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  1. got a nice Retail Athlon 3700+ San Diego up for sale....used for 10 months clocks well...... $175 or BO shipped USPS Priority HEAT:droush30 EBAY:droush30
  2. thanks guys....I think I'll pass on it I really appreciate the input....thanks again:)
  3. hmmmm...think its a Clawhammer :confused:
  4. just curious....have an opportunity to buy a new in the box FX55...for $450....is it worth the money to upgrade my 3700+ San Diego??? will it be a big performance difference???
  5. 623-3 havnt primed or anything but Ive been running for 4+ weeks gaming,browsin etc. about 6-8 hrs per day no BSOD/lockups etc.
  6. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/AMD/120 is this the "mod" or is there a better/different way to do it??
  7. good read here..... the whole thread....http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16273 so I say use your 2 gigs that you paid good $ for Im sure and run 2T...IMO
  8. Im happy with my overclock Ive pushed over 3ghz but I leave it running @ settings in my sig.....and from a DFI noob point of view I didnt have much trouble getting it there either
  9. should I pull the trigger on an OEM Athlon X2 4400+ for $620?? is that a decent price??
  10. sorry but i have not seen that message before.... :confused:
  11. not the best pic but here is how I think it should be plugged in...
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