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  1. Personally i favor the nforce chipset but have never tried ati yet.
  2. Laydback-Sweet clock there bud and 3d03 is the most picky of the marks. Usually it takes me a bump in voltage to get it to pass if it is failing out. Here's hoping it gives you fits . Just kidding of course but now i will have to give mine some more volt's and see if it will do 3150 but i think my ram and the 5/6 divider are the problem's there.
  3. Bump Man that a sweet rig sorry to hear it has to go.
  4. opteron and sound98 has a great stepping for sale if you want a great overclocker grab his.
  5. Well look's like that 32mb time will be my best until i get around to doing a clean install, but i haven't given up yet. Now that my artic silver has cured some my temps are much better and my everyday overclock of 3010 takes less volts now. Ed-Sorry to hear about your wife and wishing you and your family the best.
  6. I think im running out of tweaks though and having problems getting any divider other than 5/6 to work so not sure if i'll get it any higher. Dont think i have ever pushed a cpu this hard before but im still not done yet. Trying to get 3150 to ocdb but i think my ram is holding me back from prime stable.
  7. Well here is a little better 1 meg run but i couldn't pass 32mb with these setting's.:mad: I am still trying to cut off about 10 second's off on 32mb but no luck yet will post a pic if and hopefully when i get it done. @petercintn-neither of my opty's like divider's too well either and they are both 146's
  8. Man that is one great overclock there, I have the same stepping and were getting really close to the same result's. GGG cant wait to see your ocdb entry. 3110 prime stable takes me 1.57 volts but temps dont get to high anymore.
  9. @flowerking-Dude I think i ran outta tweaks or im to tired lol, dropped my 1 meg a little bit but not even enough to bother posting yet. Me thinks you might of got more than these uccc will allow me to do. But of course as you can see by all my updates lol im a tweakin addict so i will be comin. Cant wait to see what pimp daddy gets on dice though we might be competing for 3rd and 4th. Since i found this thread i have been pushing my computer harder than ever and lovin every minute of it. A very serious thank you for starting the ggg club gave me a reason to play in my bios some more.:cool:
  10. @TheFlowerKing-Sweet time there man, but now i gotta try to shave off over 9 seconds lol. good job. @petercintn-You can run them at whatever speeds they will pass at and those are some pretty good times there congrats.
  11. Kitfit1-Nice times there bud, you can run whatever speed u can get it to pass at. My best time was at 3200.
  12. here are the rule's There is a template inside that link that you download and edit with your bios setting's and info. It really is not as complicated as it looks and an easier way to get the screenshots instead of using a camera is to hit printscreen and open up paint and paste the picture in. Then u can save as a jpeg file that are alot smaller. Only need an 8 hr prime run too so that will save u some time but just be sure to follow the rules in that link so your ocdb entry doesn't get deleted. Dont need a64 tweaker it is not required.
  13. My 146 was 1.46 for 3010 but took 1.57 to get 3110.
  14. Good thought i was gonna have to pull my vc-re i just put on last week back off lol.
  15. Man that is one nice chip can't wait to see you in the club. That's some low voltage for a dual core at 3g's.
  16. Look's like u used image shack right they have thumbnail link's made for forum's you can copy and past into the add link of your post.(the globe with a paperclip looking thing)
  17. OCDB Rules be sure to follow them all It's how we show stable overclocks to help other people find setting's to help them get a stable system. That's how u get into the 3g club also but be sure to do your entry exactly how it is specified by happy. p.s. That pic is too big you need to link with a thumbnail, u might want to edit that post before a mod see's it.
  18. Off the dfi site ultra-d specs Serial ATA with RAID # Four Serial ATA ports # SATA speed up to 3Gb/s # RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 0+1 # NVIDIA RAID allows RAID arrays spanning across Serial ATA and Parallel ATA I believe it was the nf4-d that needed the sata 2 mod, but i could be wrong.
  19. Much less noise and my chipset idle's between 38-42 and never reaches 50 under load now.
  20. I still can't wait to see what u pull out so i'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Just don't knock me too far down the list since it is sounding like flower got's my times beat too.
  21. Nice run there and can probably get better, i cut out over a minute off my time with os tweak's and my first run was only a couple of second's faster than yours.
  22. That's kinda funny, those are the exact same tweaks i used + i had to add shutting off explorer and just turned it back on with task manager. i really wish i had my old bh-5 in here for a couple of run's but oh well, i am working on tightening up this uccc timing's and it seem's to like the 3337 timings i was running in pi.
  23. Might just want a little more voltage but if it's not booting all the way into windows it will be hard to get it prime stable. With water your temps are probably good right, so it might be worth giving it a shot. good luck and nice clocks even if it doesn't make it to 3g's
  24. I think i hit my limit with those score's, but of course i will keep pushing it till i break something. I had to do a system restore last night almost hosed my os but it was worth it for those 11 second's lol. What i really like about this thread is all the guy's pushing each other to do better and of course the e penis swelling lol.
  25. Well i figured i better get a jumpstart on u guy's so my 32 time got somewhat better not as much as i was hoping for though. Got a little better 1 meg time but clicked on ok before i hit print screen. oops I know the big boy's are gonna smoke me but im trying to keep up lol
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