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  1. Just for reference, I have the Vantec cooler, and my temps are way too high. I have even taken it apart and reaplied AS5 and my temps are around 54 C.
  2. That is funny you mentioned that about the sand paper. The surface is smooth, and every heatsink I've seen had a flat surface. Also, my exact product is Vantec Iceberq CCB-A1C. I appreciate all the help guys, hopefully we can get this nailed down.
  3. Oh, sorry, my location is in Michigan. My computer is down in the basement, so it isn't too hot. Could the humidity have a factor in my heat problems? I think I may just try a different heatsink/fan since they're not too expensive.
  4. I'm guessing I need to buy a different heatsink/fan. I'm sorry if I didn't post the proper information. What is meant by location? Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Well my factory chipset fan died on my nforce ultra-D mobo. I replaced it with a suggested Vantec Iceberq replacement. Since then my temps are around 54 C when doing minimal tasks. I even took it out and reaplied AS5 to make sure I had a good contact. I can't think of a reason why I am seeing these temps. I read that this cooler was suppose to be better than the stock one but I just don't see it. I'm afraid of burning up my chipset; and it doesn't look like it is really easy to take out. Can anyone help me out?
  6. Thanks for the reply Robert. I looked inside my case and didn't see any bare wires. I guess I could take your second suggestion, but I really don't want to rip this thing apart. I suppose if that's what's needed I will. I just don't know why my comp is doing this all of a sudden.
  7. Ok, I'm getting a little bit nervous about my rig. When I touch my computer I'm getting a tingle shock feeling. I've had this rig for close to a year and it never did this before. What is going on? I have no idea why my computer is doing this; I even unplugged it just for safe measures. If anyone has any advice at all I could really use it. If you guys need any more info let me know, I really need to solve this issue because I use this computer for school.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I may re-check my thermal grease application, because I did have a little trouble putting the clips in and it moved around a bit. I'm just worried about taking this clips out since I had such a hard time with the stock ones.
  9. My old chipset fan died on my N4 ultra-d board and I replaced it with VANTEC CCB-A1C ICEBERQ. My problem is that my temps are higher then the used to be with my old fan when it worked. It seems to idle around 50 degrees, which seems pretty hot to me. I even used AS5 instead of what they gave me. Should I try to take it apart and reapply the thermal grease? I'm thinking it's gonna be a pain to take it back off with the clips that it came with. I know the old chipset fan was the biggest pain in the arse.
  10. Thanks for the great replies guys. It has been a couple months since I've cleaned my comp out, it's probably do for one. I think this house we live in now is pretty dusty because it's an older house. I also wake up all stuffy all the time.
  11. I've been running this board for about a year now, but just recently my temps have been really high. I've also been getting a lot of errors too. I did have my 3500 venice OC'd to 2.6, and it ran fine and past all the tests. I started to notice my temps getting really high so I backed it down some. When I did that I got a NTLD error, or what ever it is. After all that I had to reset the CMOS to get it to boot. What do you guys think is going on with my comp? Am I running it too high, even though it passed hours of memtest and prime? The only thing I can think of is that where it is located, and that is causing unusually high temps. The only thing is that I ran this set up all last summer with no problems at all. If anyone can tell me what is going on I would greatly appriciate it.
  12. Ok, I finally got windows to start to install, but get this, I lost the damn product key! My dad has win xp pro and we can not find the case for it anywhere. I have no idea what to do now because I already wiped the HD and I really don't have a way to verify xp pro. The only other option is for me to re-wipe the HD and put my xp home edition on it; at least I have the key for that. If you guys can think of anything else please let me know.
  13. Thanks for all the great replies guys. I guess I bit off a little more then I can chew with this one. But damn it I'm determined to get this thing running. I will let you guys know how it turns out. Thanks again
  14. That I may have to look into. Mabey they are not set to run 133 and that's why it's freezing up. I will definately look into that, thanks for the replies guys.
  15. I swapped out the psu that was in the HP, and I used my dad's ram he had, which is 133pc.
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