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  1. TheFlowerKing @ here's the 1M




    I got to within 1.5 seconds on 32M but ocnewbie still has that one.

    I am trying to tweak this DDR2; anyone know anything aboout Read DQS Skew.

    I trie all rwenty settings and Cleared Cmos twenty times.

    I could clear CMOS in my sleep, in fact , I think I did last night.


    I did something productive today, I changed out a wall plug that had gotten too old, of course I did it with power on. Only got small tickle once, I was a Master Electrician 25 years ago, well, make that 35 years ago. Yeah in 1970, then decided a career as Software Engineer should be better than Hot attics.


    And this is a lot more fun!!

    Man you are catching me quick bet you'll have that 32mb spot within a week. What kinda tweaks you running maybe we can tell you about a couple more to drop the little bit left.:)

  2. I'm tweaking!

    I have reduced my 32M time by 8 seconds and looking for more.

    Still 9 seconds shy of ocnewbie, but I'm working.

    I have ORTHOS running at 3274, I found my Max on these Gskills @ 555 Mhz;

    I believe that is DDR1110 running 2T @ 2.39 Vdimm. I am 272 x 12 @ 1.568 Vcore.

    Turned down the ac for a little help.

    Sweet can't wait to see you on top............. Then I have a reason to shoot for more.:)

  3. One way to try and tell if it is the cpu or ram is to look at which fft length prime fails in and then choose custom and set it to that fft. Set it to use alot of ram and start it and see how quick it fails. Go back in and set it to use very little ram with the same fft length and see if the cpu is passing that fft length. Takes awhile to do but seems to work pretty good. Thanks to cp for that advice helped me find out my ram is not clocking as high as it used to.

  4. I'll check it out tomorrow. I need to take another shot at ocnewbie.


    Gosh, this is fun.

    There is something really fun about trying to cut pi times. Man you are really get close to knocking me off that spot. 3d03 craps out on me at around 3200 and nothing I have tried gets it stable but it will even pass prime that high. That is one sick am2 chip you got there.

  5. Okay same settings but the ram is now running with a CAS of 2


    gonna run AM3 then I'll set it to Prime and hope for the best... gotta say the RAM only running at 167x2 sucks but y'know what... for now, it'll work untiL I can get the OCZ replaced.

    Sounds like you got yourself a good chip there, hopefully i'll see a new post in the ocdb in the morning.

  6. What's the file name that I have to save to avoid having to Reactivate every time I use this?

    My brains memory functions are graying out.

    If my memory is working it is c:windowssystem32wpa.dbl and you just drop it back in system32 when done. If that is not it let me know and i'll try to find it again.


    Minimum: 20

    Average: 45

    Maximum: 107

    LOL I really need a new card or two.



    oc newbie - AMD Opteron 146 @ 3050 - OCZ PC4000 @ 500MHz, 3-4-3-8-1T - 6800GS @ 510/1200, 84.25 64bit drivers - DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert (E704-2BT) - 1024x768 ancient crt monitor @ 60Hz



    Minimum: 17

    Average: 32

    Maximum: 59

    All I can say is ouch that hurts.



    Same settings as above


  8. g.skill sticks are using the normal timings, as in what they are rated plus what the g.skill tech gave on the rundown for the other settings.


    i'll try the suggested maxes with my processor and ram. to be honest i never did so because i was totally clueless on the settings for the ram until i found the g.skill posts on here.


    as for cooling, what would be the way to go for an overclocking air cooler, i've heard good things about the xp-90, and there is also the xp-120, both of which have an aluminum and copper version, whats the general consensus as the good overclocking cooler? one of these or something else?

    The xp-90 is a great budget cooler keeps my temps really good for just air cooling. After lapping it my temps dropped even more. Very highly recommended around here. Click on Happy's sig link to svc and it is only 26.95 and you can get really nice fans for good prices from them to.

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