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  1. My 24/7 overclock is 3010 @ 1.40+1.04%=1.46 but i got extremely lucky with this chip. My old 3200 winnie took 1.58 volt's to run at 2475 lol so my everyday oc on it was 2400 since it didn't need as much voltage.
  2. Only if u want a crispy fried chip my man:eek:, seriously 1.6 on air is pushing it. If you pushed that kinda voltage through it on water or phase it's a different story but i wouldn't go above 1.65 even with a really nice aircooler. You never know it might survive it but could fry it as soon as the bios finished loading, I push the chip in my sig to the aircooling limit on my xp-90 but would never give it anymore than 1.65 and that is only for superpi run's @3240. Most people around here keep about 1.55-1.6 as their highest voltage to push on air and i dont think any of us run that all the time.
  3. sirlink-I know my opty in my sig is pretty picky about dividers but i have had a little better luck on the 704-2bta bios. Overall i would have to say it is my personel choice for bios but every build is different. One other thing that helped me get my 140 divider working was a little nudge on the cpu voltage with the special vid control. I think it's because of the on die memory controller but that is just some things to check out. Good luck on getting it working bud.
  4. Centy rulez already updated my sig for me, off topic but just wanted to tell him thank's here too.
  5. Most people don't like anything over 50 but my ambient temp's have been so hot mine will hit about as high as that. I also have a backup chip sitting around so i am pushing more than alot of people. a64info looks pretty good dont see anything jumping out at me but never had that ram.
  6. Ambient right now of 29 but its gonna hit 33 later today, if i quit spending so much on my computer maybe i would have ac lol. Might have to look into the contest but still stabalizing at 3170 for now. Failed after 3 hours so had to go up to 1.57 volt's so far but temp's are only about 53 but it's heating up in here now too. Ambient is getting to high now so i shut down prime but i'll work on it some more after it cools off tonight. Man i live in oregon and cant believe how hot it has been getting here, when i put this chip in we had a week of over 100 outside. That overclock heat's up my room a little to much lol be a good heater this winter though.
  7. killerkid-The 7/10 140 ram divider has issues with reporting correctly but if u grab a64info it seem's to show the actual speed it's running at. cpuz doesn't even report a memory frequency for me with that divider. Do not use ntune to do anything besides monitoring temp's and speed it has been known to kill boards (u guy's probably know that but figured i would mention it.)
  8. That's where i got mine for the same price and it had a great stepping on it. cab1e 0614epaw
  9. I dont know about asus but i think 315 fsb and a 10x multi speaks for itself, click the ocdb link in my sig. look at the ggg thread for 165's too there are some good ones in there but like i said i haven't seen to many of asus overclocks.
  10. Prime work's great for me not like i sit here and watch it run just glance to see if it's yellow every once in awhile. Best to keep them all the same but i understand on the new board's for the dual core am2 and intel's just easier to setup orthos.
  11. Thank's bud I am truly shocked by this chip and can't believe the difference a lap made on my xp-90. I just tossed some ceramique on it for now but my idle temp's dropped 4 degrees and under load a little more than that. It passed everything so easy i really think i'll be able to get a little more on air but i think between the pi's and this ocdb entry it's time to play some games. Still can't wait to see 3200+ up there from u though. I modded my case window so i could toss a couple 92mm fan's to help keep things cooler, one blowing air on the cpu and the other pulling air away from the video card. edit-Here's a pic of the temps running prime at 3170 where it used to hit 56-58 now a steady 51-52 was really worth the effort to lap it. Might let prime run overnite not sure what i'll try for yet though.
  12. Both of the opteron's i have run faster than the fx series chips and my old 3200 took alot more volt's and maxed out at 2475. OPTY all the way for me at least.
  13. :eek: 3150 at 1.54 volts god i love this chip, now i gotta see if it will do a little more before someone breaks 3300 out on us [email protected] volts I am very suprised at how much lapping my xp-90 dropped my temps but when i started i could see a pretty good sized bowl shape that was sitting right on top of my core.
  14. Well took a break from pi's to do an ocdb update have it posted later this morning. Gave my xp-90 a good lapping and found out it wasn't quite flat didn't give it a mirror finish yet but it seemed to help out quite a bit.:cool: 3150 but it passed prime with less volt's then it took to do 3110 lol so might get a little more.
  15. that is what i am doing now, a couple of seconds isn't worth losing my x64 install. yet anyway lol
  16. There are a couple of ways to do it the easiest would be with nlite, i've just been using my normal raid disk's for now but think it's time to shrink down to try and keep up. nlite is a great little program that has many uses and also can speed up install times dramatically. I think there are a couple threads about it in the software section of this forum if i remember right.
  17. No doubt I was happy just to get 23m10s and he goes and blow's it away. I can't seem to get under 26seconds no matter what i try but still haven't stripped my os down all the way yet.
  18. Those are sweet man, some of the slickest i have seen around.
  19. Damn dude how did u pull that off guess it's back in the bios for me.:eek: This ram just isn't playin nice at anything over 270 even seen a dreaded BSOD. This thread gives purpose to my addiction to push for more, just good to know i am at least pushing u guy's a little. Got a feeling that 3110 isn't going to be quite as impressive by the time CPDMF get's his done.
  20. I've been working on 3150 but prime crapped out on me after more than 7 hours. Can't wait to see those clocks up, I think i hit my limit on the xp90 for now. What voltage are u running to get that high?
  21. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/manu...TYPE=LP&SITE=US There is a link to the manual for the ultra d edit beat me too it lol
  22. Here are a couple somewhat better pi's still can't crack 26 second's though. Edit Just for you TFK the best 32mb i can get so far. Man i have been pushing this poor chip so hard i think i'll give it a break and do a stock speed database entry with it.
  23. Well prime dropped out on me after a little over 7 hour's @3150:mad: so i guess i'll shoot for 3130 until i get some better cooling.
  24. If all goes well i'll have another ocdb update for ya after work :cool: this chip never ceases to amaze me. Had to flash my bios to get the 7/10 divider to work right but it's looking all good right now.
  25. As far as i know the divider puts stress on the memory controller and that could be why it wants more voltage. Someone correct me if i am wrong. edit-LOL your quick lowboy just read his post and did quick reply and u still beat me.
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