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  1. 1st Post Updated !!!



    Man ..... I can not believe one more person does not want to play !


    Can a Mod ..... edit the title to say 1 more person to join for prizes ......


    2 more days until league lock down !


    Not only for the prizes but so we have enough members for 8 games a week, Not 7 and a buy week for someone. I thought there were more football fans on here than this :tooth:.

  2. i'm a fileplanet subscriber and I don't see a demo anywhere...so looks like I'm gonna have to buy the damn thing (since I already played the demo on Xbox360).


    I'll have to wait a month or two though...money too tight (and no game is THAT good, I don't care how many 10's and 9.9's it gets for review)


    I am downloading the demo now it is on their site again.

    Edit- I am very impressed by the demo, hopefully the full game lives up to what i've seen in it so far. :beer

  3. The last time I took a shot at knocking on the top spot I couldn't even match my old runs. Now I have been messing around trying to figure out C2D clocking when I am not working 14 days straight. Gonna be a sad day for me when I sell my ultra d and 146.

  4. Sorry if I confused you guys 1:1 is the best for pi runs by far as long as it stays at 1t. The highest I could keep my tccd on 1t is about 303. 300 1:1 compared to running the cpu at 3300 on the divider the extra cpu speed won out at least in my case.

  5. If I remember right. I was under the impression. That my superpis were faster @290X10-2900mhz 1-1 than they were with the same [email protected] 9/10. That's why I never bothered to carry on in that direction. (My first 3ghz entry) Wasn't a real big diffrence.But none the less somewhat faster. I suppose I could pull up all those settings. They are all in the OCDB. And recreate those conditions, And post up some screens. As a sanity check. (I don't think my memory has gotton that bad. But I suppose it is possible ..)

    Both my pi runs posted were on the 9/10 divider since the ram wouldn't run 330 but were at or close to 300 on the ram. I honestly don't run my ram 300 1:1 anymore for daily use, pretty much slapped it on a divider to get the ram voltage down before I sell this rig. I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference in real world performance even with the ram at 250 now. Benching it's a different story :)


    edit- Now that I think about it I did get it to pass 1:1 but had to run 2t to pull it off and it was slower than the divider and 1t.

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