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  1. 68cfm fan Here you go and I was wrong it's a 68cfm fan and it's been used on all my 3g's ocdb entries with the xp-90. I would not recommend plugging it into the motherboard header's because of its power draw though. Edit-Missed the part about wanting a silent system this fan is not loud like a tornado but it is far from silent.
  2. My xp-90 has alway's done me great. They have a nice panaflo 58cfm fan for 3 bucks at svc but it doesn't have an rpm sensor. I use the molex adapter so it just always runs at full speed but I really push my system's hard.
  3. Yep that's turning into the plan, right now I was thinking about the 19.99 special alot of people are modding around here. Got my gamexstream testing with the expert right now (typing this on it right now) looks good so far but still can't find my multimeter to really check the rails. Still got the pos stock cooler on it so can't really push it to far till I pick a case and cooler out.
  4. Sweet can't wait to see how high it goes man. Dry ice bombs are a blast, even more fun than the old cherry bombs in the garbage can rides. Man that stacker case fell through so it will be about the same time frame till I getta start pushing the expert. :mad: Just can't get myself to spend 147 on a case that was supposed to be 105+shipping.
  5. What stepping is your chip? That is alot of volt's to get to 2.8, You might be pushing the limit's on that power supply. Neither of my opty 146 need 1.6 volts to get to 2.8, the weaker one took like 1.5 or so.
  6. I've used your sig link for all my order's that I can think of anyway. SVC has always been great for me so I am not going to try and force them to sell it to me at that price. But I am not sure if I want to spend that much on a case. They are gonna get back in touch with me today after work so I got all day to decide.
  7. allthatwhichis- I didn't notice anything with your post but can't remember for sure if everything was together right. I think your a good part of the street and if you want help to make sure your next entry is right pm me and i'll help you make sure it's exact before it is posted.
  8. Nice entry there praz that some nice ram you got there. 24 hour's with a 3g's duallie sure looks sweet.
  9. You guy's are making me jealous:rolleyes: guess i'll have to go dually for my next upgrade. Unless the quadcore's come out first of course.
  10. Name Code Qty Each Options ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cooler Master STC-T01-UBK STC-T01-UBK 1 104.99 rebate = Mail-In Rebate +$20.00 Blue CM Stacker Full Tower Case ($20 Rebate Expires 9/30/06) Subtotal 104.99 Shipping 22.73 Total 127.72 That is what I was charged last night before rebate, Looks like it might have been a pricing error since now it comes up 124.99 + shipping. Hopefully they don't cancel my order I need the case quick. Edit- Well they just called me and the price last nite was a error and I should have been billed 124.99+shipping. That suck's now I have to decide if I want to pay that much for a case and wait forever for a rebate.
  11. Man that is looking good happy, glad we could help you guy's get ahold of them.
  12. 128 shipped before the rebate for me. At the top it said the price reflected the rebate but they only charged my card 104.99+ shipping so that is one hell of a deal.
  13. I don't have it listed in either of my machines services so there is a good chance it got installed somehow. Have you tried disabling the service to see if it will let you connect.
  14. other- SVC has the Stacker T01 with the blue stripes for 105 after rebate.
  15. That's gonna be a fun one to trouble shoot, Since it was working before u might give system restore a shot. For some reason I doubt it will help though.
  16. A friend of mine was having the same issue awhile back and if I remember right he ended up having to run the network setup on all the computer's in his workgroup again to get it straightened out. Worth a shot if you haven't already tried that.
  17. Have u tried a cmos clear with only 1 stick of ram in the board? Could be the default setting's not being set up properly for the ram. I had to pull one stick and clear cmos then boot with the one stick and go directly into bios and configure the ram timing's. Then shutdown and put the other stick back in and it booted back up.
  18. Well wishing you luck on that I would love to see a dually stable at 3200.
  19. Can't wait to see what u pull off bud. Suck's the cfx has so many issues right now. My gamexstream will be here monday but I am having problems deciding which case to get. Probably looked at 2000 of them in the last couple day's but most of the ones I like are really spendy. OldGuy-How do you like that tsunami case? That is one of the ones I have been looking at but I might just buy some cheap pos and mod the hell out of it.
  20. Man that is just sick I wonder if it is 3d stable with those volt's.
  21. Sure, doubt they will count in here but toss some pic's up here to torture us. Some of the times those cornrows are putting out there are just crazy. Wish I could build one but still haven't finished my expert build yet.
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