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  1. wedfighter

    Infinity 975X

    i've a 91.31 sli hakcked driver also..havent tried it yet on 8800
  2. wedfighter

    965-s and 450

    disable ppm it should correct the problem
  3. dunno exactly, but it feels warm and also no heatspreader it just a KVR not a premium RAM
  4. wedfighter

    cmos can't clear :/

    it might be the CMOS jumper didn't perfectly soldered on to the PCB...or the jumper has bad connectivity, use a spare jumper anyway.. the weird one is..the BIOS still alive even the battery unplug u've supernatural mobo
  5. wedfighter

    cmos can't clear :/

    try to unplug the battery for long time (eg: 24 hours) it's so weird that the ROMBIOS still has power to save the setting one question, is the date shows correctly?
  6. flashed the BIOS...nothing change..the OC is as good as my old 711 BIOS never had any SATA problems
  7. pls anyone, i need a vdimm/BIOS mod for my DFI NF Ultra II M2 as we know the vdimm maxed out at 2,5v (BIOS) 2,44v (real) i wanna push my D9 for something like 2,6-2,7v so far it only can reach [email protected],44v (2,5v BIOS) 5-5-5-5-12 any comments will be appreciated thx
  8. wedfighter

    cmos can't clear :/

    unplug the AC cord move the jumper to 2-3 unplug the CMOS battery short the plus-minus connector at the battery place for about 10s move jumper to 1-2 plug the AC cord pray... power on the system hope it work
  9. wedfighter

    RAM Channel effect stability?

    my D9 GKW run better @ channel B (blue)