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  1. Those are bh-5 or ch-5 and I have never seen either of them boot with a cas of 3. I miss my ch-5 pretty bad.
  2. Sorry to hear that bud was hoping to see what u could do with one. TFK-Thanks for the respekt but I would bet money that u are getting better temps than me.
  3. Now that is the truth and i have never heard it said better.
  4. That is a pretty big jump you might want to see how much further your setting's from 2700 will take you. How fast is prime erroring out on you? I would probably take it up in increments of 5 just to see when the error's start.
  5. I check 3dmark03 before I even start prime. Sometimes a bump on cpu voltage helps 03 to pass but not always.
  6. Now that was well said bud, that is what I love about this thread. Any stable overclock is a major accomplishment and my first ocdb entry is still my favorite. 2475 on a crappy a$$ winnie 3200 that seriously took me month's to pull off. LOL This thread is about helping and pushing each other to get the most out of our system's.
  7. Good luck Clay hopefully it'll pass with flying colors.
  8. I found some people that had these up to 310 and passing occt and super pi 32m so I bit. Guess were gonna have to compare notes and see how they do. http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/forums/showthread.php?t=891
  9. Sweet glad I posted it up then, your gonna have to let me know how they do. I was kinda shocked by the price even used tccd is more expensive than that.
  10. I had something similar happen to me and had to do a cmos clear and then it went back to normal. Watch your cpu fan and make sure it doesn't shut off on you mine did but it was showing a -128 or something.
  11. http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-appolo...ccd-p-1536.html It's only pc 4000 but it is tccd and looks like a really good price. I am considering ordering them but not finding to much info on how well they overclock. I don't know though not to sure about the company but ocz is getting hard to find these day's.
  12. Still just playing around trying to learn what does what in photoshop just wondering what more experienced artist's think about this one. Not even a real sig just practicing. started looking bad when compressed to far so just linked to it.
  13. You might try finding a copy of 7-02 or 7-06 I think it was based off one of those, I would be careful even on phase though. Would really suck to see that chip burnt up. I'd say check out the 0406bta but I know my clocks were not as good with it and it seemed a little buggy. edit-Looks like you already tried the 0406bta didn't notice it in your sig.
  14. No doubt that is the fastest I've seen for an amd chip.
  15. If i remember right the bios it was based on had a bug causing it to push way more voltage than selected and fried a couple cpu's because of it. The modded bios took those options out because the bios was one of the best (in my humble opinion the best) overclocking bios's around.
  16. LOL TFK will probably catch it on the next updates, we know your on a roll when a 1meg run at 3300 is embarassing.
  17. LOL man the things we do and then regret. Of course now I have the expert on the way and need ram for it. It's probably gonna cost me more to buy some now then I sold it for then.
  18. Yeah me too mine max out at about 265 anything over and they are not even close to stable. I should have never sold my value vx they were good to about 255 but with the 2225 timing's that would have been better than [email protected]
  19. My 146 run's 32meg at 3.2 but no matter what I've tried it won't get me into the 22minute club. Might have to see if the expert board will do any better. My cab2e 146 tops out around 2900 but I still might try to get it in the club too.
  20. Man that is one sweet 1 meg run there cuoficr, 3400 that is just awe inspiring. Can't wait to see the 32 meg time. Nice job likewhoa 3105 dual core is the highest stable I have seen around.
  21. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32158 You might give those settings a try for the memory but I am not sure about your other questions. I would try to get everything totally stable at stock before you jump into overclocking, Harder to figure out what is causing the problems when oced.
  22. If I wasn't building an expert rig right now I would jump on that 6800 to put in sli but just not enough money right now.
  23. I really hope that is 1.375 and not 1.75 u have it at :eek: that could be really scary man. the 7/10 divider is ddr 280 so that is ok.
  24. There should be no issues with your part's on the ultra d and you already have a recommended power supply so you should be good to go. Watch out though, overclocking these boards can be as bad as a crack addiction lol.:eek:
  25. Thanks to CPDMF i'll have an expert board to play around with pretty soon and see if I can get my other opty in the club to. On my ultra d it seemed to max out at about 2900 but i wasn't pushing it as hard as I have this one. Good luck thraxz hopefully that will help u pull it off.
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