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  1. Guderian

    Maxtill mouse pads (updated)

    I could see kicking out for one...
  2. Guderian

    486 overclocking :)

    Nice I wounder how my AMD clone would work... ;P
  3. Guderian

    Totally off the topic question..

    I use AVG Free... They update all the time, works pretty good, and doesn't use much recources. And on other machines housecall.
  4. Guderian

    The Official DIY-Street Who is Who Thread.

    Well Hello my name is Patrick Havens, I'm 32 live in Napa, California and am addict... of many things (Computers, Reading, Gaming of all sorts and sports, oh yeah and MAME cabinets and movies, and music and and and...) My first computer I owned was a Colecovision Adam followed soon after by a ti 99/4a that my parents bought me second hand because it was cheap at the time (way late) and was a great deal as the previous owner had fully loaded it (Expanded memory to 48 K, Dual 5.25 Floppy, 10 meg hard drive, dual Tape drive, and sound module and tons of cartidges) as time I've collected a couple more and now they sit... I've worked many jobs, 12 years as a Pipe Organ Tuner, rebuilder, installer; 6 Years as a Printing Press Operator, Security, Janitor, and later when I was going to the local communioty college I started working in a lab for this new thing called the world wide web... helping people and later instructing people about it. I ended up getting my current job about 8 years ago as a Graphic Artist for a local Print Shop. I been building PCs for many years as it was the cheapest way to go. My first being a AMD K7 500 on a PC Chips board... I still shake my head about that one. It wasn't until BF42 and joining a DesertCombat clan call =Legends of the Restful Dead= (=LORD=) that I started worrying about keeping up. And it was a friend in the clan (Cobia69) that got me pointed to DFI. After dealing with ASUS and their problems with AMD 3200+ 400 mhz CPUs... I never turned back. I turned to the side, with my latest PC because of $$$ and the fact I didn't want to OC it. But I will definatly be building a major OCer later and it will be DFI. I mainly haunt around here... but a lot of good people in here... and some decent info.
  5. Guderian

    BF2 Players

    I'll note the IP and see you in there some time. Curious... you guys play any ladders/leagues? BTW - The tag looks fasmlier. --- =LORD=Guder
  6. Guderian

    ExRoadie has a NASCAR moment!

    I might of been pissed off enough to speed up and allow the guy to learn why bridges are built.
  7. Guderian

    Best Joke You Have Pulled on Anyone

    Back when I was a lab supervisor we used to drive the underlings crazy. Taking over their desktop and popping up strange sound bites, changing incoming email sounds to like system errors and such. The worse was when we would pop uo images on the screen. The computers were NeXT slab s running Display postscript and the Head admin was in on it... so we had full access and the Admin had written a little app that drew on the screen... no window needed. Imagine a little 19 year old kid doing email, and all of the sudden a 80 year old woman spread eagle is on your monitor. It was brutal. so many... BOFH old stuff was so true at times.
  8. Guderian

    Cat 6 or Cat 5 ?

    I wired my house Cat5E... but ti was the most affordable way to go at the time.
  9. Guderian

    The definition of Multitasking

    wth? a memory leak or some major work at that point? I mean I normally have a number over the 100,000 mark at the same time, but to have one over the gig mark?
  10. I've been holding back on posting... But bah... here's a few of them. Here is the obligatory head shot (was sitting at my Living Room PC and wife took pict... cropped for clans website) This is me a number of months ago when I was invited to EA for a dog & pony show about BF2. This is me a month back... I fell asleep at the LivinG room PC with my son lying on me. And a picture taken tonight just to say blah... And yeah the camera does take them much larger... but with this many I figured to do it this way... and hell who needs them print quality.
  11. Guderian

    The definition of Multitasking

    Don't make me do a SS of work. I have every piece of Adobe software running, Firefox, Thunderbird, a few M$ programs (word, excel) and all this on a Celery 2. yes it hurts... ie. why i love to get home where my slowest machine is a AMD XP 3200+ and my main machine is a AMD 64 3500+. (and it's worse there)
  12. Guderian

    test test - IRC

    GameSurge is where a lot of Gamers idle for clans and competition. /me adds to auto-join
  13. Guderian


    707 why the hell not.