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    754 or 939? which one!

    Alienwhere, along with the NF3 250GB, get a DTR 3000+ mobile Claw, which is selling for around $140 last time I looked at them at Newegg. I set up my first (of 2) NF3 250 Gb systems with a DTR 3000 from Newegg and it was a CG stepping Claw and while it doesn't get the 2.8-3.0 you want, does get an honest, stable 2.7 (300 HTT X 9 multi) and folds proteins like there's no tomorrow. I can't tell you how it games as it just has a Radeon 7000 in it as it's just a dedicated folding system for my farm, but it's stable as all get out and my temps with an SLK 948-U run in the mid-upper 30's while folding (keeps proc at 100% load). The idle temps run about 1-2 C over system temp and I'm not using that cool n quiet BS either.
  2. cBut, unless your retail hsf is much different from the one I got with my socket 939 Winchester (another folding rig using an Epox board), it blows down into the heatsink. Putting that side case fan blowing into the case there will actually help direct cool outside air into the hsf area. EDIT: If you are concerned about the temps, I highly recommend a Thermalright XP90 for you Newcastle. My loaded temps on the second machine I just built last week run in the low-mid 30's at 2430 MHz and 1.6v vcore.
  3. OK, see if you can find one labeled Chipset on this pic of SmartGuardian on my machine.
  4. I usually use a floppy to flash my bios. Go to www.bootdisk.com and download the bios flashing boot disk (second one down on the list), which is drdflash.exe. Then stick a floppy in the drive and run drdflash.exe and it will make a bios flashing boot disk. Then, copy the awdflash.exe file and your bin file to the floppy and boot the board up with the floppy. After you are booted up, run the awdflash.exe program and follow the steps to flash the new bios. I always save the previous bios as oldbios.bin, so if you have a bad flash you have something to revert back to. Also, be sure that you write down your new bios's name so you can enter it into the flash program; this is a pure dos program and you have to be exact on the name. For example, for my nf3 250 Gb board the latest bios name is NF3LD415.BIN.
  5. Pardon me for sounding stupid, but where in SmartGardian are you all reading the chipset temp, the one labeled PWM IC? If so, then I'm not seeing any increased temps to speak of on it with my chipset voltage at 1.8v, presently 3 C over my system temp which is 26 C.
  6. I have 2 of the NF3 250 Gb boards for dedicated folding machines, both running mobile 3000+ DTR's and I'm running the 3/31 bios on one and the 4/15 bios on the other, no problems with either. BTW, both are overclocked way the heck up there (CG proc @ 2700 and C0 proc @ 2430) and my temps are running in the mid-upper 30's on the 2700 MHz machine and mid-30's on the C0 machine, loaded to 100% cpu utilization. I'm cooling them with an SLK-948-U on the CG proc and a XP90 on the C0 proc, both with TT SmartFan2 80mm fans. I think the fact that the DTR procs not having an IHS helps a bit on heat transfer too.