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  1. The NS kit is 155 and the ZX kit is 180. Is there really that big of difference to make the $25 worth it? Again I'm not OC'ing at all. I just will be popping them in and booting windows. Hopefully no bios tweaks needed. Thanks for the reply too :-)
  2. FS: 3700+ San Diego OEM. I was one of the first to recieve this chip in the states (Got first shipping from Monarch) when they were released last May (May 2nd to be exact). Stepping: ADA3700DAA5BN CABGE 0515VPMW I had it at 2.7GHZ on air for a while but then decided to run stock due to fan noise^^. As with any OC YMMV. Great chip but jumped to a 3800+ X2 $55 Shipped to US SOLD 2 x 512 MB PC3500 Muskhin Level II Black BH-5! I'm a original owner of some Level II black chips from Mushkin. Still works great, don't over clock anymore but from what I can recall was on par with the results these chips were able to clock to. Just requires some extra voltage to get the high clocks (as with all BH-5). $125 Shipped to US Offers willing to accept: Any quality 1 x 2 GB memory kit ( G.SKILL, Mushkin, OCZ). I have a picky board so I won't take *anything* . PM me to discuss. Please send all offers via pm. Pictures of memory will be posted later this afternoon when I get home.. I also have good heat.
  3. Before I pull the trigger I need a budget 2 gig kit for my system and was wondering if the G.SKILL F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS will work fine with the NF4-Ultra D. I don't plan on over-clocking so just stable memory is key :-). Won't be doing much gaming but will be encoding / running wm sessions with this. Thanks!
  4. Come on Core 2 Duo switchers ... send me a pm^^ (I need socket 939) I have verified non-cc paypal. I also have good heat
  5. Thanks thats just what I needed. Just to double check I assume you mean this G.Skill kit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021
  6. As the title suggests I am in the market for a 2 gig memory kit. I have not followed the latest and greatest in the past few months so I am a little out of touch. What memory kit would you suggest for my rig? The only planned upgrade would be a eventual dual core. As of now my rig is stock and will probably stay stock (however I would like the ability to OC). Currently I am leaning towards the OCZ gold kit. Any other suggestions before I head to the store?
  7. I'll give that a shot when I get home from work .... going to be making so many floppys today .... Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Well this is not the first install on this board ;-) I hope I don't have to rma it again >.< I have been running it at stock speeds for a while now (2 months + on this board) and after a crash telling me "Error Loading Operating system" I decided to reinstall windows and hence my above problem. So no this is not my first install on this board hence my original sig. I've installed windows countless times on this exact board with no problems what so ever. I've tried 2 different copies of windows, 3 different versions of the raid drivers (the ones on dfi site, 6.70 and 6.67), clearing cmos serveral times and like I said before, it installs windows just fine (no freezes etc) and I can enter the serial number etc. However, I DO NOT get prompted about installing the raid drivers during the set up part of the windows install EVEN though I hit f6 and loaded the drivers from the floppy. Windows restarts after the final setup of the install part and then BSOD and immediate restart after the windows loading screen. Since the BSOD flashes by to fast before the restart I can't read to see what the problem is. I've even tried doing countless reformats (using the long method) and recreated the array in the nvidia raid setup (and yes my drives are set to boot) to no avail. This is NOT the first set up on this machine. Like I said before I've installed windows countless times on my raid with NO problems. There is also NO hardware change since my last successfuly install of windows. Like I said before, the pata hard drive listed in my sig is currently NOT connected during the install.
  9. I stated in my post everything is stock. Stock voltage, stock clock speeds etc.
  10. I get through the install just fine and when it comes for the final load of windows (after going through the setup and restarting) it bsod right after the windows loading screen. I have tried various versions of the nvidia raid drivers, including 6.67 WHQL certified ones and still don't get promted to click ok (refering to installing the raid drivers) during the install so I think that is the problem (and yes I hit f6 and loaded them off the floppy). I've tried taking ram out and doing it in different slots etc. My machine is currently running at all stock speeds and IS memorytest stable. There is NO pata drive connected other then the cd drive. Is there any other way to install other then making my own slipstream as thats not really a option since I don't have access to a computer where I can make one (this is my work machine and is off limits to that sort of thing).
  11. I can get through the install but get BSOD and immediate reboot after I finish installing windows. I tried it using the 6.66 drivers (the latest on the dfi site) with everything running stock on the MB. As the original poster said he fixed it by using a old version of the raid drivers and I am wondering if this would fix my problems.
  12. I have the exact same problem. Where did you get the raid drivers that worked?
  13. Cool thanks for the replys. Will that require a reformat of the HD rgone? I want to avoid that if all possible.
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