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  1. yes 2x once on an ultra-d 6 months ago and once on a gigabyte board in 2002
  2. are there no answers or is my read to long 1. how to check true cpu voltage with volt meter 2. why bsod with any memory divider at any fsb even 200
  3. yes you get NOTHING but the board and it's probably fine but if you have your own cables and sound card your good to go
  4. well i can't figure it out ive tried every logical thing I can run my mem over 300 fsb and i try everything to get this cpu stable at 2800 mhz and i cant!..... Why i find it weird is because on air i could boot at 2900 and run benchies but not stable. ok 2800 i could play games and everything but not stable (occt) flash to now I got my danger den setup my temps dropped and still not stable!!!! ok i can accept it not being stable but if i put ANY divider on my memory i get bsod!!!!! i flashed back to 623 bios and the same thing i raised my cpu voltage to 1.4 X 126% which is 1.76v but all my software (bios, cpuz, smart gaurdian) reads 1.69v first of all how do you check the TRUE voltage with a volt meter ? ive looked here http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.p...31&postcount=10 but it gives vcor (3.1v) not cpu volts second wtf i CAN'T run a divider??? maybe a windoors reinstall? i'm stumped need a genius
  5. ok i checked my vcore and it said 3.1 wtf ?
  6. try it with all memory settings (accept divider) to auto then if it doesnt work try 8X instead of 9X plus use the bios your friend is using.
  7. MinyAmoo


    well I've had some weird things happen with this cpu but it might be mem or bios. it gets bsod if i try to run memory under 270, if i want to not get a bsod at stock EVERYTHING has to be set on auto. but all i know is with my xp-90 and tornado i could bench at 2900 mem 1:1 and today I get my new case http://www.directron.com/mxs01bd.html I got in my tdx block, D5, and dual 120mm rad. the other day so tonight I will have REAL water cooling for the first time in my life. I'm very excited to see those big ol 1/2" ID cables run thru my new case and esspecially to see if I can get cpuz's old clawhammer to rum at 2900 stable. You know when and FX-57 has trouble reaching 2900 and for an X2 to get the single channel power of 2900mhz is unthinkable I think I am comming to the end of my overclocking rope for a few years. Ya I could get a prometia or other phase change, I could get an sli-board and get 2 7800's (or mod my ultra D ) but my budget just doesn't allow for $1000 or more to upgrade. So untill A. I get rich (or get a job like Travis or Bryan) B. the X2 5200, FX-60 or a new 82nm cpu falls below $250 I have reached the pinacle....... no one one I personnaly know has a faster computer than mine or will have for at least 1 to 2 years or more years. I could put small tropical fishies in my computer. I can get over 8000 for mem and over 12000 on cpu in sisoft sandra (not bad for a single core processor) But the sad thing is 100's of hours spent learning, testing (those repeated 100 times) building, upgrading, and I'm done now..... hey I know maybe my mem could be a little tighter.... whew I was worried. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks cpuz for the cpu that blowes the doors off a san diego, winnie, or revie, now I can get back to the whole point of all of this....... To cick some a$$ in CSS. MinyAmoo out.
  8. does anybody understand that? does that mean you can check any of those points and a ground.
  9. bump ya rails but vots going to cpu how to check
  10. is the same rule about the 12V rail apply to volts going to the cpu? If I use 1.4 X 126 = 1.764V but cpuz bios and ITE SG say 1.712 so is it really .05V off because if it is I won't mind raising it.
  11. Seems kinda high you could get Danger Den for that and damn who has room for a 3X120mm radiator!!!!! p.s. I can't see where it says but the tubes look smaller than 1/2 id.
  12. Out of 3000+ 3200+ and 3500+ winnies and revies that I've had....... I've used up to 1.7V but I've noticed that 1.65V is usually where your going to top out in getting any more stability or higher clocks. As always be aware of your temps.
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