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  1. :shake:

    Got myself a new chip to play but will be awhile before it gets in the club. ccbbe 0617fpmw opty 165 but don't think it likes the xp-90 as much as the 146 did.:confused: But of course when I get some time i'll work on burning it up. Man am I ever glad the street is back ........ this thread is my second home lol.

  2. lol, I was just talking to my grandfather (83 year old Italian) and he said something that made me think of CL84


    Vai in piazza e chiedi consiglio, vai a casa e fai come ti pare.


    LOL pretty fitting there


    Well gonna see if I can't get a 165 in the club but gotta hope newegg sends me a good stepping. Wish me luck for a good ccbbe to try and break.

  3. I haven't been able to get around here much this week but I caught up on the posts tonight. Running around being pissed off and trying to insult people again for helping you out again.. Show me where you have been following the guide and I'll trade the 165 I have for yours. I know mine does 3G and then another 100, but if I get yours past 3G's you owe me $100..


    LOL I would bet money that u would get it there too. Really wishing I would have grabbed one of those before they were gone, even if it would be just to clean this thread up some. :rolleyes:


    @charmed- I seem to remember some of us trying to explain that to you about how 70 mghz makes no real difference. Haven't been around much lately but from your posts it sounds like your still jumping around way too much. It might do you some good to leave it alone for a couple of weeks and come back to it without so much frustration built up.

  4. well its up2 u if you dont belive me i cant be botherd to lie whats the point ,i know my pc can do nerely 4 gig thats all that counts .

    If you think im dumb enough to fake it then thats up2 u.

    send me a link to a test and ill post up the results NO PROB.

    Here is a link for the ocdb

    If you really want to show us your system is stable get in the ocdb and that clock will put you in the top spot in this 3g's thread. But unless your on phase you might want to stick to some super pi runs. Takes awhile to run everything but that would show true stability and not suicide shots.

  5. My last purchase from them turned out really good for me. I ordered one of their samsung 19" widescreen monitors on black friday online for 129.99 +15 shipping. A few days later I got an email saying the item was backordered. A couple days after that I received a cancellation email and was just starting to get really pissed off when I read a little further and they gave me a $120 coupon code good for anything I wanted. Jumped online and ordered a samsung 940bw for in store pick up and total out of my pocket was $120 and picked it up less than an hour later.


    With the way they deal with most of their customers I was pretty damn shocked.

  6. I feel your RP and MAL are TOO high. Try 9/7 with normal and also give tref a bump up to about 4100 or 4700.


    Go ahead and give your chipset voltage a bump too.


    Though it seems that most people here with disagree and flame me, I say give your HTT a bump up to 4x and let it be OCed.


    See what happens.

    My expert board seems to love running with the htt oced too. My ultra d is another story but 1200+ prime stable for 36+ hours tells me the expert likes it. No flaming from me at least.

  7. For all to see and appreciate: ocnewbie, you are 2nd place now. HeHe!!



    Sweet nice job ed now when I get some time i'll have to see if I can catch that.:nod: Told TFK it wouldn't last to long. Still I am pretty damn proud of my 146 and xp-90 combo considering what has taken first place.

  8. Like said, it really depends on the area you are in

    and how much the market will bear. :D

    I currently live in a small town halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago.


    Time-Warner has a package here for basic cable (100 channels, no HBO or showtime), Internet access, and Phone with unlimited local calling (and I think unlimited LD in lower 48) for like $99.99

    Seems like a heel of a deal to me.


    I have the same kind of package deal through comcast and my downloads are awesome. The upload cap kind of sucks but I can live with it. I normaly get around 8mbs so that is higher than normal kind of shocked me.


  9. I had it. Got to GGG at 1.51v. I passed prime95, got the screen shots for all the benchmarks except for 3DMark03. Kept on bumping up the voltage to get it to pass. And then...BSOD at 1.56v. Now, I am no where near stable at 339x9 in Windows at any voltage. Fortunately 312x9 is still stable at stock voltage. I guess I'll have to "settle" for a 1 gigahertz overclock :P.


    Curse you 3DMark03, may your codes rot in he--.

    3dmark03 is evil, Sometimes I think it just does it to mess with our heads. I actually run it now before prime even gets turned on.

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