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  1. Man you are catching me quick bet you'll have that 32mb spot within a week. What kinda tweaks you running maybe we can tell you about a couple more to drop the little bit left.
  2. Sweet can't wait to see you on top............. Then I have a reason to shoot for more.
  3. (3/2x9)=13.5 round up to 14. 323x9=2907. 2907/14=207.6 or ddr 414:) It's a little confusing at first but becomes second nature after awhile. Each multiplier is going to affect the actual divider.
  4. lol That actually made me laugh man and you will be very happy with the ocz.
  5. One way to try and tell if it is the cpu or ram is to look at which fft length prime fails in and then choose custom and set it to that fft. Set it to use alot of ram and start it and see how quick it fails. Go back in and set it to use very little ram with the same fft length and see if the cpu is passing that fft length. Takes awhile to do but seems to work pretty good. Thanks to cp for that advice helped me find out my ram is not clocking as high as it used to.
  6. There is something really fun about trying to cut pi times. Man you are really get close to knocking me off that spot. 3d03 craps out on me at around 3200 and nothing I have tried gets it stable but it will even pass prime that high. That is one sick am2 chip you got there.
  7. The only dependency I can find for it is remote procedure call and it probably isn't disabled. If I come across any ideas i'll pass them your way.
  8. It isn't listed as windows management instrumentation in the services tab? That is pretty weird didn't know that could be removed.
  9. Sounds like you got yourself a good chip there, hopefully i'll see a new post in the ocdb in the morning.
  10. If my memory is working it is c:windowssystem32wpa.dbl and you just drop it back in system32 when done. If that is not it let me know and i'll try to find it again.
  11. Ed- Try booting it up in diagnostic mode from msconfig. It will kill alot of the background services and should drop your time at least a little bit. That is one sweet dual core you got there man and those gskill look like uccc timings.:eek:
  12. VSYNC OFF Minimum: 20 Average: 45 Maximum: 107 LOL I really need a new card or two. Screenie: oc newbie - AMD Opteron 146 @ 3050 - OCZ PC4000 @ 500MHz, 3-4-3-8-1T - 6800GS @ 510/1200, 84.25 64bit drivers - DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert (E704-2BT) - 1024x768 ancient crt monitor @ 60Hz VSYNC ON Minimum: 17 Average: 32 Maximum: 59 All I can say is ouch that hurts. Screenie: Same settings as above __________________
  13. I am working on fear right now but no laughing at my scores. That ocdb is actually lower than the chip will do backed it off for daily use and to get the ram back on the 5/6 divider. I think my ram is getting weaker on me .....
  14. Now that is what I call an entrance, nice times there Ed. Do you guys think I can call this stable for daily use. I actually forgot prime was running LOL first time for everything I guess. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...1&postcount=323 Highest temp recorded by core temp was 46. I really like the ambient temps we got around here right now.
  15. The xp-90 is a great budget cooler keeps my temps really good for just air cooling. After lapping it my temps dropped even more. Very highly recommended around here. Click on Happy's sig link to svc and it is only 26.95 and you can get really nice fans for good prices from them to.
  16. It is a rule on this forum to put together a signature to make it easier for us to help you. Basically you just list your components so they appear at the bottom of all your posts.
  17. No problem his cd is a lifesaver for me and many others around here.
  18. Do a search for tmods cd on this forum and follow all the instructions in the thread. Might want to get a sig put together under user cp before a mod spots you.http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 There is a link to it for you.
  19. Nice job Ed not to sure if it matters but the everest screen isn't showing a score. Might want to add another pic of it by itself just in case. Man looks like there is a new king on top of ggg congratulations.
  20. Thanks for the update Ex Roadie I didn't realize it was corrected.
  21. That ram is getting really hard to find but you might look in the for sale section here. I know there was some of the gskill being sold as well as some ocz with the same chips. I think it was MSB selling them if I remember right.
  22. No doubt man that is one sweet assed chip, If I find the thread about it i'll send ya the link. I found out about it researching the expert before I got mine.
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