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  1. brantk1977 thank you for posting those timings. I ran memtest test 5,7 and 8 at 10 passes each with no errors. I'm going to cross my fingers when I prime95 overnight. Thanks to all DFI-STREET members out there for the help.
  2. Indeed it would be. However, and I should have mentioned this, I tried it and it didn't work. I have a 7-1 floppy drive that has a floppy cable and an internal usb connection. I'm going to check to see if that causes the problem, because when I rearrange the startup of order to hard disk first then cd rom and then removable everything goes back to normal. Is anybody of these kind of floppy drives causing this problem. I'm pretty sure the usb internal plug in connected correctly.
  3. I've encountered a small problem when turning off the computer and taking power away from the motherboard by turning off the PSU. Everytime I go back and plug the computer back, turn on the PSU and then the power, the computer doesn't POST. I have to reset the CMOS everytime this happens in order to POST and boot into windows. It gives me a checksum error, keyboard not found, please insert system disk on drive A. I have a USB keyboard and mouse and they are plugged in at time. However even if I restart without them plugged in I still get the error and have to go back and clear the CMOS. Anyone know how to cure this problem? Thank you. Specs as follows: AMD 3700+ 2x512 OCZ VX PC4000 eVGA 6800GT DFI LanParty Ultra-D (bios 3/10) Raptor 74GB SATA Tagan 480W 24 pin native
  4. Thank you for the timings! I was able to isolate the error on memtest to test 7. I am currently looping it and going for pass 4 with no errors thus far. Memory is currently at 3.3v, but i'll probably scale it back. Do you do certain memtest tests only or all of them, and for how long?
  5. I'm afraid I'm still having issues here with my rig. I can OC like mentioned above but never go stable on prime95 blend or memtest. I'll pass super pi 32m 3dmark2001se, 3dmark2005 and OCCT 30 min test but not the rest. I've run memtest86+ all test with 30 passes for a total of 8 hrs but I seem to get 1 error like 1 or 2 hrs into it. Prime 95 can't get past 52 min. The reality check came when I went back to stock and still get the errors. When I tried to run my OCZ PC4000 at 2.6v at 2-3-3-8, prime would fail just after 7 min! :confused: Is it my PSU? even worse is it bad ram? Help!
  6. You're right angry games. I got the VX at 3.3v and it's doing fine. I'm working on the CPU right now I'm currently my 3700+ is running at 2640Mhz 1:1 at 240 FSB LDT X4 with 1.5v VID. It's passed the OCCT 30 min test. I'm going to try prime95 overnight to see if it really is stable. Any suggestions on where to go from here?
  7. Hey newbie, I woke up this morning and prime95 blend failed after 2hrs. at 3.4v 2-2-2-8 at 200mhz fsb. Before I left for work I upped the voltage to 3.5v to see if that would help. I know the CPU is not the problem since the I can run the burn test on prime95 that uses little memory just fine. If the higher voltage doesn't work I'll try to stick a fan somewhere to blow accross the memory and see if that makes a difference. I have a zalman 7700cu blowing right on top the memory modules and a side 92mm fan that should be taking airflow across them as well right now so let's see if that helps. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Hey I noticed your running your VX at 2-2-2-5, mine is at 2-2-2-8. Have you tested it at my current settings? If so going down to 5 has it shown any performance improvent in benchmarks for you? For the time being I plan on running Prime95 overnight at what I have now, but I was just curious for next time. So far so good. All calculations are passing, CPU temp at 43C at 1.42v. :cool: If tonight all goes well the overclocking begins tomorrow.
  9. I'm a little confused. I thought the vid selections applied to CPU voltage only. I don't understand how raising the CPU volts by a percentage will yield greater volts on the RAM. I just tried it and you are right :nod: the higher voltage shows up! Thank you for your help.
  10. I'm in need of some help please. I have a NF4 lanparty Ultra-D with a San Diego 3700+, OCZ 2x512mb PC4000 VX, eVGA 6800GT all running off a Tagan 480W PSU. When I try to select a higher voltage of say 3.4, my selection is limited to 3.2, there is nothing else higher than that (I switched the jumper). I'm afraid that if I want to take advantage of the tight timings of the VX I'm going to need more than that. I believe the PSU is adequate, is there anybody out there that knows how to increase vdimm? So far I failed all memtests at this voltage and prime95 blend fails within seconds. I'm afraid If I don't come up with a solution I'll have to go back to 2.6v at 3-4-4-8. Thanks
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