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  1. I have one but it isn't in my ultra d. If I get some extra time I will try and test it out for you.
  2. Its a picture by Luis Royo originally done for a cover of heavy metal magazine. Oh god I just dated myself like 15 years there lol. If you guys like his work let me know I have quite a few of his pictures saved. He is one of the best fantasy artists around.
  3. [/url][/url][/url] 8800gts 512mb and all ran in xp x64 and with the cpu and ram lower than normal. Fighting with my new 2x2gb sticks right now. I had to run 06 at 1440 x 900 because of my monitor not supporting the default resolution.
  4. Well thanks alot there goes more of my gaming time. Cranked the fan up to 100% and am running some 3dmarks with the core at 800, 2000 on the shaders and ram still at 2000. Will check the ram out after I find the cores limit and get some gaming done.
  5. My BFG 8800gts is running 750/1900/1000 with the fan running 70% and the temps have been great so far. I don't think I have hit the max with it yet but gotta play some games while I have time.
  6. Damn man is my winning streak ever toast.......... lost in my other leagues playoffs too lol.
  7. Gotta agree with Rad here, I just picked up the BFG and am extremely happy with it. EVGA and XFX would have been my other two choices and I have used EVGA's stepup program before. Any of those 3 will be pretty much identical and probably even overclock close to the same.
  8. I got a 71 ......... gotta start staying up for those old movie marathons.
  9. I am going to quit smoking and actually started 2 weeks before new years. Quit on my birthday so I can remember when it was lol.
  10. I don't believe so but I have an expert and an 8800gts 512 on the way, when I get it I can run some tests compared to my c2d rig. Hopefully you get your answer before that though.
  11. I pretty much gotta hope peterson doesn't play or fumbles every time he touches it.:tooth: Made a bad call on my wide recievers this week too.
  12. I just wish I wouldn't have been so busy at work this year. I am in better shape in my other league but it is nowhere near as fun to play in. Here is to knocking off the rapists for a second time this year.:beer:beer:beer I hope anyway :nod:
  13. Well that was me but I still got my butt kicked. :tooth: Palmer sure isn't meeting my expectations this season.
  14. Yeah that was damn close. I didn't even get to watch the game that decided it. Working way too much lately, been hard to even find time to get my lineup set.
  15. Damn is this ever a good week. :cool: What is going on with Mcnair tonight, - fantasy #'s for a qb. Ouch
  16. Oh yeah this is a good week for me. Gotta go watch the Ducks kick some butt on Arizona state and the Quack Attack is rolling this week. :beer
  17. :beer Waiting to see that big 1 in your sig now. Favre played good though and that first touchdown had me worried.
  18. Sounds like a plan to me. :nod: My team might not be doing so great but a win over an undefeated team sure would be nice.
  19. :tooth: Time for a couple of these :beer:beer:beer The old man isn't gonna get 34 against those cornerbacks.
  20. A losing team? I didn't know 4 wins 3 losses was a losing record lol. Hopefully Champ and Dre run a couple pic 6's on Favres butt tomorrow night. Sorry I haven't had much time to smack talk been busy as hell and working 7 days a week. Still keeping up on my team just don't have time to get on here much lately.
  21. DFI board $75-80 AMD Opteron 170 $90-100 2 gig OCZ $125 Hard drives I wouldn't be sure on.
  22. Oh man ...... I am gonna lose to the fairies. Damn injuries screwed me this week. Good thing my other team is undefeated still lol.
  23. Well it will work good for you then, Thats the case I put both of them in.
  24. I just used two of those in customer builds and they are not bad at all. I did notice on one of them that the 24 pin likes to try and come loose on one side but the other doesn't have that problem. Even though one of my gamexstreams died on me I would still pick one of them over the mushkin.
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