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  1. Does that powerstream have the 8 pin eps connector for expert boards? The only pictures I could find showing it were on the 600 watt model.
  2. For now I got my ocz goldxtc uccc in there, In the ultra d they were good to about 265 and a little over. Most of the timing's were about the same so far running memtest before I boot them for a little prime run. Not gonna run these settings overnite or anything just working my way up and trying to keep an eye on temps. One question I have for you is everest shows the cpu lower than the cpu diode temp, is that normal? On my ultra d everest is exactly opposite of that so just kinda wondering,
  3. Hell ya sounds like your whipping that board into shape. Got the expert running 250 1:1 for a little while gonna start prime in a couple minutes. Man it just don't feel right looking at that tiny a$$ed stock cooler on their though.
  4. Well that's pretty damn cool. I had never heard about or seen screeny of that anywhere. :confused: So does it work pretty good no glitches or anything.
  5. WTF How is the ati chipset allowing sli to be enabled? Didn't think that was possible.
  6. In my experience with raidmax they won't even go near either of my nf4 rigs. I have one in my msi board with an athlon xp 2500 and when I try to overclock at all I have seen the voltages drop way too much. Don't know much about their newer ps but I would recommend looking into a better one soon.
  7. Just fired up my new expert board (thanks go out to cpdmf) so now I can work on getting my other opty 146 up to 3g's but it topped out at a little over 2900 in my ultra d. If you figure out that black screen let me know I would love to get 3200 on air.
  8. Habitz- Hello allthatwhichis- Nice venus entry there, too bad it didn't give you the 3g mark but that is still sweet. My chip does the 3d mark black screen when I try to get 3200 stable.
  9. Same here had to slipstream them with nlite and been working great for a long time now. There is a thread in the software section about how to do it with links to a guide.
  10. I like the exe too but I can't find one for the 64bit os I have been on for quite awhile. Still use a 32bit for some pi run's though not that it's getting me more than a tenth of a second better.
  11. Those are some wicked times clay, great job. I'm still tweaking setting's on my new tccd but haven't gotten any better times yet.
  12. yeah it's the only x64 one I could find and it's exactly the same as the install just no start menu entry. http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm There's a link to the official downloads page and you can see the .exe and the .zip for 32 bit. Edit-OldGuy beat me too it lol that happens to me alot here.
  13. Trippy never ran into that before, Have u tried the versions you don't have to install? I am using a x64 prime that just run's from a folder.
  14. Well not quite done tweaking I guess but it will do for less than one day of tweaking it. Gotta put my expert board together for testing so probably not gonna be getting an ocdb entry on this ram for a couple days.
  15. Had to switch to cas 3 at 300 but these sticks are doing ok for me but not great yet. Givin prime a whirl now but gotta get to work. Doubt it will pass at these setting's but gotta burn em in anyway.
  16. Don't make me break out my pentium 350 with it's whopping 128mb of pc 100 .................. Please don't make me.:eek:
  17. Well it's way faster than my laptop.............. course I don't have one but..
  18. LOL now that was funny dude, Thought we got smoked by a celie.
  19. Right now I am working on getting the setting's down been awhile since I played with this kinda ram. Prime will come within the next week but my cpu probably isn't going to pass at 3200 on air. Gonna let them settle in at 272 2.5-3-7-3 for the rest of the night.
  20. They are from teamgroup and I hadn't really heard of them but after some research they seemed to overclock well so I bit. They have quite abit of tccd, bh5 and utt. Cost less than the used tccd I was finding around so I took a chance. Needed some ram for the expert that should show up tomorrow thanks to CP.
  21. Well this weekend I am going to try and get some better pi times up there. Got my tccd in today and with just a little over an hour of playing with it they are stable at 290. Should at least help me get under 26 second's and hopefully into the 22 minute range.
  22. Well got my sticks about an hour ago and already have them running at 290 2.5-4-3-7 at 2.7volts. Will post some pics in a little while. Here are a couple pi's for ya. I am hoping to get this down under the 23 minute mark.
  23. Sound's like window's had a bad install probably something to do with memory timing's. When you get the gskill's I would do a cmos clear and use setting's from the stock speed database before a clean install. Also would make sure to run memtest to make sure the sticks are good with the timing's you set.
  24. It is not showing up in firefox for me but same as OldGuy in IE. Thats the first time I have used IE in awhile but was worth it for the 24+ hours of prime shot.
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