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  1. Usually restarting me involves caffiene and a cigarette lol much longer boot times than my pc though.
  2. Well I am going to try to help him get into the GGG but he's a little tight on money right now so it might be awhile. He has an ultra d also but he has my old ch-5 and his. Should have never sold it to him but wanted him to have 2 gig's to. Wonder what kind of pi's he can hit running 4x512 utt. I will make sure to help him get up an ocdb at the least and let everyone know if his chip performs like mine.
  3. You can get the driver from dfi if i remember right and are u using the nvidia hardware firewall by chance? That is the only time I ever had any issues with my nic card's on this mobo. Doubt u are but thought i would check.
  4. Cool I have been wondering how good those boards were for overclocking, keep us updated.
  5. I need to get around to checking my rail's too but I can't find my dmm so gotta get another one. I have been thinking about popping the lid for awhile to see if I can get 3200 stable but I might wait till watercooling happen's. Thank's guys and I got extrememly lucky with this chip still working on getting my buddy to buy a good power supply so I can mess with his. I ordered two at the same time and they are both this stepping.
  6. I noticed on my opty that it likes the special vid control, If I set it to 1.45 it was failing out of prime. Then when I went to 1.4+104% prime was stable as could be at 3010 of course took more to get it where it is now but worth a shot anyway.
  7. Thank's for the quick reply and good advice, Just goofing off trying to figure this out. Be as critical as u want to makes it easier for me to learn. Is that a little easier on the eyes to read.
  8. Okay just experimenting a little bit but wondering what advice you expert's would give me.
  9. Thanks for the tips have to play around with it some, I was wondering why my text looked like it was being typed on a typewriter lol. Didn't check out the layers though.
  10. How do u get the text to look so good, I am trying to figure out how all of you make such cool sigs. I got my size right but everytime i try to add the text it looks like crap. I really suck with photoshop so I am way behind already but hopefully I'll catch on quick. With paper and most medium's I am a pretty good artist but on computer i have alot to learn.
  11. I like the blue one but they both look pretty bad a$$
  12. I got $20 i'll throw in on this too, Just pm me where to send it. Still think it's pretty lame of intel not to send u guy's at least a couple.
  13. Your wish comes true........... But then every lighter in your possesion dies, all your matches are wet and even the stove element goes out. (not even a knife to use anyways)LOL Had that happen before too many times. edit-man u guy's were on that one but at least mine fit. LOL I wish my only job was to test and overclock computer's.
  14. Money goes quick when computer's are involved but when u see a good deal u have to grab it or end up regretting it later. That's how I ended up with this opty, Found a great deal on them and my buddy was still using a 3200 winchester so I was gonna order him one and then thought about how good a deal it was and grabbed me one too. Damn am I ever glad I did 2900 was the max on my old opty, not that it was to bad or anything.
  15. Yeah it does look like u tried just about everything so hopefully one of the new board's will make a difference. I still gotta build another rig for my spare opty but gotta save some money up first.
  16. http://sp2004.fre3.com/download.htm Grab the orthos beta and check it out, it's built for dual core cpu's.
  17. U might try upping the ldt and chipset like Thraxz said it has helped me when using high fsb also. My super pi run at 3270 took the extra voltage on those just to boot and get that 7/10 divider working. (even though i got a worse time than at 3200 with 5/6 divider lol) Worth a shot anyhow.
  18. There is alway's the orthos sp2004 and I don't believe it has to be configured to much at all.
  19. There is a post somewhere about it but if I remember right it involves having two user account's and running 1 instance in each user account. I'll try a search and see if i can find u a link.http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...light=occt+dual There u go.
  20. I think my chip is hitting the limit on the memory controller too, With this uccc i had to set mal to 11ns and read preamble to 9ns to get it stable at 3170. Some of the divider's are a real pain in the a$$ to get working right on my chip, and at least on air 3200 is a no go for me right now. Don't forget I am just keeping that crown warm for ya I want to see u get back up on top. Then I have something to push for besides pi's which are really starting to piss me off lol.
  21. Man that suck's I was hoping to see that 3200 up there, But I don't know if i would sell it if i was u. How often do any of us see a chip that will go that high, I think you should keep it around just because of how much work you put into it. Monarch has the 165's OEM for 219.99 right now and I keep trying to talk myself out of buying one.
  22. CPDMF-3200+ Can't wait to see that up there, I was trying for 3200 earlier but 3d03 wouldn't pass so didn't even run prime on it. I grabbed the crown pic so I can give it back to you when u do get your post finished. I knew i was just keeping it warm for ya.
  23. Man i can run super pi 1meg at 3270 but my times are higher than my best run because of the 7/10 divider. That's frustrating as hell, Really wishing i had some tccd or bh-5 to toss in here. edit-Don't think im gonna give that scythe contest a go.
  24. I had a ide cable go out on me, my dvd drive kept disappearing every couple of reboots. No problem's since i replaced it whatsoever.
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