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  1. As I understand it the expert board stores some of your voltage settings in the battery and when cleared there is a chance of it using voltage that wasn't intended. Praz can probably explain it better than I can. Edit- I know there is a post about it somewhere but not sure where it is now.
  2. I have some of the tccd sticks and they work pretty good with 2.8-2.9 volts. If you are wanting to game alot look into the 2x1gb sticks alot of the newer games play better with more ram.
  3. Man looks like that chip will take the top spot in here with pc2-1000. Can't wait to see what u pull out of it.
  4. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62859 If he has any left for sale they are known good stepping's and if I had the funds that would be what i'd have in one of my systems now. If the 3dmark03 and 3dmark05 are crashing it could be the limit of the cpu for 3d stability. I really hope that isn't the case but my chip craps out at 3180 and nothing i've tried will make the 3d marks pass. I was hoping it would go a little further in the expert but looks like it really is the limit of my chip.
  5. Now that is awesome great job. That is the first am2 i've seen at 3g's let alone 3200.:eek:
  6. Looks like a boot screen I have seen it done in blue before but that is the first olive green one i've seen. Be a good joke to pull on someone though LOL boot their computer to that the first time and they would freak.
  7. Man that was some funny $hit, I just might have to try that the next time they start bugging me.
  8. tmods cd has 704bta and the Expert board has it's wen version E704-2bt. Here is a link to and how to use tmods cd it works great just make sure you pick the right bios for your boards.http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 On the expert board it is recommended to leave the battery in during cmos clears.
  9. I've alway's had good luck with the 704bta but you never know until you try. Have you tried using the 9/10 divider just to see if the chip can do 3g's? For me at least it is usually ram related when prime errors out that quick.
  10. If that was 3dmark03 thats a good score for the 6800 series.
  11. Well it's nice to know I helped somebody out around here.
  12. No problem and I am suprised it made sense woke up like 5 minutes before my reply LOL.
  13. Might try dropping to the 5/6 divider to see if your ram is holding you back. Those last 10 fsb are the hardest to get but just keep trying. If prime is passing at 2900 with 1.45 I think you will be able to pull it off just keep trying.
  14. It is not really a rule but (6/5x11)=13.2 and it round's up to14 then your total cpu mghz divided by 14=223. Most of the time it comes out pretty close if you use that formula I just woke up so I hope it look's ok. LOL can't even focus my eyes yet. A64info has a calculator built into it that will do the math for you also.
  15. That's half the fun isn't it ............ trying to remember what settings were for what. ttyl and let me know how the tccd goes.
  16. As long as your running different hardware you can make a new entry if you just improve the overclock your working on then edit. I have a few up with my good 146 with different ram so people can see the setting's. Getting tccd to play nice on the expert is pretty hard but I am gonna be working on mine pretty soon too.
  17. If they don't they will let you know. Just to be on the safe side I would copy the whole post to notepad so you could copy and paste it if you need to. Congratulations I still think it is a nice clock. Edit-You might toss in what kind of cpu cooling beside the stepping but it looks good and one of the mods will let you know about fear.
  18. Need to add your cpu stepping info and I don't think happy wants the fear screens his newest rules updates says not to get creative. Might want to pull those out just in case but other than that it looks great wish fear played that good for me. Edit- 03 is by far the most picky out of all the tests for me, If it wasn't for 03 my 146 passes everything else at 3200 including prime.
  19. I am still running prime at 3150 so i'll look it over for you when it's posted.
  20. Make sure you have a good weekend and if people keep up the pace you will have lots of updates waitin for ya.
  21. Or just add it to the 3d03 pic that is what I always do. I got a way smaller screen then you so no way I could put it in my first pic.
  22. Yep that is the bench just make sure everything is showing, You can shrink the window some from the top just make sure your read score is showing.
  23. I think there would be quite a few around here who would vouch for ya to bud.
  24. Thanks for jumping in on that one I really wasn't sure bud. Never seen it in one before so better not to chance it.
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