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  1. The NorthQ is a good brand. The cooler in the pic seems nice as well. No idea about evercool products in the UK, maybe u can find one on ebay or tey to get it shipped from a store in the US. Cheers
  2. I guess i ll give the vinegar a try.. By the way i m not sure if it s mold or just deposits.. it s white residues.. not sure exactly what the substance is.. it s my first time running a water cooled system. Thanx for now, any more suggestions feel free to reply.
  3. Disassembling the DD water blocks will void the warranty.. which is not something i d want to do.. what i could i did took apart.. but that was just the pump. The tubing is not really an issue i ll buy those new, problem is how to get the blocks clean.
  4. Hello DFI and happy new year to everybody ! I was wondering if anyone knew how exactly to clean the parts of a watercooling system that are slightly moldy. I tried to register on the DangerDen forum but for some reason i cant get the email for activation of the account so i cant post anything over there.. The parts i have are the following: -Laing DD5 pump - I took that apart for whatever possible and cleaned that with a wet towel and some qtips -Maze 4 -Universal TDX for socket 775 -BlackICE radiator I m not sure what (if any) products i can use to get rid of the mold or what other method might be good to clean the inside of the blocks and the radiator. Suggestions are welcome Thank you
  5. Last call for the board before it s gone.. pm me fro anything.
  6. Com on peeps, you dont wana let that go on ebay...
  7. I m sorry that my messagebox was full.. i couldnt log in for the past couple days.. It s fine now, so if you want to send a pm fire away PS: I m willing to ship anywhere as long as you re paying for whatever method you may choose.. The board isnt new but it works just as well (if not better given the chipset mod) than when i bought it. It s in perfect conditions so i dont really see why lowering the price.. i bought it for double what i am asking.. and it s the same product.. think about that Sure you cold say "hey but there is newer models socket 775 that are like $80 more.." well first of all that s still $80 more, and then add to that that u r gona need new ddr2 memory and a new cpu.. so keep your choices into perspective. Cheers
  8. Well you cant win them all i guess.. thanx to Mushkin for the opportunity though, and it s great that you guys are making the PSU available at that price to the DFI forum users, i m sure many appreciate that. ps: i wonder if my post got any votes Cheers
  9. Given that i have a 1900xtx not really.. but thanx for the offer.
  10. I disabled the services yes, and i have the omega drivers at the moment..
  11. I have a sli-dr board for sale.. the one i retired a few weeks ago to intall this new core duo setup. All the extra parts that came with the board have been sold already, front x, bag, all the fancy accessories are not included. The quick install guide, the manual, the SLI-bridge, the Karajan audio module, the faceplate with the color coded sticker, floppy with latest F6 installation drivers and some zip ties for cables are included. The fan on the chipset heatsink stopped working some time ago so i replaced that with a copper fan/heatsink, the Evercool VC-RE. Height is the same as the original one so the video cards fit just as well. Paired that up with some AS5 and it works like a charm to cool that baby down. The board is in perfect working conditions and it s sitting in the box wrapped in bubble wrap already. Some pics to show u the goods: Bought it for $224, asking price $120 shipped priority to continental US. If you have questions feel free to shoot me a pm.
  12. First thing i do is to set voltages, apply them, save the voltages to the profile i want, set clocks for core and mem and then load it ..
  13. You know when u said board i was thinking of the pcb of the card... ? lol Anyway back to topic.. i might be able to get a slight better overclock with the beta 14 that is true.. but sometimes i cant even enable a profile.. screen goes black or cyan and i cant do anything afterwards. I m going to go read some on the beta 14 to see if there s some known issues i should be aware of. The thing is .. temps on core are never even at 50.. 48 i think is the max i ve seen with voltages to 1.525 on VGPU under load.. 37 idle.. yet i cant get stability and even the sinks on the ram chips arent hot.. EDIT: Let me restate that.. ati tool beta 14 keep crashing the system just for applying settings or loading a profile.. which obviously did not crash to begin with since it was saved in a profile.. not sure i want to keep using this..
  14. 1 gold star to Thraxz ! You were right..the beta 14 does allow for a higher overclock.. i crashed at 829.. still not quite 850 but better than 792.. Going to up the voltage now
  15. Ok let me start all over and fresh .. i know u r all waiting for the Mushkin contest refreshing that page till the keys fall off the keyboard.. so in the meanwhile i ll give you something to think about.. I m sick! ok? i got the mad cowerclocker disease.. if u gave me a snail i d try to make it run faster than a gazelle.. now lets go past the "why" .. My card is an actual ATi X1900XTX. Stock speeds for core/mem are 650/775 for 3d settings. Here s a few pics of the card: Initial project: Actual result: Another shot - u can see the heatsinks on the voltage regulators This is the guide i followed to try and overclock it: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=gethowto&howtoID=61 It s one of those linked on the thread AG made about 19xx overclocking.. Now, i know the Tyee would work better but hey this is what i ended up with following the suggestions some of you gave me.. and i m not unhappy.. as long as i get to the bottom of this.. I played with voltage settings for vcore and mem up to 1.525 vcore and 1.213 for mem.. it did not make the slightest bit of difference. The memory will not go past 792.. while the core can go up to 742 before crashing but i m not really worried about that it s water cooled and i can push some more juice into it.. ps Thraxz yes i did miss your post.. sorry i hope there s enough details now.. i can try beta 14 i m not sure thats going to be any differnt, i havent had a problem with 15 except this one if you want to assume it s ati tool's fault.. Also i did not get the part where u said to turn off 3d detection.. ati tool now runs even with the ati services enabled if that s what u r referring to.. if that s not it i guess u r saying to run the profile manually every time u go to 3d applications ?
  16. Quoted cause that s just the way it is... BUT can we get to the actual problem pls
  17. I got a better idea.. lets just give out 7 psu's No need to narrow it down any further, just post the 7 winners hehe.. especially if i m #7 LOL
  18. LOL i had to quote that .. Angry.. u have to know i already read the thread u sent me I was trying to find out what could be the reason that MY particular card doesnt do more than 792 Mhz on the memory.. i tried asking the card itself.. she just wont answer me..
  19. I just wanted to see if anyone knows what is the memory chip brand and model (well model more than anything .. i know they re samsung chips) on the ATi X1900XTX. One of the guides that are linked in the 19xx overclocking thread talks about differnt chips rated at different speeds and at this point i m just wondering if my mem chips are not gona go over 800 mhz. The reason i m asking is that after a few days of testing i cant seem to go past 792 Mhz with the memory and i see many others go up to 850. I read, i read, i read and i tested (following papa Angry advice as usual) i followed mainly the Madshrimp guide and i got some useful tips on how to use ati tool. I m currently using beta 15 and i havent encountered any bugs yet (or at least none that i ve noticed) I tweaked the voltages for core and mem but thaat still doesnt help.. the core which is water cooled with a Maze 4 does 725 and up It crashes at 742. Swiftech heatspreaders on all the ram chips and some other heatsinks on the voltage regulators. I added a fan just under the card to see if cooling would make a difference.. none detected. Suggestions at this point are MORE than welcome.
  20. If you re looking for a SLI-DR shoot me a pm, i just retired one about a week ago. Perfect working conditions and a new copper chipset cooler.
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