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  1. Q: Is there a limit to the number of movies I can watch instantly on my PC?

    A: Watching movies instantly on your PC is limited by viewing time each month. The limit is based on your plan size.

    For each $1 of monthly plan cost (excluding taxes), 1 hour of instant watching is included. For example, if you are on our 3 at-a-time (unlimited) plan, you pay $16.99 a month, and you have 17 hours of instant viewing time per month


    Not sure on the resolution or bitrate since I reinstalled windows today. The main reason I use netflix is late charges lol. Work so much I end up forgetting I have the movies for extended periods of time. As for streaming/downloading movies there has to be a better service around I haven't checked out yet.

  2. Yeah and they limit the number of movies you can watch a week or month something like that. As a bonus to those who already have the service it is pretty cool but I wouldn't look at it as a reason to get netflix. It is a good way to preview a movie to see if its worth renting though but pretty limited selection of movies too.

  3. My sister has netflix, I'll see if she wouldn't mind downloading a movie this morning. I'm more curious as to the d/l speed, pretty sure I can get to blockbuster and back before it finishes though..

    Netflix streams the movies to your pc with DRM in place but the quality is really good and I haven't seen it buffer except at the very beginning of the movie.

  4. Jake D and Garcia both score big? Heck, who needs those guys when the Quackers have Carson Palmer who threw for like...12,323 yards on Sunday. If only Reggie Bush could figure out where he's running to, the Quacks would have two excellent rushers to go along with 3 starting quarterbacks.

    If anyone is interested I will gladly trade either Garcia or Delhomme for a good RB or WR. Just toss some offers my way since except for bye weeks Palmers gonna be in for me.


    This was a great week for football period and fantasy ruled with all the wideouts going off. A tip of the hat to InFeKtioN for starting this league. Buying a round for everyone. :beer

  5. :D Palmer and Jamal Lewis :cool:

    To bad my WR sucked in the first games.

    You don't stand a chance quack, we're gonna smash you so much you'll look like a box of quacker crumbs.

    Them quacker's must have been made outta steel. I figured it would end up a lot closer than it was but with Palmer getting 23 more than Manning I had a good jump on ya.

  6. They were pretty much stealing the defensive signals so when their offense was on the field they could adjust for whatever call the defense made. Would be a big advantage in the second half of games to know where blitzes and double coverage was gonna be on the field. Not the first time they were accused of this but this time they got caught.

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