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  1. His opty is a known good stepping and if he will ship to you I would jump on it if you are going to go single core.
  2. OPTIONAL pic #5 - Everest Home Edition v2.20 (FREE) or later version or Purchase Everest Ultimate Edition 3 Here! - completed Memory Read benchmark (you can fit this into any other picture or use a separate screeshot) Not sure but you might just run the memory read and not the suite benchmark just to be on the safe side. Should be ok but I haven't seen anyone post with that yet.
  3. cpuz just the first one hopefully or all my entries will get deleted. If you want before you post your entry in the database you can send it to me as a pm and i'll look it over for ya.
  4. Looking good man gots everything you need in that one. Nice clock by the way.
  5. Man that is one sweet deal for a chip that used to be $811.
  6. Even if it gets you to 2.8 I don't know if it would be worth the money. The only real bonus to it would be the 12x multi but I really am not sure if would clock much better than what you already have. If you could get your hands on 2 gigs of ram it would probably help your gaming more than an extra 135 mghz. Just something to think about since some of the new games play alot better with 2gb. BF2 is a helluva lot better with 2 gigs.
  7. No I am not saying that it won't reach those speeds but the opteron has a much better chance of doing so. Click the GGG link in my sig to see alot of good opterons on these boards, I am priming one in my expert board right now at 3150. You never know what a processor is capable of but I haven't seen anywhere as many a64 3800 hit the speeds your looking for as I have optys. Edit-Guess they haven't dropped the prices down there yet sorry I didn't notice your location.
  8. If you really are trying for 2.8-3.0 and want to stay single core I would look at an opty 146. But like others have said dual core is really the way to go now. You can find a 146 for under a 100 now and they tend to overclock better but no overclock is for sure.
  9. 3700 sure looks nice, is that stock voltage cpuz is showing? Can't wait to see where it tops out at.
  10. Sweet nice job I think that is the first 4400 I've seen get 3g's stable.
  11. Trippy it's there for me TFK earlier his 05 pic was taking forever to load on my end.:confused:
  12. Looks good and one nice overclock there. I would go ahead and edit the entry to list this part of you stepping beside the cpu. KAB1E 0626FMW Edit- You can list your cooler beside that too.
  13. Nice run there farksy. Before I bought this tccd I called them and made sure it wasn't tcc5 but still wish it would run the tighter timings at 300. Edit- I've seen more chips fry because of volts then temp's that is for sure. There are some pretty good pics of overvolted chips on google video. My favorite is the duron experiment LOL never take the heatsink off with lotsa volts through the chip. The good vids are not from normal use of course lol.
  14. That is the way it happens though. When I got my first 146 all I wanted was 3g's and it would not pull it off no matter what I tried. Now with the second 146 3g's came came pretty quick but took some time and work to get 3170. Guess what though I am still trying to get 3200 now it's like an addiction sometimes.
  15. LOL nice catch I must have been up past my bedtime, So congratulations everyone.
  16. Come on you can do it I really want to see a 4400 @ 3g's.
  17. Yeah I think 80 and the power supply switch would be shut off.
  18. Well look's like I won't be breaking that 3200 on this chip, bail's out of 3d03 no matter what I have tried yet. Can't get my ram stable with the 5/6 divider that high anyway so it would be a performance loss but of course I haven't quit trying yet ........ just put the chip in the expert night before last.
  19. Man that one is really running hot it has to be the ihs. I tossed mine in the expert and can't seem to get the ram stable at anything above 258 so I might have to drop a divider to get a really good clock. That suck's that your temp's are so high but 2800 at that voltage is sweet.
  20. Great idea centy now we won't have to search around for them.
  21. Well I am working on trying to get 3200 stable with my good chip in the expert board but the ram is really fighting me. Look's like I might have to drop down to the 7/10 divider but I haven't given up on it yet. The ram is starting to lose 3d stability right at 258 but still got some more tweaking to do with it. 3150 is taking less volt's than it used to so I am really hoping I can pull it off. This time I am going to remember to run 3dmark 03 before prime so I don't get so pissed after 9 hour's of prime passing and then freezing up in the second test LOL. edit-Well doesn't look like 3200 will work think I found the cpu limit at 3170.
  22. Might want to put one stick in at a time and test them individually in memtest with test 5 for about 15 passes to make sure one of the new stick's isn't bad. It will take some effort to get 4 sticks working.
  23. genie bios- dram settings it's like 2nd or 3rd down. You might do a search in the stock speed database for people running 4x512 to see what setting's they are using sometimes getting 4 dimm's to work together takes some effort.
  24. That is one of the best thing's you can do is read and study that guide and then read it some more.
  25. If you are trying to run 4x512 you will have to set command per clock to disable in bios.
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