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  1. i upgraded as well. it was my plan all along, the extra video card just came in a few days earlier and i was going to play around with it a little in my dfi board. it started to become a hassle mainly due to my old crummy psu so i just gave up. thanks for the tip though. btw, so far i love this 680i its great.
  2. this thread seems to be dying but i just felt i should add this just in case anyone is still following it. i got all the stuff for my new build yesterday, except for a new case which i was going to just go pick up at frys. due to both a bit lof laziness and also not wanting to disrupt my desk (was planning on getting a stacker) i just decided last minute to blow it off and just keep my old faithful lian-li. i actually went into this fully prepared for problems so i took a little extra time during the installation to make sure i didnt make any mistakes. i also spent a good amount of time at the evga forums beforehand so i was prepared for some of the issues that may have come up. so far everything has gone really, really well and my machine is running great. i initially had some trouble getting my sata storage drives to show up, and currently im leaving one out of the mix. 4 should be enough for now. im not an EXTREEEM oc'er, im the guy who figures out what things are supposed to run at, and then just pushes the envelope just a little. i havent started that just yet but its just around the corner. i know some people have been having loads of problems but i really wanted to have a c2d board with sli and this, to me, seemed to be my best option. i hoped for the best and things seemed to work out. hopefully it will stay that way, we will see what happens when i start installing games and a ton of programs.
  3. the only thing i ever found in there was "sli aperture" and the only value options were auto and disabled. is that it or did i miss something? also, what is the 8 4 8 you are referring to?
  4. this is a quote from angry: "A 2.2Ghz A64 is great, but a 2.6Ghz A64 is HOLY @#@%! great." and thats what i thought i was doing when i bought this new cpu. well i sure didnt expect to go from a 2.2ghz processor to the fx which is happily running at 2.8ghz and end up getting 800 points less in my usual benchmark. never mind the non overclocked out of the box settings got me -1000 points. im not sure what to do now if its really not some bios settings. i may end up going back to the 3500 i dunno. the fx-55 is unlocked, and i will have to keep messing with it i guess.
  5. ok i moved the ram back to the orange slots. this bought me a slight increase, but still way lower than before the upgrade.i ran through several different sets of memory timings, and im not sure where else to tweak anymore. one thing that is interesting is when i compare test results from 3dmark05 before and after the cpu swap, the differences in results are specifically within the cpu testing. and everything else is basically the same. i also just tried bumping the multiplier up to 14 and im running smooth at 2.8 ghz, but im still coming up way short of my original 8400 score using the 3500+. anyone? anyone?
  6. could you post some results? we have the same board, cpu and ram. im having issues.
  7. would it be better to just make them work in the 1 and 3 slots? and even if i do move them back will i need to make adjustments anyway? also, my system will not boot with default ram settings. i had to make some very specific adjustments to get things stable, so im not sure where to start other than using the specific settings i was using with the 3500+.
  8. hi. so i jumped on the newegg $139. fx55 bandwagon and decided to upgrade, its my last stop before going dual core, and i can use the 3500+ in another machine. i first tried to use my old zalman 7000b to cool it and i could only get a couple minutes out of it and it would shut down due to heat. i did a ton of research and decided to go with the scythe ninja. yeah its f'n huge, but it seems to me i will get some very good cooling without water. too bad my performance seems to be taking a major hit. so far i have really only been using 3dmark 05 to gauge it, its just what ive always used and i know i will get plenty of direction here on other programs, but in the meantime... i went through a couple runs prior to the switch and was getting a consistent 8300 give or take a few points. after the cpu change my first run got me an 8200, BUT there were some crazy polygons flashing through most of the test. i ran it again and got a 7200. updated video drivers and 2 more runs got me the same 7200 points, but the polygons were gone after the first run. everything seems ok otherwise, no crashes, and my temp seems to be around 50 celcius. oh btw is there a way to switch bios settings to show fahrenheit instead? one important thing to note, is that i had my ram in the 1 and 3 slots, but this giant heatsink caused me to have to move it to the 2 and 4 slots. whats the difference? i also used arctic silver 5, but i was on the last of the tube so although the entire chip was covered the layer was a bit thinner than i usually use. do i need to reapply? i have some as3 and the stuff that came with the ninja in the little clear packet labeled "silicone compound". when i do take it off again i will use one of these, not sure which one yet. by the way did i mention that the scythe ninja is HUGE. it fits, but its really tight now. and theres no way the side cover is going back on with that fan on it, although i generally have an open case at home. so. i know i am going to have to make some changes, and run some tests. what im not sure of is what and which. something tells me i am going to have to remove the heatsink and reinstall it, and try to move the ram back to the original slots. the copper heatpipes just barely touch the ram that way. i can make it work, but i didnt like the way they were resting there, i was worried about heat making its way over to the memory from the heatpipe. i have sandra, and mbm5. and i am not against getting another program or two, but i dont want to spend all my time screwing around with extensive testing unless i really have to. im just trying to find out what went wrong and get to where i need to be. any help would really be appreciated.
  9. well my fx-55 cost me $139. at newegg. i know theres been a flood of people here and also at [H] that jumped on the deal, cause everyones been talking about them. and with halfway decent cooling it seems to be no issue to get it up to 3ghz
  10. agreed on the ram slot blockage. so ive been doing some reading this morning, and this was extremeeemly helpful: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=106971 i am leaning towards the scythe infinity at the moment. if anyone here has one i would love a comment. and man these things look really cool: http://www.titan-cd.com/eng/heatpipe/amanda.html but maybe more of a hassle than i am into at the moment. however my next rebuild i am going to consider one.
  11. ok so i actually expected this to happen, so i shouldnt be surprised, but i couldnt get a real answer so i just went for it. my zalman 7000 is not good enough to cool the fx-55. my cpu was oem, like most of yours i assume, so i tried to use my old heatsink. i used arctic silver 5, and had a nice clean swap with no problems. i boot up and before i even had a chance to run anything my machine shuts down. i go through this a couple times, and the shut downs are getting closer together each time. i wanted to go through everything agqain to make sure i didnt make a mistake anywhere so i took off the heatsink and the compound looked a hair thick so i thinned off a layer. after reinstalling the cooler, i boot up and actually get part way through a 3dmark run before it dies. when i take off the heatsink it is so freakin hot i can barely hold it. since i didnt have another cooler i put my 3500+ back in and ran through 3dmark and got 200 points above the test i just ran before i took out the cpu to swap them. back to the drawing board. i guess i need a heatpipe cooler afterall.
  12. can i get some advice on whether or not the zalman 7000b will be enough to cool a fx-55, with a slight overclock?
  13. ok i just saw the Akasa EVO33 Cooler on ebay, it says it has some sort of "liquid technology" for about 46.00 (+ 20. shipping). thats a bit more than 7. but im guessing its nicer than the stock coolers. man now im wondering if my zalman is going to be good enough for this new cpu...
  14. you mean the one that came with a retail version of your 3500+ ? or the one that came with the fx-55? with the same socket wouldnt they be the same? i got an oem version....
  15. if was unable to use optimised ram timings before with a 3500+ do you think there is a possibility i would be able to use them now with a fx-55? or is the cpu not the issue. i guess i should just try and see. hehe.
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