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  1. 06 is multithreaded so dual cores up the score alot. I bet 05 or 03 would be alot more impressive numbers for ya.
  2. If more cpu volts isn't helping it might be worth a shot. My 146 wouldn't pass 3d03 anything higher than 3170 no matter what I tried. It would prime a little beyond that but that is when I learned to run 3d03 first :sad: wasted some prime runs just to have 03 lock up in about the same place as you are.
  3. Most of the winchesters I played with were pretty weak overclocking chips. I pushed mine hard to get 2475 out of it. Might try dropping a divider on the ram and worry about getting it higher later on. My 3200 took quite abit of volts to even get to 2400 and keep the ram stable.
  4. I am really suprised that my 146 is still up there that high. I think it's still the highest on air i've seen prime stable. The sad part is that chip is being sold in about another week so I won't ever get to see what it could have done with water.
  5. Nice clocks there guys........ Got bumped down again, time for a few:beer:beer:beer Drinks all around
  6. I'll drink to that:beer Back to his topic though I would recommend doing a clean install. I am sure it would work ok just swapping boards but starting over is always best.
  7. Damn man that looks sweet.:eek: More Powaaaaaa
  8. I can't say for long term but when I got my expert board I pulled the raid array off of my ultra-d and booted the os on the expert. I didn't run into any problems but like I said it was just for testing the hardware. The drivers are the same so it shouldn't be to many changes except for the sil drivers will need installed.
  9. Sweet the last time I tried catching ED I couldn't even catch my own times let alone his. I might end up selling off that chip :sad: but trying to work it so I can hold onto it. Getting ready to check out some c2d action (thanks CP) for awhile and my 165 isn't going to be joining the club anytime soon.
  10. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10192 Read that link and post up an ocdb entry at 3g's.
  11. Thats classic and might have to go in my sig.:shake: oh and bump for ya.
  12. Well there are guides on how to do it but if you browse to your application data folder in documents and settings under your user name there is a mozilla folder that contains all that stuff. http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/profile#locate
  13. I have two lite on drives that have been used for years and whenever I run into a disk my newer samsung burners can't rip either lite on rips right through it. Never had a problem with nec or benq either though.
  14. Bump and thanks for turning me to the darkside.
  15. Keep trying just got mine but it took a couple tries. Guess I got lucky now it is all messed up.
  16. Bump for da man............. really tempting combo there :eek2:
  17. Thanks for the update TFK I'll get it printed out for him tonight.
  18. Might check the end of the 24pin from the power supply ....... It might not be making correct contact. I have had an old 20pin that one of the wires was starting to come out the backside of it. After messing with it for awhile my socket a rig is still running off the same ps.
  19. Just for curiosities sake when you are hooking up your 24 pin you still have power going through the power supply? I leave my power supply plugged into the wall for the ground but always switch it off on the back of the unit so there is no power hitting the board before it is all plugged in. Maybe I am just reading your post wrong.
  20. Not a problem just wish I would have spotted your thread before you had to figure it out yourself.
  21. I have had this happen before and if I remember right it was from the MBR being written on the second hard drive. If you can I would try either a repair install on the drive or a clean install with the other hard drive unplugged. I have loaded windows from a sata dvd without any problem but that was onto my raid array. Not sure if it would make a difference or not.
  22. Orthos will run on both cores since it's multi threaded.
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