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  1. Not only for the prizes but so we have enough members for 8 games a week, Not 7 and a buy week for someone. I thought there were more football fans on here than this :tooth:.
  2. Thats a general type of rule, my expert board loves running up around 1200. edit- I actually had people private messaging me that mine was to high in one of my ocdb posts.
  3. There should be two versions one with java and one without unless the changed something since the last time I installed it. It looks like you can just uncheck the java part before download now, they used to have seperate downloads for the versions.
  4. Instructions for joining up are in the first page, nice and easy to get in on it.
  5. Are you ready for some football??? Come on we only need a couple more people to join up.
  6. What about the fries and drink?
  7. oc newbie


    I am downloading the demo now it is on their site again. Edit- I am very impressed by the demo, hopefully the full game lives up to what i've seen in it so far. :beer
  8. Couldn't agree more thanks again Ed.
  9. Bump this up ........ Running backs touch the ball more so they have more chances for getting you points.
  10. Deal and I am gonna screencap this lol. I'll give you any player you want off my team if you get him. :beer edit- already working on trades and haven't even had the draft yet. :nod:
  11. Yeah, make sure you put that L.T. guy way down on your list too mmm kay. I normally go through and put my favorite players up top so if they are available it will draft them for me.
  12. I really don't remember it being to different or in any way better than the 704 but its always fun to mess around with.
  13. I don't think there is a bios I haven't used but right now my ultra d is back on the 704bta. It ran my 146 to 3g's plus when I was on it. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...4&postcount=270 Pulled off my highest clock on that bios :eek2: I thought that was on the 704.
  14. 04/06 is based on the latest official bios from dfi and is newer. It is on the tmod cd I believe but been awhile since I flashed.
  15. I think some trophies would be pretty cool, I figured we would have more people signed up by now to. Everyone is probably recovering from last nights drunk still.
  16. I was just getting ready to try and find a league so that sounds like a great idea to me.
  17. Man good to hear you are back in the game. I have been wanting to see what those FX-74's will do when pushed and for some reason I think your the right one for the job. Gotta feeling your gonna push those records even further up now:nod:
  18. Bios is loaded but not at 100% I think it is around 40% if I remember right. What are your core temp's reading at in coretemp or everest? I would also get a fan blowing on your pwmic to get that temp down too.
  19. I am sure you already tried this but that ram is rated for 2.0-2.2 volts and with the hard freezes, at least for me, it has been from ram the majority of the time.
  20. Man that is looking like one sweet chip there.:drool:
  21. The last time I took a shot at knocking on the top spot I couldn't even match my old runs. Now I have been messing around trying to figure out C2D clocking when I am not working 14 days straight. Gonna be a sad day for me when I sell my ultra d and 146.
  22. Sorry if I confused you guys 1:1 is the best for pi runs by far as long as it stays at 1t. The highest I could keep my tccd on 1t is about 303. 300 1:1 compared to running the cpu at 3300 on the divider the extra cpu speed won out at least in my case.
  23. Both my pi runs posted were on the 9/10 divider since the ram wouldn't run 330 but were at or close to 300 on the ram. I honestly don't run my ram 300 1:1 anymore for daily use, pretty much slapped it on a divider to get the ram voltage down before I sell this rig. I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference in real world performance even with the ram at 250 now. Benching it's a different story edit- Now that I think about it I did get it to pass 1:1 but had to run 2t to pull it off and it was slower than the divider and 1t.
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