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  1. thx for the response. My mistake was the F6 Bios which did not want to OC my CPU at all. I downgraded to the F4 Bios and am now @ 3ghz @ 1.325v. now to mess around with my ram ehhe
  2. Quad core Q6600 @ 2.4ghz DS3R motherboard f6 bios ( ill try the F4 bios) 2 gigs of crucial tracers i think they are called
  3. Hi I recently got a quad core and a GA P35 DS3R motherboard which i cannot overclock if my life depended on it. I did make it go to 2.8ghz which was glorious but i can't achieve that speed anymore >_< Can anyone help set up the bios? i have the F6 one. Thanks
  4. If your interested in a picture just ask in a PM TTT
  5. i don't think its possible due to the Memory being different, clock speeds, and the pixel pipelines being different
  6. Ram - Sold Localy LF 8800GTX,Quad Core CPU, and a good Overclocking motherboard THanks
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