum and can get back to seeing the BIOS checksum error message following this. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (2005/10/03) by pressing F1 to continue past the checksum error which will allow the system to load BIOS automatically from floppy disk. Once the BIOS has been flashed successfully, I do not get the checksum error on reboot. However, if I power off the machine the checksum error message always resumes, even if I clear the CMOS. To recap, I have not ever successfully been able to reboot the machine following saving any BIOS settings (even optimised settings) It always hangs with three diagnostic leds. I don't know what to try next, any ideas? Thanks Neil