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  1. I just received a xfx 8800gts 320mb xxx edition 580/1800 stock i got a lame score on mark06 of 7216 i have the 158.22 drivers. Whats up with that.

    my specs are:

    amd 3700 single core OCed to 2.75

    abit an8 sli MB

    2 x 1 gig G.skill HZs

    ocz 600w gamestream psu

    WD 250g sata HDD


    I even OCed the card to 653/1000 and only gained like 100 points on the score

    Any tips are appreciated

    06 is multithreaded so dual cores up the score alot. I bet 05 or 03 would be alot more impressive numbers for ya.

  2. If more cpu volts isn't helping it might be worth a shot. My 146 wouldn't pass 3d03 anything higher than 3170 no matter what I tried. It would prime a little beyond that but that is when I learned to run 3d03 first :sad: wasted some prime runs just to have 03 lock up in about the same place as you are.

  3. I am really suprised that my 146 is still up there that high. I think it's still the highest on air i've seen prime stable. The sad part is that chip is being sold in about another week so I won't ever get to see what it could have done with water.

  4. I wonder how low this thing will volt @3020? @ 1.476 now and passing SP Humm... That's almost a low voltage record. For 3G....


    Hummm.... Hasn't hiccuped or farted. yet so I think I'll stop sp it drop my vid and up the mhz's abit Hummm... we'll see what this critter will do then LOL..


    @ ED and OCnewbie I might be back in the superpi race you guys,, (It's teally too early to tell but I just might)


    Edit Big time! 303X10 passes 3dm01 @1.175*123. (1.44525vid) Plus the artifacts are completely gone now.(GPU need better cooling for stock speed.(Factory thermal paste musta got old)It's beautiful,,Me very happy now!) I got a new toy!!!LOL hUMM.... i I wonder how low it will go?

    Sweet the last time I tried catching ED I couldn't even catch my own times let alone his. I might end up selling off that chip :sad: but trying to work it so I can hold onto it. Getting ready to check out some c2d action (thanks CP) for awhile and my 165 isn't going to be joining the club anytime soon.

  5. This is off topic but you seem you know a thing or 2 about pc's. By any chance do you use firefox? If so, I plan on doing a fresh install and I want to keep all my bookmarks that i have saved and the downloads or add ons features that firefox has. Is there anyway to save the add ons so that way I can re-paste it back into the firefox folder so, I don't lose any of the features.

    Well there are guides on how to do it but if you browse to your application data folder in documents and settings under your user name there is a mozilla folder that contains all that stuff.


  6. I have two lite on drives that have been used for years and whenever I run into a disk my newer samsung burners can't rip either lite on rips right through it. Never had a problem with nec or benq either though.

  7. Just for curiosities sake when you are hooking up your 24 pin you still have power going through the power supply? I leave my power supply plugged into the wall for the ground but always switch it off on the back of the unit so there is no power hitting the board before it is all plugged in. Maybe I am just reading your post wrong.

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