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  1. Oh yeh sorry, I did search for the link to the patch but nothing came up.
  2. http://www.ngohq.com/showthread.php?t=5366 Promises to allow SLI on all motherboards with 2 pci express slots. I'm going to try it later on, I'll post back with results.
  3. I think it just comes down to the specific version of the ram, and what chips they use. Im running some corsair XMS version 1.5, which is BH5-UTT. It runs pretty well and I havent had any problems. Get the version number if you can before buying some, if other people have problems with that version, try some more.
  4. The fan doesnt turn on if the cpu temp is below 25c. Usualy in winter or when its cold it wont turn on untill you get into windows or the cpu loads. Nothing to be concerned about.
  5. Dont need to defrag every day, every month is better. Mabye your powersupply is weak.
  6. Does it make a spinning noise, then a click at the end, then starts again a few times?
  7. Haha, very constructive slayer. The "red light" your most probably noticing is the diagnostic led's durning post. They light up when you first boot the computer, its just there to aid troubleshooting if the computer doesnt boot. Take a closer look, is it on the motherboard or on the actual graphics card itself?.
  8. You need to install the sata drivers, otherwise windows wont detect it and probaly crash. Try the F6.
  9. Well, seeing as though socket AM2 uses ddr 2 memory, I dont see how he will able to use the memory on a new system. For example, in 2007 where 4 gig is actually used by windows. I dont mean to be critical, but its just seems after bf2 came out everyone suddenly "needs" 2gb of ram for everything, and that its better. It can be misleading.
  10. You forgot to tell him the performance gain will be negligible.
  11. Havent seen any of them around here. I prefer a modular powersupply anyways.
  12. So thats 2 votes for the silverstone?, are quad rails really necessary.
  13. Hey I currently have a Lanparty ultra-d and Im running a OCZ modstream 450w. Performance has been great until recently when I upgraded to 4 hdd's. I now get crashes under full load and other weird happenings, Im guessing its the 12v rail on the powersupply not cutting it. I've looked around for a new powersupply but Im not sure which one to get. I am considering getting a Modstream 520w, but its a bit expensive over here. I've narrowed it down to 2 so far, The Antec NeoHE 550W - $169.00 (aussie dollars) http://www.hardware-review.net/html/module...article&sid=495 or the Silverstone ST60F 600W -$189.00 http://www.insanetek.com/review.php?id=159 Now, by the looks of it my Modstream has better 3v/5v rails than the others, but is just lacking in the 12v department. The Antec has dual 12v rails and the Silverstone has quad 12v rails. So, basicly the only thing these have got over my 450w, is dual rails and a bit higher watts on the 12 rail. Do split rails really make that much difference, I'm currently leaning towards the Antec, mainly because its cheaper, but also because it has 85% efficiency as opposed to 75% of the ST60F. So thats my dilemma, any help would be appreciated.
  14. I think the record for a 3000+ is around 3.4ghz under dry ice. Not sure about air/watercooling record.
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