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  1. Gotta feeling by monday there is gonna be some kicka$$ new times up there.
  2. Well off topic but if you do decide to get rid of it give me a head's up haven't got to tweak on tccd to much and im planning another build for my spare opty 146.
  3. LOL I still miss my ocz value vx with those ch-5 chip's but needed two gigs for games so oh well. really wish there were some 1 gig sticks that did those 2-2-2-5 timings.
  4. Oh great now it's getting serious lol well i'm gonna keep working on mine, just to try and keep up with u guy's. Gonna set up 32bit os to see if it help's my times any and can't wait to see that time king. Wish i had some tccd to play with about now.
  5. U might look into window's post install (WPI) i've never used it to run patches but it seem's to run just about everything else i need. Also here's a link to a program that can find most silent switches for program's. I haven't made a batch file since i started using WPI mostly because it let's me listen to music while it's installing just about everything for me. lol Silent switch finding program
  6. Man that suck's, been there and done that when i was making my own bare install disk's. Now i just take out everything i dont use ever and leave stuff i might find a use for. Speaking of which that's what i should be doing is making another unnatended raid disk to install 32bit on my extra partition and see how it benches.
  7. Okay this one is a little better but i still have not done alot of window's tweaks or anything. I guess this one is from a little tighter ram timing's and setting the memory to system cache instead of program's. Not sure what to do next so guess it is time to play some games. One thing that is kinda weird is that the 1meg actually took longer at these setting's.
  8. I'll admit i was suprised 32mb at that clock. This cab1e will boot at 3250 but the ram is to unstable with the 5/6 divider and that 7/10 divider and this chip just dont see eye to eye. Only voltage i had to turn up was startup vid to 1.425.
  9. Here's some better pi scores, still not the best though. Now i am done tweaking setting's until this weekend. edit- Not sure why the pick quit showing so i hosted it again.
  10. Just waiting for the weekend then i'll go to tweak town and maybe even do a reinstall. Been on the same x64 install for about 3 month's now so it's about due anyway.
  11. Here's my 32mb without any tweaking. @CPDMF I hate it when that happen's
  12. Yeah not sure my handle fits anymore LOL but when i first joined here i was just starting to try to learn how. I am gonna run 32mb tonight but i think i'll use my ocdb setting's and wait for this weekend to push my time better. I was in shock when i woke up this morning to prime still running, didn't think 1.57 was gonna be quite enough voltage.
  13. Here is my updated ocdb entry Hell's yeah im lovin this chip just wishing i had enough money for some hardcore water or phase. Only problem is my kickass sig is already outta date, gotta see if centy will update it for me.
  14. Well 1.57 was enough, got to go to work this morning so no time to update my ocdb entry but it will be done as soon as i get home from work. By far the best 119.99 i've ever spent 3110 and still have some more voltage to play with. Since i have no hardware changes i just need to edit my original post and not make a new one, right?
  15. Well i jinxed myself, just crapped out on me guess it might want a little more voltage. damn. Giving it a shot at 1.57 hopefully that will be enough lol It's kinda funny i remember when all i wanted was a chip that would do 2500 now i have one that does 3010 without to much of a fight and im still trying for more. I think it might be time to start oca overclocker's anonomous, lol this was my first ocdb entry with a very crappy winnie. How sad that chip was
  16. Well i didn't make it to the weekend yet but prime has been running for over 3 hours at 3110 with 1.4+110% for 1.54 volts. But the temps are scaring me some 57 on mbm5 and 54-55 on a64info. Hopefully i'll be updating my ocdb soon, wish me some good juju guy's lol Maybe this weekend will be for pi's i hope.
  17. It is actually set to 1.4+104% on my ocdb so its above stock 1.456 gonna start working at 3100 this weekend but it seems like it wants more volts to do that.
  18. I did use a vacation day after the fact but i wanted to play with my new video card so ..... cough cough hack hack lol
  19. You da man, im really digging that sig. Thanks again:D
  20. CPUZ is reading my volts pretty low on that pi pic, bios is set to be 1.612 got myself a new panaflow fan on there but still dont think it quite does the job. lol
  21. x64 is and has been working great for me for quite awhile and at least for me seem's to recover from my oc'ing screwups easier. centy had my sig to me within minutes of my asking, he's a++ in my book. I am more than impressed with this cab1e if i could keep it cooler it seem's to like 3120 but i freak at 60:eek: LOL
  22. ty guys and soundx98 the links at the bottom dont put me over the size limit do they? I owe centy a big thanks for the sig he hooked me up, my photosop skills are far from good. LOL
  23. [/url] You guy's are really making me regret selling my buddy my ch5 chip's so he could have 2 gigs. I need to do alot more tweaking i guess. Does windows x64 make much of a difference in pi time and is anyone else using it as there primary os? Just kinda wondering.
  24. Not sure how i missed that but if available i would like #1.
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