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  1. well well... may not the boards fault afterall...my 'partial' apologies to DFI.. I removed the CPU after a failed attempt at an outside build and found one of the pins from the CPU stuck in the socket. im gonna do an RMA from AMD. i hope they dont replace my venice with a sucky mem controler winchester.
  2. thanks all for the replies, * Power connection to the board are checked and in place * I was under the impression (from teh build up) that cold boot was related to a memory issue. i guess dfi has expanded its definition/problems since then. * I have tried other memory and its a no go. The board should stay on even when memory banks are not populated, so its not a memory issue. * i have a fan controller did test with it & behaved the same. Im starting to get really upset with dfi boards, in 10 years of building comps i have never found so much istability and 'pickyness' from a board, specially not one that costed me $200! Anyways, this behavior started soon after i replaced a 12cm (120cfm) cpu fan for a 9cm 50cfm fan to cut down on noice and disconected 2 other fans. two of the fans were connected to the fan controller and the cpu one directly to a 12v plug. Ill take the board out to get it rma'd but will 'build' it again outside the case as of last test. maybe my board liked to be loud .. lol
  3. tried that too... nothing... i also tried using the built in button in the motherboard normally and extended push... same results every time.
  4. diagnostic LED's say nothing cuz the comp turns it self off after a second of turning it on. i have search here and via google and hant seen anything like it.
  5. Hey guys, this is a new one for me. Turned the computer off to do some dust cleaning and removing some extra loud fans that were not needed. When i went to start it... cool boot issue.... my board is not an stranger to this so did the cmos and booted with the one stick that boots with 'low' voltage.. After boot, the previous bios settings were replaced and second memstick installed... Booted fine into windows and used for a while.. THE PROBLEM: Turned the computer off again, and this time when i went to turn it on: 1) The computer would turn on for a second, during that one second, fans starts to spin. 2) A short beep and it computer powers off. All this in about a second's time. Solutions that i have tried....: CMos, used of one ram stick in every slot, disconected everything until everything that was left was video, one ram, cpu.. == same problem even tried with no rams and spare ram sticks. At this point im cluless and ran out of ideas, i hope i dont have to rma the board (hate to have a long down time) Computer Specs: CPU: AMD 3200 venice Ram: 512MB x 2 -> Musking redlines 4000 PSU: True-Cool 510 sli MB: NF4 SLI-DR Video: 7900GT Sound: Audigi2 Cpu was running at 1.45v Ram was running at 3.2v (245mhz) Anyone got any clue??? cuz i ran out of them.
  6. i have the same board, floppy and PSU... have you tested the mem card part? i have unplug and replug (while on) for them to work ro even recognize a card.
  7. 3dmark05 -> 7298 - cpu @ 2.2 2 x 6600gt = 1180mem - 580gpu im using kingmax value ram (230 @ 2.5-3-3) right now due to the deatch of my redline the rest of my rig is in sig. im I in the righ track performance/score wise? edit: what rules do u reffer to? (so many of them)
  8. I have to sets of memory A) Kingsmax value ram 512x2 that is running @ 230mhz and 2.7v with the 3.3 rail B) Muskin Redline 4000 512x2 that 'used' to run @ 250mhz 2-3-2 and 3.4v from the 5v rail. One of the redlines modules is now dead. It won’t boot in any alone slot, alone or combined, at any voltage. I haven’t read all 5 pages but I see no mention in the latest post about the original issue at hand. This is far from an isolated issue as there are many more DFI users in other boards that had experienced the same problem.. (Dead memory modules when using the 5v rail past 3.2v) Is there a fix in progress?
  9. read about ur type of ram.. my redlines needed more than 'stock' 2.5v in order to be stable even at 'stock' speed.
  10. onboard soudn card is 'ok' to play around but not good at all to use with software such as tunebite, lots of quality loss compared to the audigy.
  11. here is the signature, ill add more once the system boots up again and get more detailed info. Update: Apparently one of the memory modules was the culprit as the system wont even post when that memory stick was in the sytem, I tried that same stick in all 4 mem slots and system woudlnt post. tried the other stick and booted everytime. im using my backup (value) ram will get them redlines rma'd.
  12. i had 2 ubs devices pluged - unpluged now. tryed with 1 memory stick in last slot away from the cpu cleared the cmos still the same results.. i still have the vdim voltage jumper on the 5v rail.. shoudl i try inteh 3.3 rail also? (i dotn see it woudl make any difference)
  13. Ok guys.. i was out for the weekend and turned off the machine.. i got back two hours ago and havent gone to sleep trying to figure out why 1 week old computer wont turn on again.. specs: SLI-DR Musking Redline 521x2 Powercooling 510 sli PSU Venice 3200 with xp90 1 dvdrw, 1 pata hd, 1 floppy 6600gt led #2, #3, and #4 stay lid all the time. My system was running rock solid before 260x10 @ 3.4v for ram
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