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  1. how old is the psu? I could buy a new one for $10 more.
  2. Understood. I guess I didn't think vid card manuf made that big of a difference and I used to have a 500W Ultra X-connect but it was garbage like everyone else said
  3. wow, sorry to waste everyone's time, I didn't mean to piss anybody off. my sig is updated. The vid card is not OC and is an MSI card.
  4. Frotron Blue Storm 500W it's on the list. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to get my system stable but can't seem to get things right. I suspected one bad stick of ram because one passed memtest and the other instantly throws errors with same setup. When I run both sticks, I get one or two errors after a few hours. Prime95 fails instantly and SuperPi errors at 1M. 3dmark03 and 05 crap out after a few minutes too. The guys at mushkin don't seem to want to rma it so I may be screwed. Here is my setup with vdimm ~2.7-2.8. See sig for hardware. Tcl: 2.0 Trcd: 2 Tras: 5-6 Trp: 2 Trc: 7 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 2 Twr: 3 Twtr: 2 Trwt: 3 Tref: 3120 Twcl AUTO Bank Inter ENABLED Dynamic skew control AUTO Skew Value 0 DRAM Drive Strength 07 DRAM Data Drive Strength 01 Max Async 7ns DRAM Response Time Normal Read Preamble 5ns Idle Cycle 256 Dynamic Counter DISABLED R/W Que Bypass 16X Bypass Max 7X 32 bit Gran DISABLED(4 bursts)
  6. last night after flashing to 04/06/2006 BIOS, I turned the computer off and changed the jumper, turned the computer back on and everything loaded fine. I'd say less than 1 minute total and it cleared for me
  7. fyi: I have an ultra x-connect 500W and bought the 24 pin wire (not adapter) for it. However, on my Ultra-D board, the P4 connector is so close to the 24 connector that the odd shape of the power chords for the x-connect wont allow them to both fit next to each other. If I plug the 24 pin in, I can't fit the P4 plug without bending the capacitor on the other side of it. I had to slightly modify the P4 pin to squeeze in between. I'll post pics soon.
  8. lol this has gotten confusing, but I think he was quoting me from an earlier post. Anyway I'm in the process of tweaking this still, seems like the memtest takes longer and longer before it hits an error so I'm assuming I just need to find the right speeds for this set up.
  9. stopped at 2.8v because i figured stocked wouldnt need higher than 2.6 (assuming thats default)
  10. ? the errors did not stop when I increased the voltage The cpu is Newcastle, mucker is your ram ddr400 originally?
  11. I may try that after I break out of my noob shell.
  12. I heard starting a few months ago that the newest drivers prevent you from modding to SLi too http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2337
  13. Angry- my signature updated now, sorry about that. I'm yet to find specs for DDR400 (PC3200) but 2.5-3-3-8 failed Also, there's a single yellow light thats on the right side of the bototm yellow (slot 3) that's on. There's another one on the bottom left near the diagnosis LEDS's but that's normal right?
  14. good thing I bumped eh? I will try these settings as soon as I get off work. Thanks
  15. bumping once, then RMA'ing Actually, I tested both sticks on a seperate mobo and passed mem test perfectly. I'm assuming its something to do with the board now.
  16. Hi all, I'm running the following setup: DFI LANParty UT nF4 Ultra-D with BIOS 3/10 AMD 64 3500+ (water cooled) Mushkin VII DDR400 (PC 3200) (2 x 512) "TCCD" MSI nVidia 6600GT 128mb (water cooled) ULTRA X-Connect 500W (24 pin, NO ADAPTOR) Formatted a new EIDE HD and set everything up, everything seemed well until I installed and ran hl2 for the first time. After about 5-10 min the computer rebooted. The temps on the cpu and gpu were fine, so I figured it was RAM. I flashed the BIOS to the 3/10 release and ran mem test with the following results: Both sticks = 20+ errors 1st stick = good 2nd stick = 6 errors 2nd stick again = good <--- (not sure why it worked the 2nd time) Both sticks = 20+ errors I've left everything stock and increased the voltage each time from 2.6v to 2.7v and finally stopped at 2.8v. Only thing I can think of is RAM, but has anybody else tried a similar set up with the same results? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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