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  1. update is here: http://www.tstonedesign.com/update.html Large Pics start here: http://www.tstonedesign.com/ssone.html entire worklog: http://www.tstonedesign.com/ Thanks for all the positive feedback. Donny
  2. Been pimpin my case around the forums worklog can be seen here http://www.tstonedesign.com
  3. From my old New Egg Invoice June 29th 2005 GeIL Ultra 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model GL1GB4000DC - Retail Although faster RAM than what you're looking at, I couldn't be happier, allows me to run my 3200+ Winnie @ over 2.5 1:1
  4. /cockney accent Second attempt avatar basic image for "amped sig" still a WIP http://www.donhechesky.com/images/amp.jpg
  5. Still working on all three, here's the beginning http://www.donhechesky.com/images/IFA_Toaster-Sig.jpg
  6. I found out after about a month that the Neopower simply would'nt cut it. I got an OCZ Modstream and all is well.
  7. Okay, so after work yesterday, I'm back to my build. 3 LEDs, CPU found, no DRAM one stick any slot OCZ 3200 Performance, Giel 4000 Ultra, I'm like wtf? I uninstall my CPU and look it over with a loupe, and notice the tiniest bit of AS5 on the edge of the chip barely contacting two pins. With some alcohol and a real soft toothbrush, I cleaned her all up and let her dry for a while. I reseated, and voila-POSTAGE. 15 minutes later booting to Windows, installing drives etc. Now on to some OCing goodness. Possibly something to consider for those of you hanging 3 or 4 LEDs.
  8. This is a continuation of a thread I started months ago in the overclocking section, but I'll post it here, as its been so long to get back to this build. I've had 2 different 3200+ winnies, 2 PSUs, an OCZ Modstream 520 and the one in my sig, and I just got a new board, (in sig). I had the first board running on the bench OC'd @ 2.4 GHz for close to a month. I was running Prime95 one night, and burned something up, it happens. Replaced the CPU no go, replaced the PSU, nada, board would (startup) hang w/ all 4 LEDs lit. Opened the new board last night, fans fire up, board hangs w/ 3 LEDs. The CPU works in my MSI board with this PSU . The MSI board (Neo4 Platinum Ultra) is a very poor OCer with the Winchester chip. Thats why I went w/ DFI. I need some help. Thanks
  9. A long time to get back to this build. I got a new CPU from AMD. I also got a 520W OCZ Modstream. The CPU POSTS on the MSI board, it will not POST however on the Lanparty. The 4 LEDs hang w/ all four lit. The fans spin, other than the not POSTing, all seems fine. Any clue, or do I need a new board. I don't know what else it could be.
  10. I've quickly searched the OC forum, (keyword RMA) couldn't find any relevance. Its been several weeks since I've posted regarding my inability to POST, as busy as this board is, I don't really wanna search through all the threads. Suffice it to say, the consensus was that the NeoPower 480 in my sig had died. This is indeed true. I replaced it with a OCZ Modstream 520 yesterday. The board still hangs with 4 LEDs lit. I have now tried this board w/ 2 CPUs, latest one is known good, (it POSTs on my MSI board) known good PSU, 2 different sets of RAM one stick, two sticks, same results. Cheap PCI video card, or the one in my sig. Still no POST, I don't wanna use the MSI board. Could I still be overlooking something. TIA Donny
  11. I believe the Antec Neo Power in my sig took a dump a couple weeks ago. I want to get back to this build soon, and was wondering if this PSU will git r done. OCZ OCZ52012U MODSTREAM 520W PCI-E, SATA, ATX12V V2.01 POWER SUPPLY I really like the concept of modular PSUs. The Neo power is a little low amperage on the 12v rail (18 A If I recall) Thanks
  12. I've been away from my A64 build for a couple weeks. AMD RMAd my sick Winnie 3200. I got the CPU Friday and installed it yesterday, w/fresh AS5. The system will not POST, All the fans spin up but the diaganostic LEDs hang at all four lit. Indicating no CPU. I then installed the CPU in an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum, the northbridge fan, and the cooler fan spin momentarily then nothing. I've got all this on a bench with the bare essentials. One or two sticks of RAM (Giel or OCZ) no POST. Am I overlooking anything?
  13. I posted this over on the AMD forum, and emailed AMD last night, I don't know anything else ATM. When I cleaned and re-seated the CPU (several times) last night, it looks fine. Thanks again.
  14. At the time I began running the Prime95 torture test, I was watching the temps. 63C was the highest, that I saw, but I'll reiterate, I wasn't watching at the time it failed. The thermo protection is disabled in the BIOS. After everything I did last night, I'm pretty sure this Winnie burned up, and after reading the limited warranty on a retail CPU, I may be screwed. I wouldn't have believed that temps could have got high enough to permanently damage it.
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