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  1. Best advice I would give is to start from scratch and see if it will use less voltage for the same clock. I like to use the special vid since it allow's for smaller steps in voltage increase. You can actually do it either way though but you can get well over 1.55 volt's using the special vid control. If you haven't read the a64 overclocking guide I'd give it a read just to understand what alot of the setting's on the board are. And of course have lot's of fun tweaking everything. Edit-Damn everybody beat me to it lol.
  2. In my sig along with link's to what my cab1e has pulled off. You should toss up an ocdb entry and join up too. First page has lot's of link's to ocdb entries with opties above 3000.
  3. First thing to do is set command per clock to disable 4 dimm's have to be run in 2t. Getting 4 stick's to run can be tricky and make sure you do some memtesting before booting into window's. Are you trying to run 2x1gb and 2x512 platinum stick's? Those have different chip's on them and use different timing's. Not saying it would be impossible just that it would probably take alot of work to find timing's that the mem controller and memory like.
  4. Can't wait to see how high it goes man, It's good to see some dfistreet gang with some of those chip's now. Like seeing some real benches and especially prime run's on them.
  5. That rig is looking like a keeper ................... Wanna trade LOL. How long have you had that up and running and already at 3600 ocdb stable? Great job.
  6. May the oc god's smile on you Thraxz. Well my cab2e is getting closer to joining the club. Will have my ocdb entry for it updated soon. 2900 on the expert is taking alot less volt's than the ultra d wanted for 2800. No laughing at me guy's but it is still on the stock cooler right now:rolleyes: , Won't push for 3g's till I get another cooler on there hopefully tomorrow. edit- Damn it the 3dmark03 test just slapped me across the face again........ I forgot to run it first to make sure it would pass.:mad: Need's a bump in voltage but it's passing now. LOL Well look's like the oc god's were busy with me Thraxz so hopefully you have some good new's. I'll have to run prime again if the new cooler show's up tomorrow.
  7. Check out the 3g's club to see how alot of them are doing.
  8. I really do want to see what amd has up thier sleeves alway's been a guy who root's for the underdog. Edit- Well said OldGuy and I agree completely about this thread, I was actually backing off how far my system was being pushed until I stumbled on this thread.
  9. LOL Damn that makes my 22m26s run look like crap.:eek: Guess it is time to start saving some money up.
  10. Man that look's sweet OldGuy and I like your new sig. Off topic but why weren't you selling those tccd when I was looking for some. LOL Would have rather had ocz but these are doing me just fine.
  11. Man at least post it up to make us drool .......... It's gonna be awhile before I can even think about getting one. I think even TFK was wanting CP to throw up his cornrow scores just to tease us.
  12. Man at least post it up to make us drool .......... It's gonna be awhile before I can even think about getting one. I think even TFK was wanting CP to throw up his cornrow scores just to tease us.
  13. I have been lucky with my order's from them but also have never been able to get in contact with them by phone or email. My gamexstream showed up a day early and my oem opty has been the best chip I have ever touched. I still worry and get paranoid every time I hit the button to order from them though.
  14. Well that is pretty dang cool there bud. So much for everyone waiting on a sli conroe board huh.
  15. Well that is pretty dang cool there bud. So much for everyone waiting on a sli conroe board huh.
  16. If your temp's are good you might try nudging your voltage a little, sometimes it need's a little nudge in voltage to get 3d stable. My cab1e does that when I try for anything over 3170 but I think it is the limit on this chip. Still gonna shoot for 3200 in an expert board though. edit-Missed the part about already tryin more volt's sorry about that. Might be hitting the limit of the chip.
  17. This was the last post in the mod to sli thread so he has already answered it I guess. Posted on 9/19 so revision shouldn't matter. edit-OBA are you telling him no it won't work or no it can't be stopped by driver's?
  18. As far as I know they can't stop the mod with driver's because it is a hardware mod. The driver see's it as an sli board. I don't have an answer about whether or not the latest revision's have made any changes but the last I heard they just added more cover to the spot you cut away.
  19. Welcome to the street and I am looking forward to reading your x64 guide. I actually prefer the xp x64, At least for me it seam's more stable and recover's from my oc'ing adventures alot easier than 32bit.
  20. That is running really hot for those volt's i'll fire up prime on mine again and see what temp's it is hitting now. Pretty soon this chip is going to go in the expert to see if I can squeeze a little more outta it. edit- Well priming at 1.456 I am hitting 45-46 degrees but i've got about a 18 for ambient this early in the morning. Doubt it is making any difference but I couldn't find my as5 last time I mounted so this is with ceramique. I was getting temp's like that but with more volt's before I lapped my xp-90 so probably IHS related.
  21. Mine run's pretty hot but lapping my xp-90 helped that alot. My temps for the 3170 run were hitting like 52 but my cab2e chip run's even hotter than that.
  22. lackobreath-Nice stepping there can't wait to see how far it goes for you. Hopefully it will get you to 3100+.
  23. I think that merit's a round of drink's for everyone and a special thank's to TFK for starting this club.
  24. Man why did they go and do that ................... Now I have to talk myself outta spending more money.
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